Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi forces should finish the job against the terrorists and the invaders

Any unfinished job against the terrorists especially in Ramadi and Fuloja will result in nothing but long persistence of the forces of darkness and terrorism.  It is obvious that these forces suffered heavily under the precise and well defined attacks of the Iraqi forces.  This will make such forces to seek alternative ways to remain intact after this war.  Some of these ways emerged over the last few days such as calls for political interventions or mediations, local declarations that there are no armed insurgents exist in Fuloja, calls for the people to return to their homes as if the war is finished, call to pull the Iraqi forces outside, and so on and so forth.   All these ways are to protect the terrorists.  The victory achieved by the Iraqi forces should continue until killing the last terrorists or capture them or make them to surrender without exception.  There are some people in Fuloja and Ramadi providing shelters to the terrorists and those are more dangerous than the terrorist themselves. 
The Iraqi forces should now prove to the world their abilities and if they do so the terrorists will think more than one million times next time before they enter to Iraq or commit their crimes. 
When you are in control of the poisonous snake cut its head because if you leave it, it will kill you; no doubt.  The message is clear and the Iraqi forces got to eat the ripe victory before it gets rotten. 

Do it before it is too late!

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