Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi forces should liberate Al-Fuloja soon

Here is a video about an attack on the Iraqi army patrol near Alramadi and Fuloja in which the Qaeda terrorists killed and injured some Iraqi soldiers.   The job has to be finished by entering Fuloja and killing or capturing all the terrorists and their supporters.  If this is not going to happen the Iraqi forces will see more attacks on them like the above videos in future.  On the same time the people of Fuloja who escaped and came to Kerbala and other cities mentioned horrendous atrocities by the terrorists.  In fact the people of Fuloja called to the army to liberate them from the terrorists who are imposing on them orders of the dark ages and forcing them to work with them. 
The Iraqi forces should conduct an operation with help of the Iraq friends to finish them sooner before they make stronghold.  On the other hand the Iraqi air forces should attack and kill all the insurgents coming from the neighbour countries like the operation in this video which shows the Iraqi forces attacking and killing a convoy filled with suicidal bombers entering from Saudi Arabia.  The Iraqi chopper killed all the terrorist in the convoy then destroyed fully a storage and training facility.  


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