Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The war in Afghanistan could be the end of the USA

There are many signs in the USA and outside it indicates that what happened to the USSR after its war in Afghanistan is happening to the USA.

After its failure in Afghanistan the USSR failed and disintegrated overnight.

We are under similar circumstances with the USA at present time. The history also indicates that no foreign invader won a war in that region called Afghanistan. Logistically and strategically the USSR army had more control and ability to win the war yet year after year it was exhausted until full pull out with humiliation.

The USSR army was unable to control more than 20% of Afghanistan and similar issue happening now with the USA. The USSR economy get exhausted and forced to pull due to several factors from Afghanistan and same factors happening now in the USA. More than 24 months ago Barak Obama declared the end of war in Iraq and he said he want to concentrate on Afghanistan. He sent more troops and equipment but since then the US army lost control on many areas and on the other hand the Taliban had control over many more areas than before. They also lunched more and much effective attacks against the foreign troops.

It is now 10 years since George W Bush declared war on Afghanistan as part of his war against terrors yet Al-Qaeda spread over several countries including the USA and the West and many other areas. It became more dangerous than before especially in new lands for them such as Yemen and North Africa.

On the same time the USA engagement in that war and in Iraq make her to loss hand in many areas and soon it will loss control on the Gulf to Iran which is emerging as nuclear regional power soon. America knows very well it cannot engage in another war with any other small country not to mention Iran which is a big and strategic country.

From inside the USA declining in its economy which gravely affecting all areas including infrastructure, health system, education, more taxes, more cuts, less jobs, more stress on the people to support their families, and so on and so forth. The US people are now realising that they are paying heavy price for their politicians and leaders politics. There are also emergences of new feudalism and military groups as well as emerging identity of independent states some rich and some poor.

All of these and other factors indicates that the USA may get the same fate the USSR after Afghanistan war and this may happen quickly as it was the case with USSR. The difference this time is that the down fail of the USA will pull with it all the other countries that linked themselves with the USA. The last issue also happened with the USSR supported or linked states but this time it will be a big blow and some of the signs already started to be shown clearly.

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