Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Does Iraq need a special Wikileaks?

The answer for this question is simply big NO? But why?

The answer is unmistakable and clear. There is no need to know the level of the decline and the sinking of the present Iraqi politicians and authorities in the most overwhelming corruption in this country.

The corruption in Iraq since 2003 becoming worse since the present (Prime minster) Al-Malki take control of power. Corruption spread to involve all parts of the country life. The turmoil followed the last (election) for the power between the different parties was nothing but about control, power, money and personal interests. There is no exception at all. Every single one among those who were elected was about the same things. They are either on the top of the tower of corruption such as Nori Al-Malki and Iyad Alawi or those defending them for part of the cake.

Nori Al-Malki son (Ahmad Al-Malki) bought over the last 4 years so many and very expensive five star hotels and big properties reaching hundreds of millions of dollars and all over the world! Some of these businesses are in Dubai, Syria, London, UAE and other parts. Not only this but many other members of Al-Malki relatives became rich overnight?!

Recently the son of AL-Malki and the son of Jalal Talabani the (president) of Iraq had large dispute reached gun fire in one of Dubai’s night club because of bargain transection about a hotel worth more than 150 million USD. Both were arrested by the police in Dubai and the two authoritative men in Baghdad interfere to release them. Talabani daughter and wife and himself bought lot of businesses over the world worth hundreds of millions of USD.

Money laundering becomes very common thing among the Iraqi officials. They use different ways to do it and as all of them involved in it no one is able to condemn it.

It has been so clear now why Saddam Hussein kicked these people out of the game of politics in Iraq before? It is not about patriotic or nationalism issues but about power, money and authoritative issues. The simple question now is when will the Iraqis be able to put all the corrupts in the same cage where Saddam Hussein tried and who is going to be able to do it? The answer for this may need a Wikileaks of a special kind and the future will tell.

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