Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The violence in Iraq: who is responsible?

Since the war in 2003 which resulted in the occupation of Iraq by the USA and its allies, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed and more handicapped or desert. The cause of most of the violence was ascribed to Al-Qaeda not to mention the occupied forces involvement in the killings and destruction.

Most recently the Wikileaks uncovered secret documents from the American sources in Iraq and other parts of the world which indicated that many other countries and security companies were involved directly in the violence in Iraq. According to these uncovered secret documents there are at least 350 Iraqi scientists and intellectuals were killed by Israeli Intelligence Services (The Mossad) with green light to do so from the USA. The same documents revealed that the security companies such as Black Water and others charge huge amount of money to provide protection for individuals and government personnel. Iran played a major part in killing the Iraqi aviators especially those who were involved in Iraq-Iran war. No to mention other regional countries that had interest to keep the instability going on in Iraq.

All these countries, groups, security companies and others played a major role in the creation of violence and its continuity in Iraq. They easily attributed it to Al-Qaeda and its related groups. In fact the leaked documents indicates strongly that the violence in Iraq is created and fuelled by the USA, Israel, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Security companies, and many others who got interest to keep the violence going on in Iraq. Al-Qaeda used as a tool and a hanger to blame for everything. Al-Qaeda alone is unable to survive in that region but it was fuelled on different levels by the above mentioned countries and groups. Of course some of the Iraqi political groups were directly or indirectly supporting the violence or even working as agents to other countries.

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