Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi election results

The Iraqis are looking forward to get the final results of the last election. The counting is delayed for many factors some of them are technical. However the partial announcement of the results leads to pressures from different factions on the election committee.

It is now clearly revealed that the Iraqis are looking for new faces both in the government and the parliament. The previous government as well as the parliament had many members who are only concerned by their personal or narrow interests. Most of these gained extremely few results this time. Some of them have already been announced by different Medias. They are very well known to the Iraqis. Most of them are always exist in the TV channels talking rubbish.

The previous government led Iraq into corruptions, lack of services, lack of reconstructions, failure in the foreign policies, insecurity and sectarian divisions.

The results shows until now that the people are looking for a change based on the nationality as Iraqis and not on sectarian or religion or tribal or similar aspects. The people are looking for jobs, services, health, education, economy, security, respected freedom, and no corrupts in the government.

The people chose in the election should be respected by all especially those who are now leading the government. If they lost they should respect the democracy and take their position as an opposition and look back to correct their mistakes for the next 4 years to come.

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