Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Can the Iraqi 2010 election bring changes?

Since 2003 after the collapse of Saddam Hussein regime as a result of the American invasion of the country until now the country declined. The euphoria of the decline of the most oppressive regime rapidly come to an end as a result of many complex problems including the lack of security, the deterioration of all services, the continuation of existence of Iraq under the UN charter 7, the wide spread corruptions, the sectarian mentality of the existed politicians, the weakness of the existed government, the interference of the other countries including Iran and Saudi Arabia, the lack of plan for the foreign troops to leave a strong Iraqi army capable to protect the Iraqi borders and internal security and many other problems. All these and other problems resulted in a weak and corrupted Iraq.

The Iraqis have lost confidence in the present coalition leading the government after 4 years of this entire decline. They share one aim which is to change the existed leading parties and having new government that is not sectarian and not using the religion for its own interests.

Today most the Iraqis went for election looking for a change which they hope it will come after this election to result in a government and parliament without sectarian ideology. It should take the interest of Iraq on the top and not the interest of the other countries.

We feel that some change may come and we know there is nothing magic.

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