Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him)

Imam Hussein is the continuous revolution against tyranny and oppression …
The only revolution which continued vivid and shall continue forever is the revolution of Imam Hussein
Imam Hussein is not for Muslims only but he is the long lasted symbol for all the nobles and free

His call in Karbala heard and recalled by all liberals all over the world throughout times
Imam Hussein and the 73 of his brothers, sons, family and followers wrote in their blood the victory of blood over the swords!

This is why the Mahatma Ghandi of India said that he learnt from Imam Hussein how to be oppressed and achieve victory over the oppressor

Imam Hussein is not only the Son of Imam Ali and Fatimah Alzharia the daughter of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon them) but he is the chosen Imam by Allah in his time and the master of all martyrs and the master of the people of paradise!
He remained the test all over the times between the rights and the wrongs

It is by the blood of Imam Hussein the religion of his grandfather was and still protected

This is why his Nobel sister Lady Zaenab raised her hands with his blood after he was killed in the ground of the battle of Karbala and asked Allah to accept this sacrifice from them (she means the sacrifice of the family of the Prophet Mohammad)!!!

It is by Lady Zaenab (peace be upon her) and his son Imam Ali bin Alhussein the revolution continued
Imam Hussein will remain the beacon of light for all the moral values and the right path for all the mankind until the Day of Judgment!

Those who killed him and those who accepted will encounter humiliated and severe punishment

Peace be upon you my grandfather and upon your brother Abbas and your son Ali Alakbar and your cousin Muslim bin Akeel and your sister Lady Zaenab and peace be upon your grandfather and our grandfather prophet Mohammad and your father and our grandfather Imam Ali and your mother and our grandmother Lady Fatimah. 

Our eyes crying you blood instead of tears; oh our beloved grandfather Imam Hussein!

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