Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Moharam Alharam and Imam Hussein (PBUH)

The first month in the Islamic calendar called Moharam Al-Haram which means the Holy month.  The Islamic calendar starts from the first year in which Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) migrated from Makkah to Madenah.   

Many events throughout the history happened in the month of Moharam especially in the 10th day of this month such as the saving of Prophet Moses (PBUH) and his followers the children of Israel from the tyrant of Egypt the Pharaoh,  the rescue of Prophet Younis (Jona) (PBUH) from the belly of the Whale, the day in which Allah forgave Adam (PBUH), the day in which Prophet Noah (PBUH) saved from the flood and descended from the ark, the day in which Allah forgave prophet Dawood (David) (PBUH), in which Allah gave the kingdom to prophet Solayman (PBUH), and the day in which Allah saved prophet Aayoub (Job) (PBUH) from the disease and other burdens.  The 10th of Moharam is therefore the most holy day among the other days of this holy month. 
The most important event which happened in the 10th day of Moharam after Islam is the tragedy of Karbala or the tragedy of Altaaf in which Imam Hussein (PBUH) and around 73 of his relatives and followers were killed by an army of more than thirty thousand soldiers belong to Yazid the son of Maaoyah.  Imam Hussein (PBUH) is the son of Fatima Alzahraa the daughter of Prophet Mohammad and the son of Imam Ali (PBUH) who was the cousin of Prophet Mohammad and his chosen successor.  Imam Hussein and his relatives (the family of Prophet Mohammad) (Peace be upon them) and his followers were killed thirsty in a most brutal way.  Even children were killed except Imam Ali Zian Alabden who was ill and from him later the progeny of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) extended until today and until the Day of Judgment according to the promise given to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by Allah that every progeny will not be able to continue but the progeny of Prophet Mohammad will continue until the Day of Judgment.  The mother of Ali Zain Alabden the son of Imam Hussein from which the prophet progeny and Imams continued including Imam Al Mahdi the Imam of this time is Shah Zinan the daughter of the last King of Persia Yazdagar.

When Imam Hussein born it was his grandfather Prophet Mohammad who chose his name and he liked him so much.  He used to say Hassan and Hussein are the masters of the peoples of paradise and he said Allah love anyone who loved Imam Hussein and he said I am from Hussein and Hussein is from me.  Prophet Mohammad told his beloved wife Um Salama that Archangel Gabriel told him that his son Hussein will be killed in Karbala and the Prophet cried him and gave Um Salama a tablet of clay and told her that when this clay converted into blood you know that my son is killed!  This was happened in the year 61 in the 10thof Moharam and Um Salama cried when she saw that. 
Old picture of Karbala

The stone on which the head of imamput and it is now in Alnokta mosque in Alapo

Portrait representing the battle of killing Imam Hussein and it is now in Brooklyn Museum in New York


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