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America used nuclear bomb against Iraq in 1991

The American war against Iraq in 1991 by George W. Bush the father and his allies resulted in destruction of the infra-structure of Iraq and affected all the Iraqis. That barbaric war followed by barbaric sanction on the country which killed more than one million Iraqi children. During the war the American army used bombs with Depleted Uranium (DU) especially in the south of Iraq. The result was huge increase in the number of cancer and congenital malformation cases in Basrah and other parts of the south. Most of these cases died during the years of sanction because GWB and his government (The USA) and its allies prevented Iraq from buying medicine to treat these patients. More of these weapons were used in the next American barbaric war in 2003 by GWB the son and his allies.

It has recently been clear that the American forces used nuclear bomb which was dropped in the outskirt of Basrah and according to confessions by members of the US army themselves. Jaime Brown was one of them who confirmed this to AKI Italian news agent (RAI 24 hour news) today. Brown was an Enginer with the US army at that time and he suffered from mysterious symptoms among many other soldiers during the war. He was then became part of the Gulf Watch I.N.S. Brown told that the Bomb was dropped in the last day of the war (27/2/1991) and it was weight (1000 kg). This news agency confirmed that they did a secret investigation and confirmed with some geological scientists that there were reports of an earthquake like shaking happened in the same area which is equivalent to the size of the bomb mentioned by Brown. This was also confirmed by the Archive of the International Earthquakes recording in London.

The AKI news reporter said that the reason the US army dropped a Nuclear Weapon on Iraq was because Iraq strike the US bases in Saudi Arabia with rockets.

The news agency also showed a doctor who worked in Basrah region and he confirmed that the number of cancer cases increased dramatically after the war to more than 20 times the usual cases before the war as well as the congenital malformations. This is another support for the use of illegal weapons during that war including uranium.

This will certainly need to be investigated by an independent international body to get the truth as it is.

In 2003 America led another war against Iraq which is continued until now. It became so clear that this last war was not a bout Saddam or the weapons of mass destruction which is a big lie, but about the Iraqi Oil. This why the American kept damaged and put their puppets in Baghdad under pressure to sign for an American – Iraqi agreement which is only about oil and continuation of the occupation under different umbrella. This is one of the reasons why the American occupiers pressurised the Iraqis to sign a new oil production programme and the reason behind the visit of John Negroponte to Iraq recently.

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