Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The US-Iraqi Security agreement

There is no doubt that the USA is putting a lot of pressures on the Iraqi government to sign the bad agreement that the USA produced to legalize its occupation for many years to come. Before this badly designed agreement America put a lot of pressure for what is called the Oil programme to be passed and signed. It is so clear that America is only after oil as the main aim and secondly to control the whole region starting from Iraq.

The Americans threatened the Iraqi government members that it will remove its protection for them and uncovers certain crimes that they were involved in. The USA always supported and encouraged the terrorists in Iraq so as to use them as an excuse for its stay in Iraq. It is very clear then that all the insecurity problems are directly or indirectly related and produced by the America forces in Iraq.

The Iraqis should unite and decide not to sign such agreement unless it states clearly the exact day when the last US solider leaving Iraq which should not be more than within 3 years time. The Iraqis would like to see an end to the American barbaric occupation of Iraq as soon as possible.

If the agreement is signed it means that those who sign it will put themselves away from the rest of the Iraqi people which means that they are nothing but traitors. Of course traitors will face terrible consequences with the people. On the other hand the American forces will face Jihad to expel them. Jihad will be the last choice if and if the peaceful solution failed to put an end to the occupation then Jihad will be a must for every single individual.

The only way that the agreement may be signed is if there is a clear statement abuts a clear day in which the last US solider leaves Iraq. This should not be more than 2 – 3 years. On the other hand it should fully and clearly respect the Iraqi sovereignty. The US forces while in the Iraqi land should be under the Iraqi law and will not do any operation with out the permission of the Iraqi authorities. Above all the agreement should be put to the vote.

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