Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Horror of Al-Sadriyah Crime

More than one thousand Iraqi have been killed in the month of January 2007 according to the Iraqi official figures. However the actual figures are much more than that. The official figures are only representing the tip of the iceberg.

In Al-Sadriyah region in Baghdad the 1000 Tons bomb killed and injured more than 500 Iraqis in one attack only. Even the attacks and losses among the US forces have increased in the last few weeks. These troops lost at least 4 helicopters and many of their soldiers have been killed and more than the previous months.

Al-Sadriyah is a Shiite populated area including Shiite Kurds. All those who were killed, wounded or their properties damaged are Shiites. It was barbaric crime against humanity and represents the ugly face of those who created it. You may be able to see some of the pictures if you click here.

This crime and its alike that are continued daily in Iraq represent from other angle the failure of the Iraqi government and the occupying forces to deliver the minimum security needed for the ordinary people. On the time that this crime happened the MPs of the Iraqi National Assembly fighting each other and incubating supporters of terrorists in between them including the head of this assembly who failed to keep unity and is always biased towards his ethnic background.

There is a need for an urgent action to put an end to this endless death and destruction in Iraq. The life in Iraq became a hell and those who are alive are like dead people with some sort of life at its end or awaiting to die at any moment.

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