Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The end of the coalition in Iraq

After the decision by the UK government to pull about one third of its troops from Basrah and the gradual withdrawal of the rest, the USA may well be left alone especially after the withdrawal of the rest of the coalition forces.

The US government itself is under pressure to do the same and withdraw from Iraq especially after the enormous losses in the number of helicopters downed in Baghdad recently.

We said before that the best way for the Iraq problem is to support the Iraqis to have strong and well trained and equipped army and security forces so as to fill any vacuum before existed when the MNF troops withdraw. Indeed the Iraqis should take over time before the MNF leaving. Other than that and with any vacuum left by the MNF Al-Qaeda or its supporters may take over and the consequences are very well known if this is allowed to happen.

There is a good opportunity to prepare and make the Iraqi forces and government to receive the security and to train, equip and facilitate its forces during the implementation of the existed newly implemented security plan. There are some good achievement seen with the new security plan and this have to be enforced and extended to other areas in Iraq. There are areas such as in Diyala near Hemmren Mountains, Shahraban, Al-mansor region, and the villages and area around Al-Moqdadiyah and in Samara and the West region in which the members of Al-Qaeda from different nationalities are receiving training and military activities and camps. These areas and the militia’s activities are seen and watched by the US army there however this army is unable to do anything about it or even to go into these areas due to the big casualties that the US army had when going there before. Again the solution and the best solution is to get the Iraqis trained, equipped and given full responsibility with little support initially and leave them to deal with the terrorists and to curb them. The Iraqi forces need good air force system and tanks.

The withdrawal of the MNF without full control by the Iraqi forces over the whole of the country will create terrorists’ areas that will seed into other regions and outside Iraq.

Until now the security plan for Baghdad achieved good success and this have to be enforced and the areas cleared from the terrorists have to be under continuing guards to prevent terrorists’ influx again. On the other hand the security plan should go hand in hand with seeing improvement in the services in the secured areas.

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