Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda and Somalia

The Saudi role in supporting the Wahabi (pro-Qaeda) groups which controlled Somalia was very clear. It showed how hypocritical is the Saudi role. Openly they say that they are against all kind of terrorism yet they support the fundamentalism if it is in the name of the Wahabism. No doubt their role in Iraq to support the pro-Wahabi groups is one of the major factors in the ongoing killing and terrorism in Iraq.

After the Somali problems those who supported the Wahabist their should be held responsible whether they are the Saudis or else. They will deny it and on the same time will keep the support going on and the next few weeks will show another Al-Qaeda hot point in Somalia.

Some Saudi Arabian officials were recently said that they will support the Sunni against the Shiite in Iraq and on the same time a group of their clergy men issued a fatowa allowing the killing of the Shiite Iraqis. Again openly they denied it however the fatowa was open and clear and resulted in inflammation of the whole situation in Iraq.

Iraq is now closing one of the most important chapters which is the fear and terror that Saddam created. He is going to have what he deserves for his crimes in the next few hours. Iraq will then enter a new era without the terror, tyranny and mass-graves.

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