Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The British Forces in Basrah destroyed the Iraqi Police HQ

This is the same Head Quarter that the British Forces (BF) occupying Basrah attacked in a raid last year. More than 140 suspects most of them committed serious crimes or terrorists were held in the HQ during the raid early morning today. The BF released some of the dangerous criminals while transferred others to other sites. British forces then destroyed the building and its contents including the police and personal cars parked there.

This is an irresponsible act of aggression and the least may be said about it is an extreme over-reaction for false allegations. It is clearly indicates the open interference of the occupying forces in the local administration of justice and dismantling of the integrity and sovereignty of the state.

Again and again this act is another failure of the US and its multinational supporters (UK in Basrah) in Iraq. Not only that; but it is clearly showed that the Iraqi government is nothing but a poppet which is unable to control the simplest matters in the country.

The local authorities in Basrah suspended all collaborations and support with the British forces. They should continue to do so and provide no help or support or any kind of collaboration until they end their occupation to Basrah and pull out of it.

The Iraqis had enough and Iraq will not become a place for the next American and Iranian conflict or war. If the USA wants to have war with Iran they should do it inside Iran or even try their luck in the Gulf. If they chose to do it in Iraq they will, no doubt, lose.

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