Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What will happen if Nori Almaliki wins the election?


This is unlikely however if the votes faked his party may win the major seats in some of the provinces.  If this happened then there will be two possibilities each of them are worse than the other for Almaliki.  The first option is that Almaliki may not be able to find anyone to do a coalition government with him and this is the most likely position.  This option will lead to formation of coalition between factions opposing Almaliki which are most of the other major groups.  If Almaliki then insisted to stay in power he will be arrested and brought to court not only for impending the country but for all his corruptions.  The other option is that one or more than one group may accept to form coalitions with him.  If happened then there will be serious consequences for Almaliki and may be even for Iraq as a whole.  This may lead to revolution against Almaliki or assassination or even coupe and the end of the process of all the parties and the Parliament.    

In conclusion there is no place for Almaliki in Iraq and he should be put into a trail for the corruptions, insecurity, and other problems happened during his 8 years in power.  On the other hand the constitution should be changed to allow any party only to lead for two terms and not more at all.

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