Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Changes in Makka wiping out history

For long time frequent and progressive architectural changes and expansion in the Holy Haram and Makka is causing loss of too many important historical places.     One of the most important places lost is Lady Khadeja’s house prophet Mohammad (PBUH) wife was more recently converted into public toilet!  One of the historical points predated before Islam is the wheel of Zamzam which was close to Al-Kabbah was very recently wiped out completely.  It was replaced with erecting too many places for water washing and drinking supply which create slippery grounds and not like the historical wheel which was underneath the ground.   

There is on-going new expansion to erect two or three story circular (mataf) around Kabbah which enclave the Holy Kabba inside a circle of multi-storey belt! 

So many changes happened outside by erecting very high building making the Kabba appear so small under an ocean of very high buildings from all angles around the Kabba.  None of these building took in consideration the removal of so many historical places in Islam and pre Islam eras. 

It would be good to renew or expand but on the same time to reserve the identity of the most important historical places and points.  One of them which might soon be demolished and converted into something is the Birth place of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which is now under a small very old library near the haram.  It is the duty of every Muslim and those involved in history of mankind to protect such places and preserve its identity. 

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