Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Why alcohol is forbidden in Islam?
                   Stop Alcohol

Islam is a complete way of life set out by the Creator of man and the worlds.  It is not only religion to worship and pray but it came for the dignity of the people and their happiness in either life.   Islam set out regulations for everything to make the personal and the social life as ideal as everyone like it to be. 

One of the forbidden things in Islam is drinking alcohol which is one of the most dangerous agents ingested.  Alcohol ingestion cause serious health problems such as cancers, liver problems, brain damage, degenerative diseases, neurological diseases, foetal alcohol syndrome, and many other diseases.  It leads to serious psychological and family breakdown problems.  The West spend huge amount of money on the consequences of alcohol on health, police, fires, etc.  If alcohol is fully forbidden it will lead to huge amount of money to go back for health, education, building, jobs and so on.  All the negative impacts of alcohol will become positive outcomes on the society and the economy if it is stopped. 

In fact alcohol is also forbidden in the Bible and the Torah but the people manipulate the story of Jesus Christ of turning the water into wine which is not true.  The water was not turned alcohol but grape juice which is non-alcoholic drink.  In that story when they tasted the drink they felt that it was much better than the taste of the wine that they know and they said it was not a wine.  Later on the people manipulated this and so as to make an excuse to drink alcohol. 

Some people say that they only drink in the social occasions few amount as if they are unable to have social events or engage in a social communication without alcohol!  In fact alcohol is nothing but an antisocial drink due to the antisocial events happening after alcohol intake.  How can an agent which inhibits the brain from taking correct decision and supress the proper thinking can be described other than an antisocial agent. 

Islam will give you solution to your problems whether you are a person, family or society and country.  Take it or leave it will not add anything to Allah but it will be positive for you which will reflect its beauty on your life and the next life.  After reading this be, neutral and read about Islam and the Holy Quran to see for yourself what we mean and you are responsible to do so.

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