Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The House of Lady Khadija (PBUH) and the landing of the inspiration transferred by the Wahhabis into toilets

The defacing of the Islamic monuments especially those related to Prophet Mohammad and His own Related Family (PBUT). These acts started right from the beginning such as the cut of the Tree of the Pledge of Contentment. These were followed by several demolitions of the Islamic monuments and continued now.

The most painful and shameful act recently done is the conversion of the House of Lady Khadija (PBUH) into toilets! That was not an ordinary house too but the area of the descent of Allah revelations and the birth place of Lady Fatima (PBUH).

Listen to what Mr Sami Al-Ankawi the archaeologist in Makah what he says about it (The recording is in Arabic Click here).

For all Muslims they should avoid using these toilets at all as a respect to the Prophet and His Family (PBUT).

Picture 1 below shows the site of the House and followed by the map for the same site. The following last pictures are of the map of the house itself and the discovered site prior to its destruction, also shown the birth place of Lady Fatima.

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