Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Violence continued in Iraq daily

The violent attacks against the Iraqi civilians continued daily in Baghdad the capital and other cities. This violence started with the American barbaric war in Iraq since 2003 preceded by the American barbaric war in 1991 followed by the savage and most inhumane sanction from 1991. During these savage operations and sanction the hands of those who were involved in it are stained but rather washed with the Iraqi blood.

These bloods of the Iraqi innocents are still pouring every single hour. For example today there is a savage attack on the civilians which killed at least 34 in Baghdad alone not to mention other attacks today in Mosel, Diyala, Babel, Misan, and other areas were many others killed and wounded.

Recently there is a blackout for the attacks which happened in Iraq daily. On the other hand Iraq is full with corrupts especially those who are on the top of the offices and parties. The American occupation supports all that corruption and prevents Iraq from rebuilding and from achieving full dependence on itself.

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