Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

US and other occupiers should Pull out of Iraq without delay

Robert Gates the US defense of state declaration to slow down the pulling of the US troops is wrong.

The US troops created nothing but destructions, lack of sovereignty and corruptions. They triggered terrorists into Iraq. They only protected their puppets that live and work inside the green zone.

RG and his troops will only do better for themselves, the region and Iraq if they consider a timetable of programmed withdrawal over no more than 12 months. On the same time the Iraqi forces should takeover and be trained and armed.

There is no place for the occupation to continue and any delay of the US troops to withdraw will only lead to even worst situation.

The people in Iraq are so disappointed about the occupation and about the corruption and lack of any kind of rebuilding of the country.

Under the occupation for about 5 years; Iraq had nothing but corrupted government and members of parliament and arrogant occupiers and security companies with terrorists from all kind of terrorism.

RG will expect nothing but more of his troops will be killed and die and even more will commit suicides when they go back home and he should be prepared to pay more and more money of tax payers both in the US and his friend Gordon Brown in the UK if he is not pulling fully his occupying forces either.

PULL OUT OF IRAQ NOW without delay or expect more worse to come.

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