Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Why an Iraqi solider killed 3 American soldiers?

Few days ago and in the north of Iraq in Mosel city a group of American soldiers among the occupying forces raided an area in Alsaha quarter (Hai Alsaha). The occupying soldiers then stormed a house in the right side of the city and beaten a pregnant women there. There was an Iraqi soldier there who first requested the arrogant occupying forces to stop hitting the woman. They answered him that they will do what ever they want to do and it is not his concern to request them to stop.
He then had no choice but to stop them by using force.

It is hard to accept or understand that a country like Iraq is under an occupation by the American forces and their mercenaries in the beginning of the 21st Century! Not occupation only but arrogance and recklessness of the occupiers.

On the other hand and on the day of the foundation of the Iraqi Army on the 6 January 1921, the soldiers and officers of the dissolved Iraqi army will never forgive the occupiers for dissolving the army and destroying the country over many years since 1991. The Iraqi army was dissolved by a decision or decree by the American governor over Iraq in 2003. Since then the occupiers prevented Iraq from building itself including the army.

The occupiers should know that the more they stay in Iraq the higher the risk for them and the more the hate they will achieve.

Long life for the Iraqi army in his day of foundation.

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