Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

How may a new strategy get successful in Iraq?

There is no need to review the serious situation in Iraq which may lead to a grievous decline not only for the region but for the whole world, if not quickly resolved.

Irrespective of what George W Bush is planning in his new prospective plan, the most important issues about the security and other matters in Iraq have to be dealt mainly by the Iraqis and the US may provide supportive help. The best people who know about what is going on in the house are those who live in it and not the guests.

After the end of the dictator for ever Iraq has passed a big hurdle though many have be dealt with in the same manner. This is a good and very positive point which may be used for more determinations towards better progression.

There are mainly two groups of people both in the USA and in Iraq. One group in the USA likes to see and end to the war in Iraq and a pull out for the troops. Corresponding to this group is an Iraqi group who do not like to see the occupying forces in their land irrespective of the price. Here and again there are two groups. One such as Al-Qaeda and its supporters including regional countries are having (clearing clearance) with the USA and doing it in Iraq with daily bloodshed against easy civilian targets and some time USA soldiers. The other groups are variable and many of them are as a result of the widespread corruption in Iraq.

We mentioned before and in many circumstances that to get the Iraqi issue solved and successfully achieved there many matters need to be tackled and not only the security. For instance if the number of people unemployed (now more than 70%) are engaged in work this will reduce the number of susceptible agents for the terrorist groups considerably. On the other hand the Iraqis seeing the USA providing a safe heaven and smuggling some of the suspected corrupts who steal millions of dollars from Iraq. In one word improving the reconstruction and opening Iraq for the external world with airports and economical activities will have a big impact on the security and other issues. One of the most important area is the oil. The Iraqis are no different from the other regional countries to use their oil for more progress and development and there should be no burdens or conditions on them in that aspect. On other hand Iraq is paying a lot of money for compensations about Kuwait and we expect that this issue should be sorted out after the execution of the main cause Saddam Hussein. Not only this but Iraq still paying for the UNMOVIC which is nothing but became an old pitched cow.

The most important issue is the security. This can only be solved by strong Iraqi police, forces, army and security. This has to include land, air and sea forces with most up to date equipments. How one may expect that the Iraqi forces can fight terrorists who are better armed and equipped than these forces?! No matter how big is the USA forces the terrorists will create too many troubles as they will mostly chose many targets most of them are weak civilians. One of the most important points is for the US forces not to tight the hands of the Iraqi forces in dealing with the terrorists. The Iraqi forces should take over all the security with better arming and to use iron fist against the criminals. The countries which support terrorism in Iraq should be strangulated and made to pay heavy price.

After the end of Saddam we see a good opportunity for new Iraq. Security fully in the hands of a well equipped and trained Iraqi forces and police, punishment of corrupted officials, punishments of criminals and terrorists and their supporters, and rebuilding Iraq are top important issues for a successful strategy in Iraq.

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