Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Radioactive killer

In addition to the deteriorating situation in Iraq and the ongoing struggle to form a government after 4 months from the election, there are three main subjects worth mentioning here.

The first one is the statement on the President of Egypt (Hosnei Mobarak) to the Arabic TV (Al-Arabiyah) in which he attacked the Shias all over the world that their loyalty is not to their countries but to Iran. This is not true of course otherwise Egypt got more than one millions Shias who therefore considered being disloyal to Egypt. On the other hand the statement of H.M. is a type of racial discrimination by accusing the Iraqi Shia and the other Shia in the region as traitors. The Shias all over the world and the region including in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and other countries protested strongly against such racist allegations. Such allegation and racial discriminations indicates the mentality of the Arab leaders who fears always from democracy and freedom among their people or even among the other Arab countries people. There were a wide spread condemnation for these irresponsible statements.

The other subject is about the destruction of some of the ancient sites in Babylon hanging gardens which is one of the ancient seven wonders by the US forces by using it as sand bags and helicopters stand. The ancient sites are a world treasure and its materials should not be used to fill sand bags for military purposes.

The subject which is highlighted on the heading is the reports from Mosel about a radioactive contamination of the soil and the water resulted from excavating radioactive site. The site in Mosel contains radioactive materials buried in a secure site however some irresponsible or probably criminal and terrorists broken into the site and excavated the containers and some other parts and sold them to the citizens. Nothing have been done to stop this dangerous act or to treat the resultant contamination. Health reports from Mosel showed increase in the numbers of multiple congenital anomalies as a result of radiations in many newborn babies.

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