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What happens in Iraq?

Iraq now is full of corruptions from the top to the bottom.   There are many reasons keeping the status of corruption to continue deeply in the whole systems of the country.    The main cause is the political system which is based on sectarian divisions rather than national and professional standards.  The sectarian basis resulted in political groups and parties who got no experience and unable or unwilling to serve the country but serving their own sectarian and personal influences.  

It took them around half a year to agree after disputing the election process followed by few months to settle for a named chair for the new government.    This chair was agreed by the political parties so as they will be able to thumb him and continue their way.    It is about a year now and they haven’t yet agreed about the most important positions like the ministry of security and the MOD.  

The sectarianism of the political system opened the door widely for other countries such as Iran to play an unwelcomed role.   The priority of these countries is their own interests.   Lot of times these interests are in contradiction with any progress for Iraq no matter how small it is.  The loyalty of the Iraqi sectarian parties developed and continued to represent the regional countries or other countries that pay for them.   

As a result of the wrong system in power since 2003 services, health, educations, rebuilding, employments, progression, and everything else were declining.   For the last few months an outbreak epidemic of gastroenteritis in Basra affected and killed tens of thousands of people.   The government do not know what to do.   The previous one promised to give money without solutions!... The money possibly vanished in the big pockets as many other vanishings including the oil.   This outbreak is due to lack of proper sanitary system and pollution of the water supply.   

One of big problems is that the political parties support each other’s in their dishonesty only by hiding for each other.   There are many major mistakes occurred due to failure or inability of the previous or the existed authorities on the top.   Instead of questioning those who were responsible for such mistakes like the fall of Mosel for ISIS (Daesh) and Spiker crimes and what follow, instead of questioning them, they were given top jobs in the pyramid of corruption.   

The process of pushing the country to slip into extreme disasters continued until the whole system changed which is far from seen in the near future. 

Basra the main port and the major oil city of Iraq uprising 

Basra is the main port of Iraq on the Arabian Gulf and the main oil producer of more than 75% of the oil of Iraq.   It is the third largest city after Baghdad and Mosel.  From the universities and institutes of Basra graduated many intellectuals in all fields of science, arts, and other specializations.   Not only oil but Basra rich in many other fields such as agricultural and gas as well as petrochemicals.   

After 15 years following the fall of President Saddam Hussein regime after the USA invasion of Iraq all the government of Iraq were corrupted with wide spread corruption enrooted everywhere in the system of the state.    The democracy in Iraq is nothing but just sectarian control of the power by different factions and many parties that they serve their own pockets and interests.   

Since 2003 till this moment there is lack of electricity service in Iraq with a supply of few hours and unpredictable cut of many hours.   In Basra the ignition for the new uprising is the outbreak of an epidemic of gastroenteritis due to the water pollution.  Around 60,000 patients had acute gastroenteritis over few days.

The uprising in Basra resulted in many people dead by the police forces and the guards of the parties.  They also attacked the Iranian consulate and burn it down as a message for Iran not to support the corrupted groups and parties.  

Following more than 3 months of the last election in Iraq the corrupted parties are still fighting for power control and the only solution for Iraq is to get rid all these corrupted parties out of the power and put them into trails.  

The widespread corruption in Iraq

Since 2003 following the fall of Saddam Hussein regime until now corruption became the main problem that declined everything in Iraq.  Unfortunately, the big corrupts are the leaders of the parties and coalitions.   Not only that but they lack experience and the successive governments were selected based on sectarian shares and not national or even electoral consideration.  The problem is there is no opposition as everyone among them wanted to be in the government.   

The political parties and their leaders live a life different from the rest of the affected populations.   They live in the green zone almost completely separated from the people not only by concrete walls and forces but away from the suffering of the people.  Their main aim and concerns are the power and they negotiate about how much power they can have and not about what they have do for the country and the people.  This is why all the basic services such the electricity and water declined despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent on them.  These money in fact went to the pocket of the ministers or the parties’ leaders and their families and relatives.  Some of them escaped and the others still in power.  The reason that no one can identify them because they cover for each other including the corrupted judicature system.   

The poverty in Iraq increased to 30% in the last few years and the unemployment to 20 – 30%.  Around 25% of children live below the poverty line.   All the basic services declined to failure points in most areas like electricity, water and sewage.  This led to surge in infectious disease to epidemic and endemic level in many areas.  The healthcare system suffers hugely and declined to zero in some areas that was occupied by ISIS.  ISIS (Daesh) though eliminated in the cities but still representing major threat to the security of even Baghdad itself.   

All the politicians are corrupting and they having businesses, properties and millions of moneys outside the country.   On the same time the people live in most misery life and many of them migrated in temporary accommodations due to destructions of their areas by wars. Sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, trading and others declined totally to zero level.  

It looks that there is no simple fix to the problem of this country especially with the interference from regional countries in its affairs and the recycling of the same corrupts in power.   They only solution is changing all the existed corrupted parties and this is not going to happen but only by popular uprising that is not going to happen soon because the corrupted parties are supported from outside and they suppressed all the uprising happened since 2014.   To help Iraq to get rid of them they have to be exposed including the stolen money that they stole from the people breads and life. 

Protests in Iraq 

For the third week protests against the corruption and deterioration in services like electricity and water continued all over the south and middle parts including Baghdad.  Thirteen people killed by the Iraqi forces and police as well as the militia of the parties and at least 730 injured.  

This is not the first time such protests occur but it was happening since 2011, however services decline, corruptions, deterioration of economy, absence of any kind of rebuilding, continuity of the same corrupt politicians and decline in all aspects of life such as health are getting worse.   
People had enough and they lost trust in all the politicians who are living in the Green Zone stealing the money and separated themselves in concrete walls from the people.  

The people cannot trust the Iraqi parties in the power so as only 20% of the Iraqis went for election last time and until now the results went into hand counts while same faces and same parties cooking deals of distributing power again with new cycle of corruption between themselves irrespective of the results of these 20%. 

The situation in Iraqi is so bad due to the corrupted governing parties and the whole government as a result of that and no one knows what will happen next but the people will revolt more until there is changes.   The only way to get things moving rightly is to overthrow all parties in power because they are thieves only and no way can be changed.

The Iraqi election is corruption 

Election in its classical definition means one party win the government and another one go to the opposition.  By this equation one group put a program for its agenda in all sectors and services and the opposition party observe and balance and or support the government decision based on the national security and welfare.   

In Iraq the situation is different.  All the parties wanted to be in power and power divided between them so that they can continue in their corruption and stealing the money of the nation.    Almost all parties in Iraq since 2003 are based on sectarian and or religious or national issues.   No development in services at all since 2003 in regarding to the main and basic issues like electricity, water and health.   During the government of Nori Almalki for 8 years his government was responsible for ISIS (Daesh) invasion.  He failed to prevent that and the resultant outcome was disasters.   Instead of being judged and accounted he was make as deputy president and all those who were corrupts escaped any kind of punishment including the oil ministers and electricity etc.  

In this election people voted for parties who are more to be secular not religious neither sectarian and who got national agenda without outside intervention like from Iran or others. New electronic system used in counting votes.   The looser especially among Nori Almalkin (pro-Iran) groups and due to their declining in number of votes from above 90 seats 2014 to just above 20 seats in 2018, they rejecting the votes and consider it as corrupted.   Also this is applied for the chair of parliament and his 2 deputies.   

Now it is the duty of the UN to force those who wanted to manipulate the results for their agenda to accept the votes and to go to the opposition.  In short to get mature and understand democracy unless they afraid that they may go into corrupt trials if new government comes! 

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