Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

 Corruption and failure followed the US invasion to Iraq in 2003


When one talk about the most corrupted states Iraq after 2003 become the top in the list of corrupted leaders and failures.  On the top of those is Nori Almalki, Hadi Alameri, Qies Alkhazali, Falih Alfiayath, Mohammad Alhalbosi, Ammar Alhakeem, and all the other parties whether in Parliament or government.   


Corruption become routine in the whole system.   It is very difficult to remove it as it is supported by many other states particularly Iran regime.   Most of the corrupts are traitors to the Iranian regime.  They are supported by Militias and assassinating any one opposing them.  


There is no cure for this but revolution to wipe out all of them.   The Iraqis wish that Saddam Hussein return back to power as it was much better under his role.   

Jeanine Hennis-Plaschaert  The UN representative in Iraq unprofessional 


She lied when she was Defense Minister in Holland twice and she keeps lying about Iraq in her action and misleading reports.   


She interferes in the political internal affairs and trying to maintain the corrupted regime by her interferences and her off limit (outside her job) meetings with even non-official persons.   She legalize the Iranian interference in Iraq and providing the UN with misleading reports.


We bring this to the attention of her boss in the UN to withdraw her from Iraq as her existence is controversial, misleading and create large anger among many Iraqis.  We do not have confidence in the UN because of the doubtful action of JH-P.   

Iraq needs new system not based on sectarian division 

For 20 years since the American invasion 2003 to Iraq and the fall of the state the Iraqis are suffering under the control of the corrupts who were brought by the Americans.   It is not about one person rejected or one party but all of the system built on sectarian division and hijacked by corrupts and thefts. 


Iraq after the American invasion is a failed state controlled by Ali babas and pro-Iranian thugs.  

That system needs to be changed as well as the existed politicians corrupts.   


No to the corrupts particularly Nori Al-maliki. 

Mohammed Shia' Al Sudani Rejected        

(محمد شياع السوداني مرفوض) 


Al Sudani is one of the most corrupted people among the thief’s of Iraq since 2003.   He is the man of Nori Almaliki and Iran.   He steals millions of dollars during his ongoing positions in many places in Iraq.   He is known to be the engineer of corruptions for Aldawah party that is Nori Almalki and Iran party in Iraq.  


He was rejected (as in the picture) during Tashreen (October) uprising in which he and his militias killed hundreds of Iraqi youths during the protests. 


He is obviously the choice of Nori Almaliki to use him to protect him (to protect Nori) during this time of the leaks of Nori meetings with the militia and to implement Iran agenda in Iraq.


The Iraqi people reject al Sudani at all and this will lead to a new uprising 


السوداني غير مرحب به على الاطلاق والشعب رافض له خاصة ثوار تشرين.

يبدو ان ثورة تشرين ستعود عن قريب

Lindsey Graham visit to Baghdad


It is shame on Lindsey Graham to visit the remaining American troops in Iraq on the occasion of 4 July and to meet with top Iraqi corrupted regime and he knows what they done to this country.  


Lindsey Graham knows very well the extent of the corruption and disaster of the regime in Iraq that will not come without the help of the USA after their invasion in 2003.  This regime turned Iraq into failed state moreover surrender it to Iran.   


The Iraqis have no trust at all in the US and cannot forget the destruction inflicted by the USA during the war in 1991, the vicious sanction, and the war in 2003 then the creation of a failure state.   It’s the significant lie about the weapon of mass destruction that created the corner stone for this big US hypocrisy.    


Mr Graham knows exactly what the US should do and is simply by taking away what she brought from the corrupts and the militia.



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