Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Killing of the Iraqi demonstrators is going on tonight 

Many activists, demonstrators and medics were kidnaped or assassinated all over Iraq

At least ten of those taken by the Iranian militia related to hizballah and Assaeb alhalhak were found in an abandoned area naked and without shoes after tortured and beaten

Today millions joined the demonstrator in Baghdad from other areas 

New Massacre in Baghdad 

More than 30 peaceful demonstrators killed and more than 100 injured last night when masked killers arrived to the Sinak bridge area in Baghdad by 4WD cars and took control then opened direct fire on the demonstrators.   Later they left without any questions by the government about who are they and where they come from?   It has been said they are pro-Iranian militia of Hizballah, Alnojabaa, Assaieb Ahlahak, Hizab Aldaoaa, and by a direct plan from Kassam Soliymani the Iranian.  The night before they sent their agents who attacked tens of demonstrators men and women by knifes and swords in Altahrer area in Baghdad. 

The UN responsibility to protect the Iraqis from Iran is urgently needed.

Iraqi government continued to kill peaceful demonstrators

For the second month Aadal Abdlmahdi and other parties and Iraqi forces continued to kill, assassinate, kidnap and arrest peaceful people and youths.  

Their forces even hits hospitals by tear gas suffocating patients, staff and babies in the incubators.

See videos and pictures below (some pictures contains disturbing images)

Video 1

Video 2 

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

video 6

Video 7

The pro-Iranian government in Iraq continued to crush the people

More demonstrators killed and injured by forces of poppet government in Baghdad 
They used even hunting guns and illegal weapons.

It is shameful for government to meet and eat with the Iraqi government which kills its own people 

More killed while the revolution continued 

More people killed in Baghdad only 7 killed and 80 injuried by the government forces in Baghdad 

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