Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Protest Continued in Iraq

Hundreds of thousands joined the protest against the corrupted government and the whole sectarian based regime in Iraq.

Government forces and pro-Iranian militias killed and injured many protestors today at the start of escalation of uprising till the beginning of new transient government that arrange for early election.

The demonstrations entered its 4 months without a hint of progress from the government towards a solution.  Meantime kidnappings, assassinations and killing by these militias and pro-Iranian parties forces continued.  

Demonstrators therefore called for the United Nation to give them protection against these forces and they carried the UN flags during the demonstrations 

Iran Violated UN Resolution 598

Iran's attacks on Iraqi bases this morning was a violation of UN resolution 598 which was considered on 25 July 1987 and implemented on 8 August 1988 which ended the 8 years war between Iraq and Iran.   

Important points about this attack:

1. The equation Iran wanted is to kill foreign troops (USA) by attacking Iraqi bases was turned on her by an equation of null and failure effect of its missiles while foreign people (Ukrainian) killed on its soil due to possible mistake missiles on the Ukrainian plane in which 86 people killed. 

2. The attacks proved that the Iran missiles are just failure which means their propaganda about their abilities is void and null

3. The regime lied on its own people by saying it killed 80 solders and hence it will be the end of their attack.   The Iranian people now should question their regime why they lied to them?

4. Iran was the big loser and it lost a lot

5. The UN should warn Iran about its violation of resolution 598 

Iraqi parties, government and parliament failed  

They are traitors.  They should go otherwise the instability due to some regional countries will continue.

It is time for the Iraqi government to admit failure and the international community to help the Iraqis to reject this carless corrupt and Iranian poppet government

 Killing one terrorist person may help but solution is to change this government and its system

What it means about the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad

First: the inability of the Iraqi corrupt Iranian-poppet government to protect the diplomatic teams in Baghdad

Second: officials like Hadi Alamiri, Abomahdi Almohandis and Kias Alkhazali leading the attack hence the US may hold those to be responsible plus the recorded videos of others 

Third: Iran role is obvious so it should not be allowed to use the soil of other countries by taking it to Iran soil which is the only way to stop that regime

Four: the attack obviously aimed also to deviate it from the general Iraqi revolt against the Iranian poppet government in Baghdad 

Five: As the Green Zone opened easily for the attack against the US Embassy it should be opened for the protestors against that government on other word why they have not used tear gas and forces like what they used against the protestors?

Six: It is the responsibility of Ali Al Sistani who by Fatwa created the militias so he should issue a new Fatwa to dissolve it 

Seven: this enforce the need for radical change of the political system that brought all the corrupts and poppet parties after 2003 and not to mention the direct role of Kasim Soliymani of Iran who should be taken for trail by international courts.

In conclusion the international community should support by all means the Iraqi uprising against the present corrupted Iraqi poppet government.

The USA should target Iran and not Iraq

The Iraqi interim resigned government failed to protect the Iraqi people leaving them in the hands of the different militias and killers.  In fact they supported these militias.

The recent attack of the USA on some of the militias will deviate the cover from the demonstrations against this government.  In which case Iran successful to pull the USA to enter a war with it on the Iraqi soil.   The US can better be targeting the leaders of these militia and they are very well known or even better entering the war direct with Iran in Iran soil and not in Iraq.   In fact Iran wanted this to happen and the US was wrong in its attack because it only make them to use it against the US.   If the US wanted this to be successful should target Iran regime and support the Iraqis to get their country back from Iran which happened after the US handed it to Iran after 2003.

Help the Iraqi people to achieve victory over the poppet government 

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