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Rishi Sunak against British People

The Conservative Party PM of the UK Rishi Sunak (RS) in his reaction to the British People particularly British  Muslims who protested over the last 3-4 months to ask for an end to the Israeli massacre against children in Gaza which is nothing but genocide, RS in his last speech showed hatress  towards Muslims and no respects towards British people wanted a cease fire.   Some of these are:


British Muslims protested for ceasefire 

RS wanted genocide to continue and no ceasefire


British protested to stop killing children 

RS party sent weapons to kill children 


British wanted to live in peace together include Muslims 

RS used division and role to destroy that social peace 


British people elected George Galway  

RS failed to identify why he and his party loose in Rochdale and instead described George Galway as extremist 


George Galway elected MP

RS unelected PM 


RS hatress language against BM seen as hateful attitude towards all Muslim around the world and it requires him to apologize for his hatful attitude towards others 


 Stop slaughtering Gaza children 

The genocide in its most ugly face of killing civilians mainly children (one child killed every 10 minutes) continued by the (Israeli) Zionist regime lead by the criminal of war Netanyahu and with the help of America, Britain and the West.  The regimes of these countries supplying arms that are used to kill children in Gaza.  These regimes in the USA, UK, Germany and other Western countries are responsible for all children killed in Gaza.  Netanyahu knows that he will face trial after he stops the war that is why he continue to war against Gaza and in this intention the above-mentioned regimes supporting him.  They know very well that the only solution to stop all this is to end this war however they escalated the war against Yemen and other countries.  There is no UN resolution allowing war in Yemen yet they are in war now.  

Netanyahu is a war criminal; this genocide is in his hands and hands of those supported him.  He should leave and put into trial by an international court and all those who supported him should be in the same trial and also in trials their own countries particularly those supported him by arms and war.  

Genocide in Gaza by the Zionists and America is Evildoer Cruelty


The genocide which is carried out by the Zionist state (Israel) in Gaza is a cruelty act that the Zionists will regret it and they will wish to be dust and not facing it with Allah.   The same will be for the USA administration and anyone supporting this cruelty genocide. 


Allah said in the Holy Quran:    AND DO NOT think that God is unaware of what the evildoers are doing: He but grants them respite until the Day when their eyes will stare in horror; 14:42


And Allah said:  And [yet,] those who are bent on denying the truth do say, “We shall never believe in this Qur’an, and neither in whatever there still remains of earlier revelations!”   But if thou couldst only see [how it will be on Judgment Day,] when these evildoers shall be made to stand before their Sustainer, hurling reproaches back and forth at one another! Those [of them] who had been weak [on earth] will say unto those who had gloried in their arrogance:   “Had it not been for you, we would certainly have been believers!” 34:31


And Allah said:

Say: “Have you ever [really] considered those beings and forces to whom you ascribe a share in God’s divinity,   [and] whom you invoke beside God? Show me what it is that they have created on earth - or do [you claim that] they have a share in [govern­ing] the heavens?” Have We ever vouchsafed them   a divine writ on which they could rely as evidence [in support of their views]?  Nay, [the hope which] the evildoers hold out to one another [is] nothing but a delusion. 35:40


So as per the Quran the hope that the evildoers (Zionists and America) in these circumstances, their hope is nothing but DELUSION.   


As per Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) he said:  If the world were equivalent to the wing of a mosquito in the eyes of God, He would not give an unbeliever a drink of water from it.


So this life is nothing at all compared to the real life.  Prophet Mohammad said:  What is this world in the afterlife except as if one of you inserts his finger into the sea, and see what it returns with? Meaning: it has no value at all.


How long between you and standing in front of Allah for judgment is number of days you live then you sleep in death to wake up for your judgment and there Allah will bring your deeds and based on that you will go to the level of hell if you are wrong doing and to paradise level if you are righteous.  

Allah said: AND IN whatever condition thou mayest find thyself, [O Prophet,] and whatever discourse of this [divine writ]   thou mayest be reciting, and whatever work you [all, O men,] may do -[remember that] We are your witness   [from the moment] when you enter upon it: for, not even an atom's weight [of whatever there is] on earth or in heaven escapes thy Sustainer's knowledge; and neither is there anything smaller than that, or larger, but is recorded in [His] clear decree. 10:61

Read the Holy Quran which is the most positive book in the world and see what it says about the Jewish if they become evildoers (Zionists) and what happen to them in that with Moses, Jesus and other prophets before.  

Israeli crimes against the children of Gaza is not a war but terrorism

Israeli terror in Gaza is not a war.  It is a genocide between soldiers and civilians.   These civilians are children, women, elderly, and ordinary people.   It is bombarding and destroying houses, schools, hospitals, water systems, roads, and infrastructures.   

War is between army and army and this is not like that.  It is rockets and air strikes against civilians.   It is nothing but terrorist attacks.   Have you seen the children?  Have you looked to their eyes how terrified they are?   Is this not terrorism?  Yes, it is not, because it is worse than terrorism.  Do we have in the languages a word suitable to describe what Netanyahu Israeli Zionist government do in Gaza?   How they can sleep?  How they can look to the eyes of other people?  How they can eat without feeling the blood in their mouth and throat?  

In the past crimes like these are not recorded so maybe easily forgotten, but now all Israeli crimes especially against children and sick people in hospitals recoded and will stay as evidence for thousands of years.  

Shame on humanity particularly those who support these crimes or support Israel with weapons to kill the children and pre-mature babies.  


Now it is the responsibility of the people around the world to stop this genocide against children.   Following this the world free people should unite to change the structure of the United Nation as it is controlled by states that support this genocide.   If not changed this could happen to you next or your children anywhere, like when they fabricated the story of the weapons of mass destruction and occupied Iraq.   

 Islam The Religion of Peace and Equality 


Islam means peace and submission to Allah the Most Merciful Creator of everything.   Prophet Mohammad is the last messenger of Allah to whom was the Holy Quran revealed over about 40 years.    Islam teach the Muslims that all prophets before Islam were Muslims and they are monotheistic that we all take as our prophets.    Prophet Mohammad is the last and his message in Islam came to the whole mankind all over the times till the Day of Judgment.  Equality is a must in Islam.  Every Muslim have to keep as much as can his/her soul and body pure from sin.   Charity and helping the poor is one of the sin deleting and preventing deeds.  


The foe of Islam particularly the Zionist and the politician of the West and its media created Ismaphobia against Islam because they do not want you to know the truth about it.   

The Holy Quran will tell you what is Islam about, so read it, the most positive book in the world.  It is the words of Allah reveled to Prophet Mohammad. 

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