Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Islam is the religion for all mankind in all times 


Brothers and sisters in mankind; have you ever asked yourself sometime why you are here in this life?  Or what is the aim of our existence throughout the journey of life?   On the other hand, what will happen to us after death?   On a bigger scale what will happen to our earth and the universe as a whole?   Are we born just to live and work and gets the up and down and sadness and happens or hurdles and ease only?   Is there any judgment about our deeds bad or good?   And who is the one who guide us when we needed or even when we do not need!? 


All the answers and more you find them in the Quran the words of God (Allah) reveled to Prophet Mohammad (peace be up on him).   Read it to find yourself and who you are and you will see doors of enlightenment open for you that no one before told you about them but God will speak toy you via the Quran directly.  Read it and see for yourself so that you will find comfort and guidance in all times.  If you find that please pray for me.  

 George W Bush and Tony Blair War Crimes in Iraq

Millions of Iraqis killed by Bush the father and Bush the son and Tony Blair for lies 

They should be put into a trial and punished and if they escape it here they can not in the hereafter with God!

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 Chilcot Report About war on Iraq in 2003

In 2003 the US president GW Bush and UK PM Toney Blair sent troops and started war by which they invaded Iraq and toppled the regime by military strikes and invasion.   The reason was faked lie of the false and fabricated issue of weapon of mass destruction.  They themselves later on after the war admitted that there were no WMD found and it was a fabrication and exaggeration.   This war resulted in destructions and losses of thousands of lives and the aftermath continued till now.   The invaders imposed new regime from groups of corrupted thieves.   They brought another false issue which is democracy that only exist for these thieves.  


The UK formed investigation about the WMD and the war on Iraq called Chilcot report.  According to Chilcot report it concluded that the role of Tony Blair in that war was not necessary and everything said about the lie of the weapon of mass distraction was exaggerated.   It is therefore that war was not necessary and hence the responsibility of GWB and TB.

it is therefore that war and the resultant destruction and consequences on Iraq and the Iraqi people till now are the responsibility of the USA and the UK.   Everything resulted from the war regarding the political regime in Iraq is therefore illegal and war crime that Tony Blair and George Bush should be put into an international war crime tribunal. 

 Humiliated Defeat for America in Afghanistan 


The scenes of the escape of the defeated American soldiers by army airplanes and the drop down of the Afghani bodies from these planes while taking off will never be forgotten easily.   It will remain as a shame on the face of America more than Vietnam.   

It is the wrong arrogant polices of the successive white house governments in Iraq and other parts of the world.  Following Afghanistan no one can be easily trusting the American again otherwise their fate will be the same of those who were dropped from the runaway defeated American airplane.   


And it is the right for Taliban to declare victory with their simple rifles that they deserve it.  


In Iraq we will never forget 1991 war lead by America, the UN (USA) sanction which killed one million children, the 2003 American war on Iraq again and the implementation and support of the existed corrupted regime.  

America defeated in Afghanistan as it was deceived us in Iraq


America defeated recently at least in 3 regions, Afghanistan, Iraq and with Iran.  In Iraq following the war in 2003 until now it destabilized the region, making Iraq unstable country, wide spread corruptions, full with pro-Iranian militia that controlling the whole country, assassinations and lack of freedom and security, damaged infrastructures, and poverty despite rich resources.   It appeared that democracy and liberation from dictators are lies to destroy Iraq and impose on it several dictators and many militias and terrorists instead of one only.  Added to that the falsehood that initiated the war which was about the weapon of mass destruction and in fact it become clear the weapon of mass destruction was the American invasion itself and not what Saddam Hussein had.  That invasion brought many (Saddams) instead of one Saddam only.  Iraq following 2003 invasion is a country without electricity, and corruption everywhere plus Iranian control over the country and militias.   This is what the American invasion in 2003 brought plus the loses from their sides.   So many Iraqis were deceived initially because they felt they will see an end to the dictator regime however long lasting very bad declining situation after that invasion make them to regret that and they now wish to keep the Saddam regime than losing everything after the American invasion.  


In Afghanistan America received crushing defeat but this time instant than in Iraq.  Same happened here that America lost trillions of money and thousands of troops plus the war machines.  Now Taliban back quickly and promptly than what American troops were able to do, they managed to do it in few days which may take America to do part of it in many years.  America achieved nothing and withdrawn from Afghanistan like a joke full with loses, deaths, defeats and leaving behind a destroyed country again.   The comeback of Taliban will be a horrifying consequences but it is certainly a big defeat for the Americans. 


Last but not the least Iran position is now stronger in the region and they playing a winning game which made the American role in the Gulf to appear dwarf and insignificant.   Soon Iran will become a nuclear power country with extending its arms in many places and at least they control 4 Arab capitals.   Now many of them realized that strong Iraq with Saddam was better than Iraq controlled by Iran and he used to buffer Iran.


In summary America defeated in Afghanistan to give back that country to Taliban and defeated in Iraq to give that country for the control of Iran and now they will be defeated in the Gulf too and even losing their Allies may be to Russia or China plus Iran.  No one may trust America again.

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