Abnormal Personalities

If the beheading and killing of the 12 Nepalese by a terrorist group (Insar Al-Sunnah-Wahabist group) is true then we are entering a new of phase of terrorism with mass killing by different ways! This makes our concern about the possible use of WMD by the terrorists to kill as many people as they can more likely.

There is no doubt that the terrorists will not think twice to inflict mass killing soon after they can do it!

The science of human psychology explains that those who commit such acts are not normal. They usually have a much deviated anomalous personality which feels the pleasure of killing especially if it is linked to a religion which is innocent from such act. The later link offers a buffer status against the guilt feeling which is natural in the self of all the animals especially the lowest animal on the earth (the mankind)!

The sadistic pleasure feeling of the terrorists by beheading or killing is augmented by exposing such an act to the others to view it. The video tape which showed the Nepalese who was held by two masked men and a third one cutting his head is the best example of these sick personalities. The video also showed how the other 11 were killed by shooting them on the heads or chest with some laying down on their faces. It was a horrible scene make one feel not only sick but his brain goes off for a while! After this one feel not proud to belong to this species of mankind in other word feels the need to get rid of such criminals from the animal kingdom!

The psychologists and psychology science is invited to give their explanation about these barbaric acts.

A Spot of Light

Every civilised person rejects totally kidnapping and outlawed actions irrespective of who is the victim. There is law in each country and international rules which should be respected. We are certainly against the kidnapping of the French reporters by a group of Wahabists in Iraq but what surprised us is the noise which have been created by all those who encouraged and or supported or kept silent for the kidnapping and killing of the previous victims. The same terrorists kidnapped and killed before many nationals including Iraqis, Arabs, Muslims, Americans, Italians, Koreans, and others yet none of the thugs who created the present noise over the French reporters uttered even one word!

This should not be taken as an acceptance of the French kidnapping but we are against hypocritical biased racial discriminations due to personal interests.

Those who described French as a friend are the supporters of Saddam, the Wahabists, the oil for food bribed, and the terrorists' supporters.
One of the most noisy and poisonous snake about it was Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar based-near Al-Siliyah US HQ-Base).

Abd-Al-Star Abd-Al-Jabar from the Muslims committee in Baghdad (Supporter of Falluja terrorists) in an interview with JTV described France as his friends and mentioned how the French were nearly vetoed the UN resolution to topple Saddam. This man forgets that France is one of the countries which sucked our own blood. This may be because he was a small vampire joined with them. By the way of mentioning the blood, France exported HIV contaminated blood to Iraq in 1990s yet until now refused to open investigation at least about it! The blood resulted in infecting all those who received it.

About the issue of Muqtada Sadr at last he made the correct decision of ordering his thugs to lay down their arms and go to do something good for them and their families. He mentioned that he got a big programme to announce regarding the political issue.
This is good but we believe that this man responsible for killing many people and destroying the infrastructure in Najaf and other areas. Sooner or latter he and his thugs responsible for the last atrocities should face trial especially about the bodies found in his court.
At least we may say that the biggest loser with this truce is the Wahabists and their tails.

At last our spot light have seen the demonstration in New York against President GWB but in spite of that he remained leading against JK! We don't know why he chose NY for his party meeting in spite of its anti-republican atmosphere for long time ago?

The Odds happened

The Wahabist slipped in the crowds in Kufa and attacked Kufa Imam Ali Mosque killing and injuring many.

Muqtada Sadr militiamen mixed with the aggregations entered Imam Ali Shrine in Najaf and escaped outside. This was the request of MS for Ali Sistani to save him a face. The most beneficiary one from Ali Sistani call and arrival was MS because he utilized his call for that face save.

Through out all recent history wars Najaf never had like this destruction before! It becomes a city of Ghosts and death. At least 25 bodies of executed civilians and police men have been found in the basement of the court set up by Muqtada Sadr. Some of the bodies have mutilated and burned badly. The sadistic personality of MS and his thugs is similar to the sick personality of Saddam and his thugs. Some of Saddam thugs indeed changed the Khaki uniform to Turbans.

The worst affected people by the peaceful solution in Najaf are the Wahabists especially in what is called (Saudi Arabia) and Zarqawi thugs. They regret that in their web sites while they were very happy and congratulate each other about the
recent fighting.

The tragic Russian airplanes found to have traces of explosives in their remaining. No one claimed the attack yet!

The mouth of terrorists Al-Jazeera which regret the peaceful solution in Najaf claimed that a group of terrorists killed the Italian reporter Enzo Baldoni.

Casting the Dart!

The Iraqi forces with the coalition forces helping them are just few yards away from the Shrine of Imam Ali where the militia shield themselves inside.

Most of this militia escaped towards Bahr Al-Najaf (the desert part behind the shrine). The outlawed Ali Simasim and others among Muqtada Sadr have been arrested with stolen valuables from Imam Ali Shrine. MS himself escaped to an unknown place.

Ali Sistani is back in Najaf from successful treatment in London and called the militia to leave the Shrine of Imam Ali. He also called for demonstration in Najaf which is not right because this may be used by Zarqawi and Sadr terrorists to slip in.

By this time Sadr again asked for negotiation and on the same time called his militia to go to Najaf to release the besieged militia!

As things are moving faster we may watch the dart landing on its target, but yet more to come not only in Iraq but somewhere else where people are relaxed under the sun watching the smoke of Iraq moved by the wind under their blue sky.

Najaf Burning

Between the hammer and the anvil the poor civilians in Najaf faced a bloody fate. Most if not all of them lived a night mare for the last few weeks.

For hundreds of years that land have been called The Valley of Peace but is not with the present shit of war.

It may look one of the agony for which the Iraqis have been exposed and (wrongly saying adapted to), for the last 35 years but the fact is far from just news or articles or comments. There is no comparison between some one who feel the pain of the fire and another who describe the fire and the pain from a picture or a plate or an article.

In Iraq we are saying "the wet person do not fear the rain!" or if there is fire let it eat the dry and wet all together better.

Whether we are believing in the divine or God or not the nature taught us that for each action there is a reverse action sooner or later. It taught us that happiness is not money or lust or mischief but it is satisfaction and valuable work. The latter two comes only by performance of good deed. We feel happy by helping the needy and poor. Qualms only result from bad deeds. It may be the first step towards self-punishment and destruction which may end with insanity. Insanity is part of the megalomania in its widest term.

Tonight Najaf may burn again as strong as last night but who is going to Fuck who? Or who is against whom? Sadr bowed again as the death came closer to him and the poor who fell between the hammer and the anvil are the fuel of the fire again especially that Sadr is heading towards Nasyryiah and Iran refused to accept him as Khomeini refused his uncle Mohammad Baker Sadr who was killed by Khomeini with the hands of Saddam. Sadr asked for negotiation and accepted the terms that he refused last time.

Watch the next few hours not only in Najaf but in Italy and the West as a whole to see who is going to kill whom?

Muqtada sadr

The situation in Najaf is tense and moved no where! The US tanks appeared near the beginning of the ceiled market which is just few hundred yards from the Shrine.

MS escaped from the Shrine and he is in the old city in Al-Khonedi School which contains cellars and many rooms. It is in an area whereas no cars can reach because of its narrow and zigzag roads.
The keys of the shrine were just another manoeuvre and mere lie.

There is a real story happened in early 1950s when the Minister of Interior send inspectors to the Diyala North East Baghdad to investigate a scandal about new houses belonged to the government. The news came to the Minister that the allocated money as well as the type of building has been manipulated. Before the arrival of the inspector the Mayor received news from his eyes there about their intention. He then prepared new documents and arranged the situation so that the inspector will find nothing about the manipulation. At the end of the inspection the Mayor asked them; have you find any thing suspicious? They said not really every thing is OK! He said; Ok then could you please do me a favour! They willingly said of course, what it is. He gave them a sealed letter and asked them to give it to the Minister! They took the letter and when the Minister opened it he laughed loudly! The inspectors were so curious and suspicious, why the Minister keeps laughing! He then asked them would you like to hear what the Mayor wrote. They said yes Mr Minister! He read the letter which is two lines only it says; Mr Minister you sent your inspectors to Fuck us and we Fucked them instead! Regards!


After beating Australia 1/0 Today Iraq reached the semi-final in the Olympic football games.

For the first time since 1964 Arabic football soccer reached the semi-finals in the Olympic Games and for Iraq it is the first time.

CONGRATULATIONS to all Iraqis and their friends!

Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni

Dear Iraqui blogger,

we are italian bloggers worried about the fate of the missing Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni. Enzo wento to Najaf with a humanitarian convoj of the Italian Red Cross carrying water and medicinals for the Najaf’s population. His family and his frends wanted help to know if Enzo is alive or kidnapped. Do you have the possibility to help us?? Do you have contact with bloggers in Najaf or Kufa? Please ask them for news. We are grateful and we pray God for you all. Please send possible informations to email Caruso_153@hotmail.com or blog http://sirfrancis.splinder.itSchiele

Sadr Fate!

The Iraqi police captured at least 500 men from the Sadr militia. To avoid bloodshed inside the shrine the IP negotiate with hundreds of fighters still besieged inside to save their life in return to lay their arms and surrender. Although the IP is in control of some parts around the Imam Ali Shrine, the complete control of the shrine is still to be completed.

Muqtada Sadr fate is not clear. He is most likely escaped last night after the announcement of handover of the keys to Sistani men or he is still among the besieged. There is plan to smuggle him to Iran or to the same whole where Saddam was hiding in!

There is fear the same thing may repeat itself in Kerbala so it has been put under curfew.

Sistani from London issued a statement asking to put Najaf under the control of the Iraqi Police.

Sadr's fate still have to be clarified there are some rumours about it and we will get the right news as soon as it is available.

Najaf fighting

Fierce fighting continued over night and this morning around the Shrine of Imam Ali. The US/Iraqi forces plan is to free the Shrine which may be today by special Iraqi commandos forces from air and ground.

There were strong resistance from Sadr fighters but many are exhausted and ready to surrender as soon as fighting comes near to them.

Fighting also continued in Basrah and air strikes in Falluja.

Iran, US & Sadr!

Iran put parts of its secret forces in a high alert and has in hands plans to attack the US forces in the region. The attack may either come directly or by Iranian agents including arrangement with Al-Qaeda agents.

Iranian Minister of Defence announced that Iran may pre-emptively attack the US forces before these forces attack the Iranian nuclear reactor. He told Al Jazeera, it is not the US alone is the super-power in the region but also Iran which exists in Iraq and Afghanistan!

The next few hours are decisive in the history of Najaf, Iraq and the region when the Militia either surrender or crushed. The Iraqi interim statement for Sadr was the most strong and decisive since this government started after the CPA. It is very decisive that Sadr should stand in front of the world and denounce terrorism by disarming the Militia and in a way to surrender himself and his thugs. The process of dissolution includes all areas not only Najaf. This was the meaning and since that MS refused. MS may accept when his life come in danger.

Al Thawrah is now under the US/Iraqi Police control. Sadr militia disappeared.

There are indications that the Iraqi government and US forces agents are now inside Imam Ali shrine in between Sadr groups or among them in good numbers and the attack in its secret part already started. News from inside indicates that large numbers of the Sadr militia will lay their arms and surrender soon.


Strong fighting started around the Shrine of Imam Ali just now!

Sadr announced he refuses to dissolve the militia and he manoeuvre by saying that he will give the Shrine's keys to the Marjyiah!


Muqtada Sadr thugs received orders from Iran to end their stand as part of new tactic.
MS militia are surrounded and hopelessly fighting for their death or surrender.

The Iraqi interim government is fool to accept less than surrender of Sadr and his militia after they put their arms not only in Najaf but everywhere else!

Sadr plan is to give up Najaf and continue somewhere else in the south and Al-Thawra city.

Iraqi National Assembly delegates near failure!

The delegates (8) who arrived by helicopter from Baghdad to Najaf have failed to meet Muqtada Sadr. He refused to meet them and they went back to the governor building may be to try again later so as to give him the last chance before the final storm.

Threats to Demolish Imam Ali Shrine by the Wahabists!

There is some local news from sources in Iraq and in neighbouring countries that the Wahabists benefiting from the present situation prepare to attack Imam Ali Shrine by many ways including dynamite to cause sever damage or to demolish it. There are few agents of them in between Sadr Militia and some arrived to Najaf the last few days. There are few agents for Zarqawi and Qaeda inside and around Najaf hunting opportunities to develop more havoc.

One aspect of the Wahabi BARBARIC doctrine is to demolish all historic places and shrines in the world.

Update Sadr Issue

The Iraqi National Assembly meeting decided to send 100 delegates among them to Najaf for peaceful solution to get MS out of Imam Ali shrine to his house or somewhere else! They also suggest that his militia would be converted into a political group after disarming them.

Congratulation to Iraq soccer; won against Costa Rica 2/0!

Now up to the second 8 groups!!


Sadr militia shield themselves in the shrine of Imam Ali and the houses in the old city while more human shields arrive to the city!

The US tanks seen about 500 meters away from the Shrine and the fighting continued on-off with several shells hit Sadr militia groups North to the Shrine.
Three marines and several Iraqis killed toady in Najaf. During this time the US forces dropped leaflets asking Sadr militia to quit Najaf soon which indicates fierce fighting is imminent.

In Thawrah city one US tank destroyed and fighting going on in several places where Sadr militia control the slum city.

On the other development one of Sadr Militia in Ammara set fire in an oil well in the area which put oil prices up to 44.10 Dollars!


The attack against Sadr thugs in Najaf just started! The US/Iraqi forces moves toward the centre of the city where Sadr groups hide from two direction without resistance yet!

Iran; (Kadhem Al Haairi the God father for Sadr groups) issued Fatwa for the involvement of the Iraqi police and other forces not to attack Sadr groups.

More latter!

Iran deeply involved!

At least 30 Iranian fighters captured near the border in Kut in their way to go with sadr militia. Also two trucks full with arms have been captured near Kut from Iran towards Sadr fighters.

Mortar attack hit Imam Ali shrine outside wall!

No one know from where this attack came but it can be from any one including Sadr fighters who may do this intentionally to attract more support for them.
Sadr and his thugs ever polluted Imam Ali shrine by converting it into a military camp and a hiding place for his timid personality.

Sadr and Iran responsible for all what is going to happen. He now should not be given and chance to play his game of the mouse and the cat again with thousands of innocent lives exposed to danger.

The UN and international community should do their duty to stop and punish Iran for its interference and causing death of many innocent Iraqis. Iran and Sadr are responsible of profaning the Shrine of Imam Ali.

Cautious Silence!

Things get quite and the Iraqi National assembly will send delegates for talks to stop fighting in return for dissolution of the Militia.

The Najaf governor asked the journalists to leave the city as their life is in danger.

There is news from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior that there is about 20 foreign fighters (may be Iranian) heavily armed inside the Shrine of Imam Ali who threatened to blow the Shrine if the US/Iraqi forces commenced its advance towards the shrine.
Maqty still hiding their!

The next few hours seems to be decisive especially with the journalists ordered out of the Najaf!

In a different subject there is nearly certain information about the presence of Azit Al-Dori in the Syrian capital Damascus since last April. He is not in good health accompanied by a woman who may have been married her after the failure of the regime when he was in hiding.

Sadr thugs should surrender with out truce

Truce failed which is good thing because truce with Muqatad Sadr means big victory for him and it will be a very big mistake which will never be corrected. It will mean he will control the entire south and his thugs are already spreading fears in people opposing them.

The action is started and should end with Sadr surrender himself and his thugs captured and tried or else. By this only Iraq will be stable otherwise it will be disaster and will end with Iranian puppet regime of Mullahs.

You can monitor how weak is Sadr's position by when the truce announced failed he immediately asked for UN troops and beg for truce.

Press hard and if needed tear gas those who are inside the shrine to get them out and capture them. By this only we will win otherwise Iranian Mullah will win.

When Falluja left alone after the first strikes it is now a very strong hold for the Zarqawi thugs and the terrorists who control every thing including the Police force. They also arranged a net work with all other cities like Hadietha, Tikrit, Samara, Baghdad, Baquba and other areas. There was a new report by the (Le nouvel observateur) on the 5 August 2004 from inside Falluja with a meeting with one of the Leaders of Zarqawi group (Abo Rashed – called the Iron Man) who decapitated many foreigners including M Berg which showed how strong they are now in converting Falluja into a new Talaban strong hold region. There should be a return to that village after Sadr issue solved by force.

Sadr thugs like Kaies Khazali (the white turban wearing adolescent boy) who appears in the TV channels talk like as if they are a government. There should be an end to those thugs soon so as to send signal to all others to think about their fate if they act outlawed like Sadr thugs.

Iran should be from now put under pressure to solve the issues of Arabs, Kurds, Bishtons, and all non-Persians nations as well as the nuclear issue. Ending the Sadr thugs is a strong signal to Iran to remove its hands from Iraq and to turn to solve the issue of its oppressed nations.

The Trapped Rat!

Let ask the question if Saddam is still in power what will be the position of Muqtada Sadr and the mob which follow him?

OK; let us what happen when Saddam send his security to ask for Maqtad to met the maid of Saddam. The security knocked the door and Maqty open. When he saw them he shivered and stammered while trying to modify his donkey like voice. They told him Mr President's maid like to see you. Before they finished their sentence they noticed water coming down in between the legs of Maqty! He urinates on himself and his shivering continued. He said can I go to put my turban on my head. They said no. He said but I wet myself! They said; yes, we noticed that; this is what we like you to do. The maid of Mr President will feel happy about that.

They dragged him from his head and put him in the car like sheep! When in the room of some one supposed to be Mr President's maid Maqty run to his shoes and tried to kiss them to save his life. We don't like to talk about the next but in one sentence if Saddam is still there what Maqty will do other than being deaf, dumb, dull, mute, and garbage.

Now what was the action of the mobs that follow him now? The answer is very clear because the same people who are with him now are the savages who used to bow in humiliation to Saddam! They used to bend to kiss the shoes and hands of Saddam. They are the same savages who if Saddam kills one of them tell him yes we disown him as he is traitor. They are also the same thugs who were part of his security and some of them are just Iranians subsidiary illiterate riffraff.
In one sentence they are uncivilised barbaric thugs especially those with white turban in the close circle of that small donkey!

If they are civilised and would like to have power they would have chose to take their chance in democratic free election but they know that most people don't like them. Now the people in Najaf feel that Saddam's security is much merciful and better with them than Maqty thugs. Similar changes are going on in the other areas where Maqty groups had an influence like in the city of Thawra in Baghdad.
The regime of turban wearing Mullahs proved its failure in Tehran and the Iranian people waiting for any opportunity to get rid off that regime of the Mullahs.

Iran Arabs in Arabstan are looking for their independence and the International Community should really support them in their freedom! On their behalf we call for the international community to support them as soon as possible for their independence. They are very oppressed and treated as second class citizens and prevented from using their own language.

Also the Kurds in North Iran are much suppressed and they international community should support their cause for more freedom. The Beshton population are another people who would like to get their independence from the regime of Tehran. The Persian regime controlled and suppressed too many populations and occupied them for long time. Now it is time for independence for all these oppressed people. They also dictate their roles on the Iranian Christians and Jewish. Iran should now be put under the scrutiny of the international community for the human rights violation.
The Iranian interference in Iraq internal affairs and the destruction resulted from that should be considered by the UN.

There should be no truce for Maqty until he gives up himself and ask his barbaric mobs to lay their arms.

In Hilla

Sadr's gangs looted the gold market, the bank and the shops in Hilla city. They break down the prison and freed all the criminals and outlawed there like killers, rapists, robbers, and terrorists. They terrorised the people and some cases of rapes have been kept silent.

Every thing in the city has been looted including the foreign currency from banks by Sadr thugs!

Updated Alert!

Al-Sharqyiah TV showed captured Iranians, Arabs, Afghanis and a lot of Iranian arms and ammunitions used by Sadr militia during Najaf fighting!

The peace-mouth of terrorist and the bullshit of the Wahabists Al-Jazeera (Qatari TV) showed a meeting with Muqtada Sadr today who appeared shaky ignorant and uneducated. He commented that he is ready to help Falluja with any thing they want including military help! He stops shortly of saying he would help Zarqawi thugs!

His hand was dressed by a very clean white bandage! If he had an injury to his hand then the bandage could have been stained with some blood or Betadine antiseptic solution through the bandage. Clean bandage mean fabrication or just a Mosquito bite!

Important Alert!

There are some detective news indicates that Iranian agents are waiting for the go ahead to kill Muqtada Sadr and accuse US/Iraqi forces of doing so. These agents are ready and on standby position and may be from among his own close circle!

Muqtada Sadr tactics was to pull the US/Iraqi forces toward Imam Ali shrine and then he blows it out from several direction and claim that the US forces attacked it. In a step towards that he claimed deludingly that he has been wounded earlier.

As he failed and get frustrated he starts to seek truce. He tried his luck first with 10 conditions! This is now rejected. The tactic is to keep him trapped where he put himself in. The signals of frustrations to get outside the shrine mean he will no longer be able to negotiate. Soon he may surrender or be killed by an unknown person as mentioned above.

We have to mention that his thugs when refereed to him today called him with same title used for Saddam before (Mr Commander!) and they add the Iraqi flag to his disgusting pictures. That plus their call for Alawi government to resign means they appointed MS as the new dictator of Iraq.

They created a little show in Basrah by sending two of their thugs with Iraqi Police uniforms to capture a British Journalist from a hotel. When the man told them he is just a Journalist one of them swear at him by saying (Eat Shit; I curse your father and the father of your honour!). They then make themselves look like in more control than the security by sending a turban wearing thug holding the hand of the Journalists who thanks him. The BJ appeared beaten on the face and eye and looked humiliated.

The (banana) TV station Al-Jazeera should have been commented on the journalist capture as part of its frustration of the closure of its ass in Iraq, but they attenuated this news to the level of their head!

The Gulf States' Sheikhs had oil smelly Burps today with abdominal distension from winds due to high production of hydrogen peroxide inside their colons! This is all because of the high prices of the oil! Sheikh Ziad Al-Nhiyan had diarrhoea which makes him to spend more time in the place where all the Kings and Queens go to. The difference between us and them is that we share these places while they cut thousands of dollars, to evacuate their bowels, from Tax payer money in the West and from the food of the people in the East! Happy bowel evacuation!


Muqtada Sadr injury is a fabrication by his thugs!

Najaf war is Iranian fight against US/Iraqi forces. Iran determines to win! It should not have given this opportunity. The mistake is the CPA one when they postponed arresting Sadr. It is also the mistake of the Judge (Al-Maliki) who announced the arrest for Sadr publicly. It should have been done without noises! All by all Iran used it and created what is going on now!

British journalist taken hostage in Basrah by unknown thugs may be related to Sadr/Iran Militia!

Imam Ali shrine polluted by the Sadr thugs and converted into a camp for their arms and dirty asses!

Alerts - Updated!

Many Groups of Sadr Militia surrendered to the Iraqi Police and Coalition forces after they gave up their arms. Among them are children less than 12 years old given RPG 7 and Kalashnikovs? Bullshit instead of a book and a computer or a game.
We will get pictures of their surrender later.

There is an imminent attack with tear gas to those hide themselves inside Imam Ali shrine and among them MS who escaped earlier.

Iran frustrated by the news of thousands of the militia it trained started to surrender and among them many Iranians, and Arabs. This makes an Iranian top leader to announce that the US will soon face a similar defeat like Vietnam War! A clear sign indicating the involvement of Iran in what is going on in Najaf and the Iraq.

Al Jazeera TV which broadcasting from the (US occupied "state" of Qatar) lost its balance and starts to move like some one with epileptic seizure. Certainly its viewers are much less than before. The broadcasters asked for more water supply imported specially from MacDonald due to the dryness they suffers from when they bark in their extended news about Iraq! They also asked for more Bananas but we don't why?!

The Hiaat Olama Moslimen of the Wahabist Hareth Thari issued a Fatwa preventing Iraqis from fighting Sadr Militia. Why they haven't issued their Fatwa when Saddam killed the Shias! Why they haven't said a single word when Hussein Kamel inscriped on his tanks (there are No Shiites after today)? Where was Thari and his thugs when Saddam attacked the holy shrines in Karbala?
Anyway no one bought their Fatwa by a spit!

The Iraqi Police arrested in Baghdad Iranians, Palestinians and Saudi criminals today!

The people in Baghdad boycotted the call of Maqty Sadr for a general strike.

Two Jordanian lawyers withdraw from defending Saddam because of an under carpet scandal about the money collected from various groups and government for that aim! It looks like millions of dollars divided between few of them and the resigned two may have been given less than the others!


Imminent Attack by Iraqi & US forces to enter Najaf. Fighting continued fearfully and Sadr militia may ask for truce to buy time and then to decide to attack at another time.

Sadr thugs seem to be cornered in the narrow populated residential areas taking shields of whatever available. Inexperienced in fighting, Iran and Sadr pushed them into a death corner. Soon they will curse Sadr, Iran and its juggler leaders!

Mass exodus of civilians fled Najaf between the bombardment of US forces and intimidations of Sadr thugs. The longer the situation continued the more serious impacts on the innocent civilians!

Bin Laden gave the go a head for a close attacks in the US, UK, Italy, Pakistan and Middle East country which may be UAE or Qatar!

Who is responsible?

The situation in Iraq is heading to an unknown fate. No one knows exactly what is happening and no one knows where Iraq is now moving.
The news which is coming from the south regions is very disturbing. What is shown by the satellite TV stations are just the top of the iceberg.

Sadr thugs are coordinating with outside powers like Iran and Qaeda to try to make the situation even harder and may separate the south from the rest of Iraq. The aim as it was announced today is to topple GWB in the next election by making the Iraqi issue looks under the Iranian control and the Anti-American groups.

We certainly know very well that Iran, Syria, and other groups in ME planning for such thing. However we don't know if there is any one or party from inside the US involved or supporting this issue to try to make GWB appear the loser?

The news from some areas in Iraq indicates that at least thousands of Iranian crossed the border inside Iraq for support to MS militia and as clandestine agents. The Iraqis now knew very well what the Iranian thugs trying to do inside Iraq. Today alone and only in one point the Iraqi Police arrested at least 40 Iranian sneaked into Iraq with out documents in one coach. All are young and probably armed with money and documents which will be kept secret for investigation.

The Iranians have succeeded to infiltrate the south and planning for the worst. The weakness of Iyad Alawi towards Sadr encouraged them to get more involvement.
The Middle East region now is biased towards Iran. With weak Iraq Iran considers itself now the regional super-power! For the balance of the Middle East it needs a strong Iraq to balance Iran. The Iranian by Muqtada Sadr and his thugs succeeded to transfer the war from their land to inside Iraq.
There are news of about 1000 Iranian crossed with guns to area of Salman Bak and were confronted by the IP and US troops and most of them killed! (Unconfirmed report from local residents in the area).

Those who raised the issue of Ahmed Chalabi and Saleem Chalabi in this time are playing the same game. Ahmed Chalabi should not link himself to Maqtad Sadr neither Iran if he would like to prove his issue. Iran is playing with fire and Sadr should be ended now before tomorrow. Chalabi should be clear whether he support Iran or Iraq.

Iraq needs a strong army and police to balance Iran and to take out its arrogance which is increased since Iraq become weaker due to the idiotic fucking policies of the fucking whore Saddam. This arrogance as superpower of ME will be soon augmented by a nuclear weapons.

Ibrahem Jafari calls for the foreign troops to leave Najaf is fool statement! This man who was appointed as (something for nothing) may be able to tell us, how he will solve the issue? His idiotic statement to Alarabyiah few days ago from London about Sadr was so foolish. He said that the government should not attack Sadr because he is a know person and his father was a known person and his family is a very well known family!! What bullshit! Killers; if they are well known should not be arrested!! Good for the Dawa party which supported Iran in its war against Iraq not only now but during the 8 years war with Khomeini! We don't know what this man is doing in London for long time though he was appointed to be the Vice President!

The Iranian leader of Qouds Revolutionary Guards Kasem Solaimani told in a lecture for the students of strategic defence studies in Tehran few days ago that Zarqawi and his leaders needs no permission to enter Iran from wherever they like to enter! In reply to one student about why Iran help Zarqawi yet he may be involved in killing the Shiite; Solaimani said the national security of Iran is served by what Zarqawi is doing now in Iraq. He added that a secular regime in Iraq friend of and supported by the US is more dangerous for Iran than the previous Baath regime!

Zarqawi was few months ago in Mehran city in one of its military camps of the RG, then he crossed the border to Baquoba!

Some of the members of Sadr militia have been trained in the same camp under the supervision of Ammad Moghanyiah a Lebanese escaped from Lebanon while ago and submitted into several plastic surgery changes in his face. This man played a major link between Sadr militia and Qaeda leaders especially Aimn Dhawahiri! He visited Iraq and he assessed the ground for expanding the operations of Sadr militias and how to help its link with Falluja and Zarqawi groups. He also succeeded to get some Arab like Lebanese to enter into Najaf area.

There are secret reports recently submitted to the Iranian president Mohammad Khatami which took him by surprise about the involvement of the Revolutionary Guard and the Sadr militia in the recent bombing attacks inside Iraq and the coordination between both parties!

Muqtada sadr seeks truce

Urgent news from Najaf indicates that MS and his groups trying to cling to any thing which may save them.

Yesterday MS announced that he will fight for the last drop of his blood and he will not go outside Najaf.

This morning one of white turban wearing thug of his gang said that they welcome Ibrahem Jafari (appointed Vice President) mediation for truce!
Then another one said he welcomed Koffi Anan initiative.
A third thug then said they call for ANYONE to do ANYTHING to stop fighting and said that they are not responsible about it. He announced that Sadr group like to stop the MISERY which is going on and the suffering of the people.

Then at last MS (himself) said that he submitted a plan to stop fighting to Ghazi Al-Yawer (appointed president)!
Well; is there any fuck worse than this shit?!

We predicted yesterday (see last article) that MS thugs will surrender when the life of the big thugs get in danger.

There should be no truce this time and the conditions should be that Sadr and his big thugs who led the problems should all surrender themselves first for trial and the others to put their arms and surrender to the IP before any solution or truce.

Sadr should surrender as well as all his thugs before any stop of fighting!

Iyad Alawi should RESIGN!

IA and his ministers are trying to control power and be other dictators in the area! It looks like the democracy and the shit which they call for is all false and misleading!
There are news coming from all direction that IA start to play with fire by allowing the Baath party to come back alive to power as he was member of it before!

IA also proved to be weak and he achieved nothing from his visit to the Arab thugs. The ministers that he got especially the Interior minister have failed to control the security issue and allowed all kind of terrorist attack to happen in a big scale which killed many Iraqis and destroyed what not have been destroyed yet. The country now is in chaos and yet the thugs in the government and the other parties are fighting each other for power and chairs. Each one of them stuck his ass on a chair and put an Iraqi flag with Saddam inscription (Allah Akbar) on it and they even abandoned their own-made flag with blue and yellow colours on it!!

Iraq is weaker, worse, bloodier, most miserable than any time before and if things continue like this then let it be a big fire to burn every one and every thing in Iraq!

We need to see the criminals captured and tried. Why Saddam is still there without trial? Why the Baathists returned to power? Why there are people above the law? Where are the money of the oil and what happened to the scandal of oil for food? Where are Zarqawi and his thugs? Why there are no improvements of the services until now? Is there a real government in Iraq? If there is one let it be resigned?

Two Disgusting Faces for One Coin!

  • 15,000 Iranians volunteers to do suicidal attacks in Iraq according to the Iranian Hamshahery daily Newspaper
  • If Iyad Alawi can not arrest Maqti Sadr he should resign! His weakness encouraged MS to persevere in his aggression!
  • Iranians fights the Iraqis inside Najaf and the other Shiite cities!
  • Muqtad Sadr is traitor to a foreign country and he should be arrested and tried!
  • The pictures of Ali Khameniai or the expired man Khomeini should be prohibited from Iraq and considered as crime. They are just disgusting!
  • Iran offered Al-Zarqawi safe-haven used when he needs it or when his link agents needed!
  • Mujaheedn Khalik (Iranian Resistant group) may work across the borders to prepare for a possible attack on the Iran which will result in toppling of its regime.
  • At least 22 Iranian have been arrested with big amount of Heroin near Kerbala area.
  • Iran in full control on the Basrah, Ammara and Nasyriyah areas and it cut the oil export there! Basrah is abandoned looking city now!
  • The pro-Iranians and robberies from Sadr thugs controlled the city of Diywaniyah!
  • Sadr announced he will stay in Najaf until death!
  • Sadr thugs kidnapped a policeman officer and showed this in the TV of the terrorists Al- Jazeera!

Iran, Iraq, US and terrorism?

It has been revealed that some Iranian Intelligent officers have been captured recently in Iraq and confessed that they are leading special cells inside Iraq. The uncovered information revealed that the Iranian government hardliner are directly involved in the recent unrest inside the Shiite cities of Najaf, Al-Thowrah, and the South. They are not only motivating the unstable mentally retarded Muqtada Al Sadr but they implanted agents to work as a link between them and Al Qaeda and between MS militia and Alzarqawi groups in Falluja.

By the time Iran hardly working to produce its nuclear weapons they are ever largely involved in the affairs of Iraqi issue. They not only show their old lasting ambition in Iraq but they don't like to see any improvement in the Iraq. Improvement in Iraq including democracy will be seen as a good example by the long-oppressed Iranian people so they may revolt. It will also result in improving the position of Najaf as a centre for Hawza studied which is not good for Iran. This position is seen as a world wide among all the Shiite and Muslims which have been hijacked by Iranian and they don't like to see this position reinstated again. Khomeini once announced that he wish to transfer Imam Ali tomb to Iran. Al Qaeda and the Arab Sunni states though not sharing ideology with the Mullahs in Iran but they share the same concerns about Iraq.

Iran also sent Agha Soliamani one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Guard in Kods Camp as a representative from Ali Khameni the Highest Leader of Iran. Soliamani told Sistani that Iran could offer him protection inside his home and if he like they will provide him with treatment in Tehran! Mr Sistani was so announced by the visit and the offer because he knows it is wrong for another state to offer protection for a citizen living not its land but another state! He also not in agreement with the ideology of Khomeini so he told Soliamani: "Told the Iranian government that all what we want from them is to get their hands off from Iraq. This is the only thing which will make us happy" This is exactly what he told him. Soliamani was not happy in Sistani reply and asked him if like to have a Guard for his home. Sistani refused and told him to thanks the Iranian for their offers! Iran then rented a house close to the house of Sistani to observe his movements. In spite of the simplicity of that house they paid for it a rent of 5000 Dollars per month, for a small and simple house!

Iran was so annoyed about the choice of Ali Sistani for London to do his treatment there and about his reply. They wished him to go to Tehran or to be in Beruit so as their Hazeb Alla will get the propaganda out of it. Sistani decision was the best as London offers the best treatment and professions in medicine in the world. On the top of that none will use or pressurise him during his stay.

The Iranian government called the Iraqi councillor in Tehran to enquire about their involvement in the Iraqi issues! In actual fact they should give explanation about their involvement.

Muqtada Sadr is a good choice for Iran because he is a semi-illiterate man with unstable mentality and suffers from epilepsy. They also used the name of his family and his black turban to attract the uneducated people to fight for him (for Iran). Iran succeeded to some extent to transfer its war with the US from its land into Iraq and by the time decided by them and not the US! The Iranian involvement in Iraq became so obvious that no fool may deny it at all. It is like the sun in the mid of the day!

The latest news indicates that MS is in hiding and most of the ammunitions of the thugs fighting with him has or nearly finished. This forced some of them to seek refuge and hide inside the mosque of Imam Ali and some to escape outside Najaf while most of the others are retreated for their usual jobs as thefts and highway robbers. One of Sadr assistants asked today for a negotiation and truce!
What a clever; after they killed so many and their weapons finished so the death came close to their heads they ask for negotiation and truce!

There should be no concession or truce this time and the death penalty should make its way to those who were involved in the recent unrest and killing. Let their ammunition finish and they should surrender or be killed. Sadr is not welcomed as any thing in the politics of Iraq and Alawi was wrong to call him to do so. However we understand the position from which Alawi talk!

The government should issue a law to prevent any one from hanging or putting pictures of any Mullah or political leader including Sistani and of course Sadr or his father and so on. Keep it clean or go to prison and pay fixed penalty if you put a picture of any one including the government personnel.

The sick and ill defined UN and his chief Anan announced that they may send negotiators to stop the fighting! Is there any BULLSHIT worse than this?! The United Sickness would like to negotiate with outlawed gangs! We do NOT forget the arrogant bullshits inspectors of the UN and their atrocities against Iraqi people and not against Saddam. The UN was for the last moment would like to save the Butcher of Baghdad. Now they would like to make the head of the mentally retarded Iranian agent boy a big head! Koffi Anan should ask Iran to give explanation of how and why it is involved in the Iraqi unrest?!

On the other hand John Kerry announced that he will be able to reduce the US army significantly in Iraq in 12 months! Kerry seems to be very short sighted because he hasn't said how he is going to achieve that and he is not a good field leader. Yes; we as Iraqis would like to see the American soldiers going back to their country but on the same time there should be sufficient Iraqi forces to keep the country intact and protected against the evil ambition of the others. Kerry may if elected handover power in Iraq to Al-Qaeda and its thugs or Iran and its agents before he escape!

The Iranian TVs of Al-Alam and Al-Manar plus Al-Arabyiah should get the same fate of Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera which is financially supported by Qatar reflects none but the shallow mentality of those who supported. They got two faces, one face try to show itself as civilised and the other hidden face support Al Qaeda terrorists which is the actual face of Wahabism.

War against Terrors

I wrote this article few days ago but its publication postponed due to other priorities. Now since Al-Jazeera TV closed I think it is right time to put it here!

The above title is a very wide and complicated subject and obviously it is not our intention to cover it in an article like this! However there are certain aspects in this war looks redundant. One of the most important one of these issues is the unsuccessful and unprofessional Medias which tries to serve the agenda of the terrorists. They may also think that it gives them an unprecedented news coverage which is certainly wrong. When Al-Jazeera, Alarabyiah and other hypocritical poor Arabs' media shows masked killers reading from a statements followed by slaughtering an innocent victim, it do nothing other than helping the terrorists in their action. This is not a successful neither a professional way but in actual fact is a failure. It is an easy work required nothing but a tape-show yet with their limited mentality they see it as a big achievement. It is certainly nothing but a failure. We know Al Jazeera broadcast from Qatar another Wahabist incubating state which feeds the terrorists with money and ideology mostly under cover. Al Jazeera also exaggerates the news and show it from one angle which stimulates and exacerbates the insurgent attacks and violence in Iraq and the whole Middle East. They call it resistance yet we know that some time they film criminals or thefts.
Qatar (state) compared to Iraq got huge proportion of US troops on its land and from its land the war has been commanded. Therefore they are a fortiori to get the resistance there.

Al-Arabyiah on the other hand is broadcasting from UAE which is influenced by the ethnic and national racial discriminations.
The behaviour of the Arab media to inflame and encourage violence in Iraq is a very well known fact for every observer.

The new groups of masked cockroaches shown by Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabyiah emerged recently used the same tactic to acquire money. They are not masked by face but their actual demands masked by resistance.

The war against terror should not be stopped at certain level but it should be extended to those encouraging violence and terrors and countries incubate them.

There should be an international law to stop any media which supply the terrorists with means to spread their poisons. There are countries like the UK and the US not allowing terrorists internet site to run from their lands. France recently passed a law to close TVs from countries or groups encourage violence. France now studying a draft against a Lebanese channel to submit it to the European Satellite the Eutelsat to block that channel because it feel it is not compatible with the European national security. We know there must be a freedom but if this freedom used to encourage violence and killing no one will accept it?!

There are differences between local media and media broadcasting internationally. The latest should be governed by a special international law as it is crossing borders freely to kill by encouraging killers.

Lastly and surprisingly the Iraqi government is waiting for long time regarding these media. Algeria recently closed Al-Jazeera offices on its land because it encourages terrorists there as well. Iraq's need is more important than any one else for security at this time?! The Iraqi government needs to put a strict law not to allow terrorist encouragement. This doesn't mean to restrict freedom but to protect the Iraq National security and sovereignty and people lives. This action may have been taken anywhere including the US, UK and EU States when it's National Security endangered by the media.

The other problem with Arabs and their media is they don't know what freedom means because they are governed by dictatorship governments all their life including those who broadcast in Al Jazeera and Al Arabyiah. This is another cause why they misuse the freedom in Iraq and persevered in their sins!

This article written few days ago and postponed due to existed situation in Najaf and other areas due to the Iranian involvement in the Iraqi affairs.

Iran invaded Iraq and Al Qaeda will attack Italy!

It seems to be that Iran ambition in Iraq hasn't died with Khomeini death but it indeed increased with the presence of the US forces on its border. There is no one fool may deny the involvement of Iran directly of what is going on in Iraq now and its support for its agent the traitor Muqtada Sadr. Iran find in this fat mentally retarded boy its desire. We wrote about the Iranian agents in Iraq and how they tried to control some houses and properties in the name of their agents who were expelled by Saddam before (see our article archive = Thursday, November 27, 2003; Attention of the Governing Council and the CPA)! MS killed too many people not as a result of war but as result of outlawed and control. He with the help of Iran which supplied him with means and money converted many parts in Najaf and poor areas in Baghdad and south into independent states with its law and justice powered by the Mullah appointed by Tehran! The slogan of (No to America and No to Israel is imported from Tehran). Iran is not only exporting agents and thugs but drugs and prostitutions. Today Kadhem Al Haaeri the God father of MS and one of his suppliers with money announced that America is responsible for what is going on in Najaf and Iraq. KH is right; because America should have been arrested Sadr while ago and MS should not have been given any truce above the law.

Iyiad Alawi today described MS as his brother. He referred to him by saying (brother MS) in response to a question by journalist. Why should MS the Iranian traitor agent been given a situation above the law? IA should be firm and decisive with him as an outlawed person.
There should be no mistake that Maqtad Sadr and Zarqawi are two faces for one coin and both of them are supported by Iran and by Al-Qaeda the Wahabists terrorist movement which threatened to kill few hundred or thousands people in the next few days in Italy!

Bill Clinton!

The above man (BC) announced that he feel sorry for the disposition of Saddam from power and that if he was in power in the white house he would have believed Hanis Blix report about WMD! BC is now in Canada to propagate for his book about his life!
We wonder whether he mentioned in his book the scandal of Monika Lewinsky after which he ordered his troops to attack the Iraqi civilians just trying to divert the attention away from his sexual scandal. He himself ordered his FM Madeline Albright to state that the death of 1 millions Iraqi children by sanction was a worth price to pay towards toppling or changing or sanctioning Saddam!

Bill Clinton should feel ashamed from himself. He is the same one who stood with the Saudi Royal Family and the other Arab dictators and encourages them to keep going with their atrocities and dictatorship. He was the cause of the hate towards America in the ME and in Iraq. It is better for him to admit that GWB succeeded to do what he failed to achieve. BC killed millions of Iraqis by keeping the sanction and helped Saddam to stay in power and build many palaces and trying to contact and allied with Qaeda while GWB get rid of Saddam, lift the sanction from Iraq, trying to help to build free ME and Iraq first which will be a cause for change and peace ultimately.

We feel sick from Bill Clinton and his scandals!


8 Augst 2004

Iranian involvement in Iraq

Fereidoun Jahani, an Iranian embassy official kidnapped by a group may be related to Al-Qaeda. But one need to be careful because many of the recent kidnappers are just road robbers asking for ransoms. On the other hand Iran may have arranged that to cover its involvement in the last shit in Iraq.

Capital punishment

At last is reinstated in Iraq. Good news! Who is the first fucker going to be sent to hell! No mercy to any one especially the Arabs who are involved in terrorist attacks or those who kidnap and kill.

Who are behind the adolescent Muqtada Sadr?

When Khomeini came to power an Air France airplane carried him from Paris to Tehran. In the first few days he tried to extend his authority over Iraq by exporting his ideology there. He then provided money and political support to groups loyal for him and openly called the Iraqi Shiite youths to topple the government there. Saddam took over full power from Baker with the help of all the Western countries to stand against Khomeini. The West provided Saddam with WMD and turn blind eye to his atrocities. He then violently and cruelly attacked the Shiite all over the country. The war between Iran and Iraq lasted for 8 years. It was a personal challenge between Saddam and Khomeini. The F*** of the 8 years resulted into a pregnancy followed by a birth of another war by which Saddam tried to f*** Kuwait which supported him during his war with Khomeini. The f****** of Kuwait lasted for 6 months ended with apologies and engagement between Iran and Kuwait and the leg of the West went through Saddam's A**. Iran and Syria are two allies and they remained so.

Ali Khamanaii the replacement of Khomeini after his expiration was appointed after the disposition of Ali Montathri and then the Son of Khomeini died mysteriously.
Ali Khamanaii described Muqtadi Sadr as Hassan Nasrallah of Iraq!!

MS is an adolescent boy whose father killed by an unknown killer during Saddam regime. This killer could be Saddam or even Iran or may be some one else. Saddam also killed Mohamad Baker Sadr the uncle of MS in 1980. He killed him and his sister by his gun after an open communication between MBS and Khomeini! Thousands of innocent youth at that time were killed by both Khomeini and Saddam! The youths were just students who are looking for a change and freedom and M. B. Sadr and Iran tried to use this and the religion to push them forward.

The history is repeating itself but by different way. MB Sadr was an intellectual and philosopher while MS is an adolescent boy with wish to control power in the name of his family. He is a good cat's-paw tool used by many and on the top of the list is Iran.
Many poor people followed him basically because he pays money. The question is who provide him with money and weapons? He needs lot of money to do what he is doing now. Is it Iran or may be Al-Qaeda though they are different in ideology? The answer is clear.

MS today is calling for the previous truce to be continued after many been killed; just like Saddam when he was cornered he gave up every thing. These people have nothing to care for but themselves. MS created Talaban like state in Najaf and the areas where his followers control. He killed many people and there should be no truce with him but he should be arrested and tried. This is the appropriate time for the Iraqi government to show its control over the security issue.

The mistake the others fall in is that they thing that MS is a leader similar to Sistani which is wrong. Sistani position is like a professor in the university while Sadr even not a student in that university but he tried to use the name of his father who was like an assistant professor! This is just an example to simplify this. Sadr best description is he is a war-lord backed by Iran and others.

The Iranian ambitions in Iraq haven't died with Khomeini and MS now raise exactly the same anti-American slogans which are in Iran! Iran hasn't learned the lesson and they think this time is same but in actual fact it is different. In 1979 Jimmy Carter sent his helicopters to save the US hostages but they crashed in the Iranian desert instead! This time the US forces just cross the border and in the Gulf and Iraq plus Kuwait having an accord with the US to protect them against outside aggression! The Iranians had enough from the dictatorship and they are looking for liberator.
There is a say which says: if your house from glass don't cast others with stones!

Our wish for Ali Sistani to be well and we will pray for him while in London for treatment!

Is Saddam Sexually Abused?

Haiyat Uolama Al Muslimen (HUAM) (The League of the Muslim Scholars) which is a Sunni Pro-Wahabi and Pro-Saddami group released a report about possible exposure of Saddam into sexual abuse in his cell!
The report was signed by Hareth Al Thari the spokesman of the group. The son of the later was recently arrested by the Iraqi Police/US Forces after confession by the arrested terrorists that he is involved in the recent attacks.

There are many doubts surround HUAM regarding its involvement in the attacks and the support it provides to the terrorists who killed many Iraqis and US forces and assassinated others. Its open support for the thugs is very well known fact and its link with Al Jazeera TV is another known issue. They may also coordinate with Muqtada Sadr and with Sheikh Al Doliami (Sunni Tribal leader) who was negotiating on behalf of the thugs who kidnapped the drivers of the Kuwaiti Company. This late man is strange! How and where he does know the terrorists and why they trusted him?

Anyway; HUAM issued a statement allegeting that Saddam has been exposed to possible rape or sexual involvement by the infidels in the last few days!
The news then came to say that Saddam got hypertrophy of the prostate and he was examined by doctors. Of course part of prostate examination is to do rectal examination which is involving insertion of the finger (with glove & lubricant) inside Saddam's anus and then trying to feel his prostate from inside. The news then wants farther to say that Saddam required a massage to his prostate as part of treatment on daily basis! Other News said that Saddam enjoyed it and asked for more!
Other news said that Saddam asked the examiner what he is trying to do and the examiner said you need prostate massage and I am doing that with my finger! That reporter or commentator went farther to say that Saddam asked the examiner which hand you are using? The examiner said the right hand! Saddam astonishingly asked; but I can feel both of your hands over my back! There are even more than that which is not suitable to be mentioned here!!

After the HUAM statement and the rumours increased Saddam's daughters contacted the honoured Arab lawyers who expected to defend Saddam and asked them to stop the HUAM from saying this which insult the dignity of their father! The lawyer contacted Hareth Al Thari and they curse, swear, and insult each other like when Al Jazeera bring two sheep to butt each other in Faisal Al Kasem programme which was presented by a woman with clumsy mouth yesterday. She or Al Jazeera (headquarter) from Qatar of the (Banana) presented a ready made-show by arranging three thugs to contact the air-showed programme after inviting an Egyptian pro-Saddami called (Kindel) who encouraged terrorist attacks and considered the killing of the Iraqis who work as IP or with the government legal! He considered the thugs as heroes as well as Saddam! Al Jazeera arranged three calls under veil of course. The first caller from HUMA from Baghdad who supported (Kindel) and condemned the arrest of Al Thari! The second pre-arranged one was by some one from Muqtada Sadr (the adolescent boy!) who cursed the occupation and its supporters and supported HUAM and asked for immediate withdrawal of the forces of occupation and announced that MS is now in a journey over the moon supplicates to God to make him the next dictator of Iraq! The woman who presented the debate was chewing her teeth like a cow and moving her mouth from side to side thinking that the viewers are idiots enough to believe Al Jazeera's bullshit like Kin-del and Sin-del!
Going back to the statement of the HUAM signed by Hareth Al Thari, they are considering that Saddam is still the legitimate president of Iraq! On the same time they stated the sexual abuse of Mr President they failed to explain how, where, when and who did that. They left it for speculations which came like tropical rain with hails!

Part of the HUAM statement says as follows (Translation):
It comes to the attention of HUAM the news of sexual assault on (President) Saddam Hussein during his captivity in the previous few days. The news was leaked as medical examination carried out for him. And as the HUAM in Iraq determines that (President) Saddam Hussein is a Muslim man; it is not permissible for the (Nassara) Christians or the other infidels to touch him by any harm or to perish him. They should respect the Muslims tradition of a Noble in his nation humiliated! Quote finished from HUAM statement.

The statement published on the 30 July 2004, the day of Saddam controlled the power from his colleagues after their coup in 17 July 1968! In the second day of this statement the Churches in Iraq have been hit by collective bombing.

The Ugly Barbarism

The news about Zarqawi was just rumours! Al Zarqawi thugs carried out one of the most barbaric ugly acts against the worship places in Iraq. After the attacks against the Shiaa holy places in which hundreds were massacred he and his thugs directed their devilish intention yesterday against the Iraqi Christians' holy and historical places (Churches) in Baghdad and Mosel.

The aim is not to try to knock the Iraqi unity only but to kill as many as they can among the Iraqis who are not belonging to their doctrine of Wahabism and Salafism. The last two of course are two faces for one coin monetized in Saudi Arabia.

We saw that ugly face not against the US targets alone but in Afghanistan where Talabans trying to convert the people there into monkeys living in a jungle. They not only hate the others who don't think like them but they hate the history which is not suiting their retarded mentality. They started destroying the historical places in Najad and Hijaz (Saudi Arabia now). They destroyed all the historic places belonged to the first Muslims and Arabs!

The Christians of Najran came to see Prophet Mohammad for a dialogue and it was a Sunday! They asked the Prophet that they would like to do their prayer and he offered them his Mosque to use it for their prayer! This is the real Islam not Islam of the Mohammad Bin Abd Al Wahab which gave birth to Bin Laden and Zarqawi thugs.

In Iraq we are one nation, Christians, Sabians, Muslims as Sunni & Shia, and other religions. The Churches which were hit by the barbaric thugs are not holy places for the Christians alone but they are holy places for all of the Iraqis irrespective of their religions. They are holy for being used by human being and by Iraqis our brothers and sisters. They are now holy places for every Iraqi!
Our brothers and sisters who have been killed in the attacks of the Iraqi Churches are not only Christians but Muslims as well. The Iraqi blood mixed together to tell the thugs that we are one body and the foreign bodies are them. Sooner the Iraqi body will expose and destroy them for ever.

Killed by Gun!

Murat Yuce Turkish from Ankara is the most recent victim killed by the terrorists. Our condolences and deep sympathy is to his family and friends.
There is a major defect in the security system which is the main cause of what is going on. Zarqawi thugs lastly claimed that they are going to protect the civilians and offer security. In the last few days they captured a Police Officer then they took two journalists and make the officer to confess that he kidnapped children and ask their families to pay ransom in the name of Jihad. This may be a fabrication but it does indicate the intention of the thugs.

On the other hand there is a real threat to Italy and inside the US in the next few weeks!

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