Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


The attack against Sadr thugs in Najaf just started! The US/Iraqi forces moves toward the centre of the city where Sadr groups hide from two direction without resistance yet!

Iran; (Kadhem Al Haairi the God father for Sadr groups) issued Fatwa for the involvement of the Iraqi police and other forces not to attack Sadr groups.

More latter!

Iran deeply involved!

At least 30 Iranian fighters captured near the border in Kut in their way to go with sadr militia. Also two trucks full with arms have been captured near Kut from Iran towards Sadr fighters.

Mortar attack hit Imam Ali shrine outside wall!

No one know from where this attack came but it can be from any one including Sadr fighters who may do this intentionally to attract more support for them.
Sadr and his thugs ever polluted Imam Ali shrine by converting it into a military camp and a hiding place for his timid personality.

Sadr and Iran responsible for all what is going to happen. He now should not be given and chance to play his game of the mouse and the cat again with thousands of innocent lives exposed to danger.

The UN and international community should do their duty to stop and punish Iran for its interference and causing death of many innocent Iraqis. Iran and Sadr are responsible of profaning the Shrine of Imam Ali.

Cautious Silence!

Things get quite and the Iraqi National assembly will send delegates for talks to stop fighting in return for dissolution of the Militia.

The Najaf governor asked the journalists to leave the city as their life is in danger.

There is news from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior that there is about 20 foreign fighters (may be Iranian) heavily armed inside the Shrine of Imam Ali who threatened to blow the Shrine if the US/Iraqi forces commenced its advance towards the shrine.
Maqty still hiding their!

The next few hours seems to be decisive especially with the journalists ordered out of the Najaf!

In a different subject there is nearly certain information about the presence of Azit Al-Dori in the Syrian capital Damascus since last April. He is not in good health accompanied by a woman who may have been married her after the failure of the regime when he was in hiding.

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