Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Sadr thugs should surrender with out truce

Truce failed which is good thing because truce with Muqatad Sadr means big victory for him and it will be a very big mistake which will never be corrected. It will mean he will control the entire south and his thugs are already spreading fears in people opposing them.

The action is started and should end with Sadr surrender himself and his thugs captured and tried or else. By this only Iraq will be stable otherwise it will be disaster and will end with Iranian puppet regime of Mullahs.

You can monitor how weak is Sadr's position by when the truce announced failed he immediately asked for UN troops and beg for truce.

Press hard and if needed tear gas those who are inside the shrine to get them out and capture them. By this only we will win otherwise Iranian Mullah will win.

When Falluja left alone after the first strikes it is now a very strong hold for the Zarqawi thugs and the terrorists who control every thing including the Police force. They also arranged a net work with all other cities like Hadietha, Tikrit, Samara, Baghdad, Baquba and other areas. There was a new report by the (Le nouvel observateur) on the 5 August 2004 from inside Falluja with a meeting with one of the Leaders of Zarqawi group (Abo Rashed – called the Iron Man) who decapitated many foreigners including M Berg which showed how strong they are now in converting Falluja into a new Talaban strong hold region. There should be a return to that village after Sadr issue solved by force.

Sadr thugs like Kaies Khazali (the white turban wearing adolescent boy) who appears in the TV channels talk like as if they are a government. There should be an end to those thugs soon so as to send signal to all others to think about their fate if they act outlawed like Sadr thugs.

Iran should be from now put under pressure to solve the issues of Arabs, Kurds, Bishtons, and all non-Persians nations as well as the nuclear issue. Ending the Sadr thugs is a strong signal to Iran to remove its hands from Iraq and to turn to solve the issue of its oppressed nations.

The Trapped Rat!

Let ask the question if Saddam is still in power what will be the position of Muqtada Sadr and the mob which follow him?

OK; let us what happen when Saddam send his security to ask for Maqtad to met the maid of Saddam. The security knocked the door and Maqty open. When he saw them he shivered and stammered while trying to modify his donkey like voice. They told him Mr President's maid like to see you. Before they finished their sentence they noticed water coming down in between the legs of Maqty! He urinates on himself and his shivering continued. He said can I go to put my turban on my head. They said no. He said but I wet myself! They said; yes, we noticed that; this is what we like you to do. The maid of Mr President will feel happy about that.

They dragged him from his head and put him in the car like sheep! When in the room of some one supposed to be Mr President's maid Maqty run to his shoes and tried to kiss them to save his life. We don't like to talk about the next but in one sentence if Saddam is still there what Maqty will do other than being deaf, dumb, dull, mute, and garbage.

Now what was the action of the mobs that follow him now? The answer is very clear because the same people who are with him now are the savages who used to bow in humiliation to Saddam! They used to bend to kiss the shoes and hands of Saddam. They are the same savages who if Saddam kills one of them tell him yes we disown him as he is traitor. They are also the same thugs who were part of his security and some of them are just Iranians subsidiary illiterate riffraff.
In one sentence they are uncivilised barbaric thugs especially those with white turban in the close circle of that small donkey!

If they are civilised and would like to have power they would have chose to take their chance in democratic free election but they know that most people don't like them. Now the people in Najaf feel that Saddam's security is much merciful and better with them than Maqty thugs. Similar changes are going on in the other areas where Maqty groups had an influence like in the city of Thawra in Baghdad.
The regime of turban wearing Mullahs proved its failure in Tehran and the Iranian people waiting for any opportunity to get rid off that regime of the Mullahs.

Iran Arabs in Arabstan are looking for their independence and the International Community should really support them in their freedom! On their behalf we call for the international community to support them as soon as possible for their independence. They are very oppressed and treated as second class citizens and prevented from using their own language.

Also the Kurds in North Iran are much suppressed and they international community should support their cause for more freedom. The Beshton population are another people who would like to get their independence from the regime of Tehran. The Persian regime controlled and suppressed too many populations and occupied them for long time. Now it is time for independence for all these oppressed people. They also dictate their roles on the Iranian Christians and Jewish. Iran should now be put under the scrutiny of the international community for the human rights violation.
The Iranian interference in Iraq internal affairs and the destruction resulted from that should be considered by the UN.

There should be no truce for Maqty until he gives up himself and ask his barbaric mobs to lay their arms.

In Hilla

Sadr's gangs looted the gold market, the bank and the shops in Hilla city. They break down the prison and freed all the criminals and outlawed there like killers, rapists, robbers, and terrorists. They terrorised the people and some cases of rapes have been kept silent.

Every thing in the city has been looted including the foreign currency from banks by Sadr thugs!

Updated Alert!

Al-Sharqyiah TV showed captured Iranians, Arabs, Afghanis and a lot of Iranian arms and ammunitions used by Sadr militia during Najaf fighting!

The peace-mouth of terrorist and the bullshit of the Wahabists Al-Jazeera (Qatari TV) showed a meeting with Muqtada Sadr today who appeared shaky ignorant and uneducated. He commented that he is ready to help Falluja with any thing they want including military help! He stops shortly of saying he would help Zarqawi thugs!

His hand was dressed by a very clean white bandage! If he had an injury to his hand then the bandage could have been stained with some blood or Betadine antiseptic solution through the bandage. Clean bandage mean fabrication or just a Mosquito bite!

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