Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who are behind the adolescent Muqtada Sadr?

When Khomeini came to power an Air France airplane carried him from Paris to Tehran. In the first few days he tried to extend his authority over Iraq by exporting his ideology there. He then provided money and political support to groups loyal for him and openly called the Iraqi Shiite youths to topple the government there. Saddam took over full power from Baker with the help of all the Western countries to stand against Khomeini. The West provided Saddam with WMD and turn blind eye to his atrocities. He then violently and cruelly attacked the Shiite all over the country. The war between Iran and Iraq lasted for 8 years. It was a personal challenge between Saddam and Khomeini. The F*** of the 8 years resulted into a pregnancy followed by a birth of another war by which Saddam tried to f*** Kuwait which supported him during his war with Khomeini. The f****** of Kuwait lasted for 6 months ended with apologies and engagement between Iran and Kuwait and the leg of the West went through Saddam's A**. Iran and Syria are two allies and they remained so.

Ali Khamanaii the replacement of Khomeini after his expiration was appointed after the disposition of Ali Montathri and then the Son of Khomeini died mysteriously.
Ali Khamanaii described Muqtadi Sadr as Hassan Nasrallah of Iraq!!

MS is an adolescent boy whose father killed by an unknown killer during Saddam regime. This killer could be Saddam or even Iran or may be some one else. Saddam also killed Mohamad Baker Sadr the uncle of MS in 1980. He killed him and his sister by his gun after an open communication between MBS and Khomeini! Thousands of innocent youth at that time were killed by both Khomeini and Saddam! The youths were just students who are looking for a change and freedom and M. B. Sadr and Iran tried to use this and the religion to push them forward.

The history is repeating itself but by different way. MB Sadr was an intellectual and philosopher while MS is an adolescent boy with wish to control power in the name of his family. He is a good cat's-paw tool used by many and on the top of the list is Iran.
Many poor people followed him basically because he pays money. The question is who provide him with money and weapons? He needs lot of money to do what he is doing now. Is it Iran or may be Al-Qaeda though they are different in ideology? The answer is clear.

MS today is calling for the previous truce to be continued after many been killed; just like Saddam when he was cornered he gave up every thing. These people have nothing to care for but themselves. MS created Talaban like state in Najaf and the areas where his followers control. He killed many people and there should be no truce with him but he should be arrested and tried. This is the appropriate time for the Iraqi government to show its control over the security issue.

The mistake the others fall in is that they thing that MS is a leader similar to Sistani which is wrong. Sistani position is like a professor in the university while Sadr even not a student in that university but he tried to use the name of his father who was like an assistant professor! This is just an example to simplify this. Sadr best description is he is a war-lord backed by Iran and others.

The Iranian ambitions in Iraq haven't died with Khomeini and MS now raise exactly the same anti-American slogans which are in Iran! Iran hasn't learned the lesson and they think this time is same but in actual fact it is different. In 1979 Jimmy Carter sent his helicopters to save the US hostages but they crashed in the Iranian desert instead! This time the US forces just cross the border and in the Gulf and Iraq plus Kuwait having an accord with the US to protect them against outside aggression! The Iranians had enough from the dictatorship and they are looking for liberator.
There is a say which says: if your house from glass don't cast others with stones!

Our wish for Ali Sistani to be well and we will pray for him while in London for treatment!

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