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Is Saddam Sexually Abused?

Haiyat Uolama Al Muslimen (HUAM) (The League of the Muslim Scholars) which is a Sunni Pro-Wahabi and Pro-Saddami group released a report about possible exposure of Saddam into sexual abuse in his cell!
The report was signed by Hareth Al Thari the spokesman of the group. The son of the later was recently arrested by the Iraqi Police/US Forces after confession by the arrested terrorists that he is involved in the recent attacks.

There are many doubts surround HUAM regarding its involvement in the attacks and the support it provides to the terrorists who killed many Iraqis and US forces and assassinated others. Its open support for the thugs is very well known fact and its link with Al Jazeera TV is another known issue. They may also coordinate with Muqtada Sadr and with Sheikh Al Doliami (Sunni Tribal leader) who was negotiating on behalf of the thugs who kidnapped the drivers of the Kuwaiti Company. This late man is strange! How and where he does know the terrorists and why they trusted him?

Anyway; HUAM issued a statement allegeting that Saddam has been exposed to possible rape or sexual involvement by the infidels in the last few days!
The news then came to say that Saddam got hypertrophy of the prostate and he was examined by doctors. Of course part of prostate examination is to do rectal examination which is involving insertion of the finger (with glove & lubricant) inside Saddam's anus and then trying to feel his prostate from inside. The news then wants farther to say that Saddam required a massage to his prostate as part of treatment on daily basis! Other News said that Saddam enjoyed it and asked for more!
Other news said that Saddam asked the examiner what he is trying to do and the examiner said you need prostate massage and I am doing that with my finger! That reporter or commentator went farther to say that Saddam asked the examiner which hand you are using? The examiner said the right hand! Saddam astonishingly asked; but I can feel both of your hands over my back! There are even more than that which is not suitable to be mentioned here!!

After the HUAM statement and the rumours increased Saddam's daughters contacted the honoured Arab lawyers who expected to defend Saddam and asked them to stop the HUAM from saying this which insult the dignity of their father! The lawyer contacted Hareth Al Thari and they curse, swear, and insult each other like when Al Jazeera bring two sheep to butt each other in Faisal Al Kasem programme which was presented by a woman with clumsy mouth yesterday. She or Al Jazeera (headquarter) from Qatar of the (Banana) presented a ready made-show by arranging three thugs to contact the air-showed programme after inviting an Egyptian pro-Saddami called (Kindel) who encouraged terrorist attacks and considered the killing of the Iraqis who work as IP or with the government legal! He considered the thugs as heroes as well as Saddam! Al Jazeera arranged three calls under veil of course. The first caller from HUMA from Baghdad who supported (Kindel) and condemned the arrest of Al Thari! The second pre-arranged one was by some one from Muqtada Sadr (the adolescent boy!) who cursed the occupation and its supporters and supported HUAM and asked for immediate withdrawal of the forces of occupation and announced that MS is now in a journey over the moon supplicates to God to make him the next dictator of Iraq! The woman who presented the debate was chewing her teeth like a cow and moving her mouth from side to side thinking that the viewers are idiots enough to believe Al Jazeera's bullshit like Kin-del and Sin-del!
Going back to the statement of the HUAM signed by Hareth Al Thari, they are considering that Saddam is still the legitimate president of Iraq! On the same time they stated the sexual abuse of Mr President they failed to explain how, where, when and who did that. They left it for speculations which came like tropical rain with hails!

Part of the HUAM statement says as follows (Translation):
It comes to the attention of HUAM the news of sexual assault on (President) Saddam Hussein during his captivity in the previous few days. The news was leaked as medical examination carried out for him. And as the HUAM in Iraq determines that (President) Saddam Hussein is a Muslim man; it is not permissible for the (Nassara) Christians or the other infidels to touch him by any harm or to perish him. They should respect the Muslims tradition of a Noble in his nation humiliated! Quote finished from HUAM statement.

The statement published on the 30 July 2004, the day of Saddam controlled the power from his colleagues after their coup in 17 July 1968! In the second day of this statement the Churches in Iraq have been hit by collective bombing.

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