Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi National Assembly delegates near failure!

The delegates (8) who arrived by helicopter from Baghdad to Najaf have failed to meet Muqtada Sadr. He refused to meet them and they went back to the governor building may be to try again later so as to give him the last chance before the final storm.

Threats to Demolish Imam Ali Shrine by the Wahabists!

There is some local news from sources in Iraq and in neighbouring countries that the Wahabists benefiting from the present situation prepare to attack Imam Ali Shrine by many ways including dynamite to cause sever damage or to demolish it. There are few agents of them in between Sadr Militia and some arrived to Najaf the last few days. There are few agents for Zarqawi and Qaeda inside and around Najaf hunting opportunities to develop more havoc.

One aspect of the Wahabi BARBARIC doctrine is to demolish all historic places and shrines in the world.

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