Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iran, US & Sadr!

Iran put parts of its secret forces in a high alert and has in hands plans to attack the US forces in the region. The attack may either come directly or by Iranian agents including arrangement with Al-Qaeda agents.

Iranian Minister of Defence announced that Iran may pre-emptively attack the US forces before these forces attack the Iranian nuclear reactor. He told Al Jazeera, it is not the US alone is the super-power in the region but also Iran which exists in Iraq and Afghanistan!

The next few hours are decisive in the history of Najaf, Iraq and the region when the Militia either surrender or crushed. The Iraqi interim statement for Sadr was the most strong and decisive since this government started after the CPA. It is very decisive that Sadr should stand in front of the world and denounce terrorism by disarming the Militia and in a way to surrender himself and his thugs. The process of dissolution includes all areas not only Najaf. This was the meaning and since that MS refused. MS may accept when his life come in danger.

Al Thawrah is now under the US/Iraqi Police control. Sadr militia disappeared.

There are indications that the Iraqi government and US forces agents are now inside Imam Ali shrine in between Sadr groups or among them in good numbers and the attack in its secret part already started. News from inside indicates that large numbers of the Sadr militia will lay their arms and surrender soon.


Strong fighting started around the Shrine of Imam Ali just now!

Sadr announced he refuses to dissolve the militia and he manoeuvre by saying that he will give the Shrine's keys to the Marjyiah!

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