Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

War against Terrors

I wrote this article few days ago but its publication postponed due to other priorities. Now since Al-Jazeera TV closed I think it is right time to put it here!

The above title is a very wide and complicated subject and obviously it is not our intention to cover it in an article like this! However there are certain aspects in this war looks redundant. One of the most important one of these issues is the unsuccessful and unprofessional Medias which tries to serve the agenda of the terrorists. They may also think that it gives them an unprecedented news coverage which is certainly wrong. When Al-Jazeera, Alarabyiah and other hypocritical poor Arabs' media shows masked killers reading from a statements followed by slaughtering an innocent victim, it do nothing other than helping the terrorists in their action. This is not a successful neither a professional way but in actual fact is a failure. It is an easy work required nothing but a tape-show yet with their limited mentality they see it as a big achievement. It is certainly nothing but a failure. We know Al Jazeera broadcast from Qatar another Wahabist incubating state which feeds the terrorists with money and ideology mostly under cover. Al Jazeera also exaggerates the news and show it from one angle which stimulates and exacerbates the insurgent attacks and violence in Iraq and the whole Middle East. They call it resistance yet we know that some time they film criminals or thefts.
Qatar (state) compared to Iraq got huge proportion of US troops on its land and from its land the war has been commanded. Therefore they are a fortiori to get the resistance there.

Al-Arabyiah on the other hand is broadcasting from UAE which is influenced by the ethnic and national racial discriminations.
The behaviour of the Arab media to inflame and encourage violence in Iraq is a very well known fact for every observer.

The new groups of masked cockroaches shown by Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabyiah emerged recently used the same tactic to acquire money. They are not masked by face but their actual demands masked by resistance.

The war against terror should not be stopped at certain level but it should be extended to those encouraging violence and terrors and countries incubate them.

There should be an international law to stop any media which supply the terrorists with means to spread their poisons. There are countries like the UK and the US not allowing terrorists internet site to run from their lands. France recently passed a law to close TVs from countries or groups encourage violence. France now studying a draft against a Lebanese channel to submit it to the European Satellite the Eutelsat to block that channel because it feel it is not compatible with the European national security. We know there must be a freedom but if this freedom used to encourage violence and killing no one will accept it?!

There are differences between local media and media broadcasting internationally. The latest should be governed by a special international law as it is crossing borders freely to kill by encouraging killers.

Lastly and surprisingly the Iraqi government is waiting for long time regarding these media. Algeria recently closed Al-Jazeera offices on its land because it encourages terrorists there as well. Iraq's need is more important than any one else for security at this time?! The Iraqi government needs to put a strict law not to allow terrorist encouragement. This doesn't mean to restrict freedom but to protect the Iraq National security and sovereignty and people lives. This action may have been taken anywhere including the US, UK and EU States when it's National Security endangered by the media.

The other problem with Arabs and their media is they don't know what freedom means because they are governed by dictatorship governments all their life including those who broadcast in Al Jazeera and Al Arabyiah. This is another cause why they misuse the freedom in Iraq and persevered in their sins!

This article written few days ago and postponed due to existed situation in Najaf and other areas due to the Iranian involvement in the Iraqi affairs.

Iran invaded Iraq and Al Qaeda will attack Italy!

It seems to be that Iran ambition in Iraq hasn't died with Khomeini death but it indeed increased with the presence of the US forces on its border. There is no one fool may deny the involvement of Iran directly of what is going on in Iraq now and its support for its agent the traitor Muqtada Sadr. Iran find in this fat mentally retarded boy its desire. We wrote about the Iranian agents in Iraq and how they tried to control some houses and properties in the name of their agents who were expelled by Saddam before (see our article archive = Thursday, November 27, 2003; Attention of the Governing Council and the CPA)! MS killed too many people not as a result of war but as result of outlawed and control. He with the help of Iran which supplied him with means and money converted many parts in Najaf and poor areas in Baghdad and south into independent states with its law and justice powered by the Mullah appointed by Tehran! The slogan of (No to America and No to Israel is imported from Tehran). Iran is not only exporting agents and thugs but drugs and prostitutions. Today Kadhem Al Haaeri the God father of MS and one of his suppliers with money announced that America is responsible for what is going on in Najaf and Iraq. KH is right; because America should have been arrested Sadr while ago and MS should not have been given any truce above the law.

Iyiad Alawi today described MS as his brother. He referred to him by saying (brother MS) in response to a question by journalist. Why should MS the Iranian traitor agent been given a situation above the law? IA should be firm and decisive with him as an outlawed person.
There should be no mistake that Maqtad Sadr and Zarqawi are two faces for one coin and both of them are supported by Iran and by Al-Qaeda the Wahabists terrorist movement which threatened to kill few hundred or thousands people in the next few days in Italy!

Bill Clinton!

The above man (BC) announced that he feel sorry for the disposition of Saddam from power and that if he was in power in the white house he would have believed Hanis Blix report about WMD! BC is now in Canada to propagate for his book about his life!
We wonder whether he mentioned in his book the scandal of Monika Lewinsky after which he ordered his troops to attack the Iraqi civilians just trying to divert the attention away from his sexual scandal. He himself ordered his FM Madeline Albright to state that the death of 1 millions Iraqi children by sanction was a worth price to pay towards toppling or changing or sanctioning Saddam!

Bill Clinton should feel ashamed from himself. He is the same one who stood with the Saudi Royal Family and the other Arab dictators and encourages them to keep going with their atrocities and dictatorship. He was the cause of the hate towards America in the ME and in Iraq. It is better for him to admit that GWB succeeded to do what he failed to achieve. BC killed millions of Iraqis by keeping the sanction and helped Saddam to stay in power and build many palaces and trying to contact and allied with Qaeda while GWB get rid of Saddam, lift the sanction from Iraq, trying to help to build free ME and Iraq first which will be a cause for change and peace ultimately.

We feel sick from Bill Clinton and his scandals!


8 Augst 2004

Iranian involvement in Iraq

Fereidoun Jahani, an Iranian embassy official kidnapped by a group may be related to Al-Qaeda. But one need to be careful because many of the recent kidnappers are just road robbers asking for ransoms. On the other hand Iran may have arranged that to cover its involvement in the last shit in Iraq.

Capital punishment

At last is reinstated in Iraq. Good news! Who is the first fucker going to be sent to hell! No mercy to any one especially the Arabs who are involved in terrorist attacks or those who kidnap and kill.

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