Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Casting the Dart!

The Iraqi forces with the coalition forces helping them are just few yards away from the Shrine of Imam Ali where the militia shield themselves inside.

Most of this militia escaped towards Bahr Al-Najaf (the desert part behind the shrine). The outlawed Ali Simasim and others among Muqtada Sadr have been arrested with stolen valuables from Imam Ali Shrine. MS himself escaped to an unknown place.

Ali Sistani is back in Najaf from successful treatment in London and called the militia to leave the Shrine of Imam Ali. He also called for demonstration in Najaf which is not right because this may be used by Zarqawi and Sadr terrorists to slip in.

By this time Sadr again asked for negotiation and on the same time called his militia to go to Najaf to release the besieged militia!

As things are moving faster we may watch the dart landing on its target, but yet more to come not only in Iraq but somewhere else where people are relaxed under the sun watching the smoke of Iraq moved by the wind under their blue sky.

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