Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Odds happened

The Wahabist slipped in the crowds in Kufa and attacked Kufa Imam Ali Mosque killing and injuring many.

Muqtada Sadr militiamen mixed with the aggregations entered Imam Ali Shrine in Najaf and escaped outside. This was the request of MS for Ali Sistani to save him a face. The most beneficiary one from Ali Sistani call and arrival was MS because he utilized his call for that face save.

Through out all recent history wars Najaf never had like this destruction before! It becomes a city of Ghosts and death. At least 25 bodies of executed civilians and police men have been found in the basement of the court set up by Muqtada Sadr. Some of the bodies have mutilated and burned badly. The sadistic personality of MS and his thugs is similar to the sick personality of Saddam and his thugs. Some of Saddam thugs indeed changed the Khaki uniform to Turbans.

The worst affected people by the peaceful solution in Najaf are the Wahabists especially in what is called (Saudi Arabia) and Zarqawi thugs. They regret that in their web sites while they were very happy and congratulate each other about the
recent fighting.

The tragic Russian airplanes found to have traces of explosives in their remaining. No one claimed the attack yet!

The mouth of terrorists Al-Jazeera which regret the peaceful solution in Najaf claimed that a group of terrorists killed the Italian reporter Enzo Baldoni.

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