Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Muqtada sadr

The situation in Najaf is tense and moved no where! The US tanks appeared near the beginning of the ceiled market which is just few hundred yards from the Shrine.

MS escaped from the Shrine and he is in the old city in Al-Khonedi School which contains cellars and many rooms. It is in an area whereas no cars can reach because of its narrow and zigzag roads.
The keys of the shrine were just another manoeuvre and mere lie.

There is a real story happened in early 1950s when the Minister of Interior send inspectors to the Diyala North East Baghdad to investigate a scandal about new houses belonged to the government. The news came to the Minister that the allocated money as well as the type of building has been manipulated. Before the arrival of the inspector the Mayor received news from his eyes there about their intention. He then prepared new documents and arranged the situation so that the inspector will find nothing about the manipulation. At the end of the inspection the Mayor asked them; have you find any thing suspicious? They said not really every thing is OK! He said; Ok then could you please do me a favour! They willingly said of course, what it is. He gave them a sealed letter and asked them to give it to the Minister! They took the letter and when the Minister opened it he laughed loudly! The inspectors were so curious and suspicious, why the Minister keeps laughing! He then asked them would you like to hear what the Mayor wrote. They said yes Mr Minister! He read the letter which is two lines only it says; Mr Minister you sent your inspectors to Fuck us and we Fucked them instead! Regards!

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