Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Alerts - Updated!

Many Groups of Sadr Militia surrendered to the Iraqi Police and Coalition forces after they gave up their arms. Among them are children less than 12 years old given RPG 7 and Kalashnikovs? Bullshit instead of a book and a computer or a game.
We will get pictures of their surrender later.

There is an imminent attack with tear gas to those hide themselves inside Imam Ali shrine and among them MS who escaped earlier.

Iran frustrated by the news of thousands of the militia it trained started to surrender and among them many Iranians, and Arabs. This makes an Iranian top leader to announce that the US will soon face a similar defeat like Vietnam War! A clear sign indicating the involvement of Iran in what is going on in Najaf and the Iraq.

Al Jazeera TV which broadcasting from the (US occupied "state" of Qatar) lost its balance and starts to move like some one with epileptic seizure. Certainly its viewers are much less than before. The broadcasters asked for more water supply imported specially from MacDonald due to the dryness they suffers from when they bark in their extended news about Iraq! They also asked for more Bananas but we don't why?!

The Hiaat Olama Moslimen of the Wahabist Hareth Thari issued a Fatwa preventing Iraqis from fighting Sadr Militia. Why they haven't issued their Fatwa when Saddam killed the Shias! Why they haven't said a single word when Hussein Kamel inscriped on his tanks (there are No Shiites after today)? Where was Thari and his thugs when Saddam attacked the holy shrines in Karbala?
Anyway no one bought their Fatwa by a spit!

The Iraqi Police arrested in Baghdad Iranians, Palestinians and Saudi criminals today!

The people in Baghdad boycotted the call of Maqty Sadr for a general strike.

Two Jordanian lawyers withdraw from defending Saddam because of an under carpet scandal about the money collected from various groups and government for that aim! It looks like millions of dollars divided between few of them and the resigned two may have been given less than the others!

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