Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Najaf Burning

Between the hammer and the anvil the poor civilians in Najaf faced a bloody fate. Most if not all of them lived a night mare for the last few weeks.

For hundreds of years that land have been called The Valley of Peace but is not with the present shit of war.

It may look one of the agony for which the Iraqis have been exposed and (wrongly saying adapted to), for the last 35 years but the fact is far from just news or articles or comments. There is no comparison between some one who feel the pain of the fire and another who describe the fire and the pain from a picture or a plate or an article.

In Iraq we are saying "the wet person do not fear the rain!" or if there is fire let it eat the dry and wet all together better.

Whether we are believing in the divine or God or not the nature taught us that for each action there is a reverse action sooner or later. It taught us that happiness is not money or lust or mischief but it is satisfaction and valuable work. The latter two comes only by performance of good deed. We feel happy by helping the needy and poor. Qualms only result from bad deeds. It may be the first step towards self-punishment and destruction which may end with insanity. Insanity is part of the megalomania in its widest term.

Tonight Najaf may burn again as strong as last night but who is going to Fuck who? Or who is against whom? Sadr bowed again as the death came closer to him and the poor who fell between the hammer and the anvil are the fuel of the fire again especially that Sadr is heading towards Nasyryiah and Iran refused to accept him as Khomeini refused his uncle Mohammad Baker Sadr who was killed by Khomeini with the hands of Saddam. Sadr asked for negotiation and accepted the terms that he refused last time.

Watch the next few hours not only in Najaf but in Italy and the West as a whole to see who is going to kill whom?

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