Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Important Alert!

There are some detective news indicates that Iranian agents are waiting for the go ahead to kill Muqtada Sadr and accuse US/Iraqi forces of doing so. These agents are ready and on standby position and may be from among his own close circle!

Muqtada Sadr tactics was to pull the US/Iraqi forces toward Imam Ali shrine and then he blows it out from several direction and claim that the US forces attacked it. In a step towards that he claimed deludingly that he has been wounded earlier.

As he failed and get frustrated he starts to seek truce. He tried his luck first with 10 conditions! This is now rejected. The tactic is to keep him trapped where he put himself in. The signals of frustrations to get outside the shrine mean he will no longer be able to negotiate. Soon he may surrender or be killed by an unknown person as mentioned above.

We have to mention that his thugs when refereed to him today called him with same title used for Saddam before (Mr Commander!) and they add the Iraqi flag to his disgusting pictures. That plus their call for Alawi government to resign means they appointed MS as the new dictator of Iraq.

They created a little show in Basrah by sending two of their thugs with Iraqi Police uniforms to capture a British Journalist from a hotel. When the man told them he is just a Journalist one of them swear at him by saying (Eat Shit; I curse your father and the father of your honour!). They then make themselves look like in more control than the security by sending a turban wearing thug holding the hand of the Journalists who thanks him. The BJ appeared beaten on the face and eye and looked humiliated.

The (banana) TV station Al-Jazeera should have been commented on the journalist capture as part of its frustration of the closure of its ass in Iraq, but they attenuated this news to the level of their head!

The Gulf States' Sheikhs had oil smelly Burps today with abdominal distension from winds due to high production of hydrogen peroxide inside their colons! This is all because of the high prices of the oil! Sheikh Ziad Al-Nhiyan had diarrhoea which makes him to spend more time in the place where all the Kings and Queens go to. The difference between us and them is that we share these places while they cut thousands of dollars, to evacuate their bowels, from Tax payer money in the West and from the food of the people in the East! Happy bowel evacuation!

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