Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Update Sadr Issue

The Iraqi National Assembly meeting decided to send 100 delegates among them to Najaf for peaceful solution to get MS out of Imam Ali shrine to his house or somewhere else! They also suggest that his militia would be converted into a political group after disarming them.

Congratulation to Iraq soccer; won against Costa Rica 2/0!

Now up to the second 8 groups!!


Sadr militia shield themselves in the shrine of Imam Ali and the houses in the old city while more human shields arrive to the city!

The US tanks seen about 500 meters away from the Shrine and the fighting continued on-off with several shells hit Sadr militia groups North to the Shrine.
Three marines and several Iraqis killed toady in Najaf. During this time the US forces dropped leaflets asking Sadr militia to quit Najaf soon which indicates fierce fighting is imminent.

In Thawrah city one US tank destroyed and fighting going on in several places where Sadr militia control the slum city.

On the other development one of Sadr Militia in Ammara set fire in an oil well in the area which put oil prices up to 44.10 Dollars!

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