Iraq determination is moving forward

The Iraqis decided not to give up to the terrorism at all. We paid and paying a heavy price. Every single day, some of us are killed or their homes, businesses and belongings destroyed yet we don't look back but forward.

Yes there are terrorists and slow reconstruction due to that but there are advances in the political and reconstruction process. We are determined to make Iraq a model in the Middle East for the democratic and freedom process.

Our determination is obvious and we paid a lot of blood for it and expected to pay even more. Our blood will not go null and void. The more the evil cockroaches tried to hinder us, the more determined we get to make that example of country for the Middle Eastern dictators who tired to prevent us from reaching it.

Democratic process doesn't mean that we all should think in the same way. The next step is due and it is coming soon. The constitution process is nearly finished and the Iraqis are now much more apprehended about their rights and duties than in 2003 and 2004. The Iraqi society is now much more opened to the rest of the world by many ways including the internet after 35 years of imprisonment in a large prison called (Iraq of Saddam). The Iraqi person now able to read and follow any thing he or she like without fear. The worship of one person is gone and Iraq will be sooner or later an example which will be envied by the others in that region.

The Iraqis should rebuild their country and they are able to do so. Of course the help of the United State and other countries like the UK is of great value in that process to be effective.

The BBC Hypocritical Propaganda

The BBC World TV channel showed a documentary film about alleged abuse for Sunnis by the Iraqi Police today 27 July 2005 in its News bulletin at 7 PM GMT.

The BBC fooled itself or tried to become an unusual snake by defending the human rights in Iraq. Surely, the BBC haven’t forgotten that there are thousands of British troops in Iraq which are responsible partly for the security and training of the Iraqi police at least in the human right issue!

The strangest thing is the BBC world is so behind in the news; it showed its false propaganda about abuses yet missed or stayed behind about the execution of the two Algerian diplomats who were killed by the Groups of Al-Zarqawi terrorists today. The BBC has also failed to bring the today news about the suicidal blast which killed and wounded tens of innocent Iraqis in a Bus Station and another one in the entrance one of the Hospitals in the centre of Baghdad today.

BBC behaves in the same way of the colonial era of the 1930s when Britain was a Great Empire and used the principle of divide and role which was used at that time. The BBC never had a good cover about the suffering of the Iraqis caused by the terrorists and it is so often called them an insurgents or resistance or like that.

The BBC in its documentary tried to show that the Iraqi police are a Shiite tool against the Sunni minority which is wrong. On the other hand there many terrorists used the Iraqi police uniform to perpetrate its crimes. The BBC should also know that the Iraq police exposed into mass murder on the hand of the terrorists and this can not be tolerated at all. How many Iraqi police and soldiers beheaded, executed, kidnapped and tortured on the hand of the terrorists over the last two years? After the London bombs (not daily like Iraq) the London police shot one man 8 times in the head then they discovered that he is innocent Brazilian Engineer. They also arrested many and evacuated thousands of people from their homes for at least two days in Leeds area before allowing them back. Can the BBC show us a documentary about racism in its police system against the minorities? How about the British troops which killed innocent Iraqis in Basra for which they paid few dollars for the families at least in one incident where a young Iraqi was killed by these troops?

The Iraqi police and army should show zero tolerance to terrorism and should not take account of a hypocritical propaganda by the biased media. On the other hand the Iraqi authorities should be aware of what the foreign media and reporters trying to do in Iraq or report including the BBC. If the BBC was not biased in its report; at it should have been asked the other side about their say about it.

Last we send our condolences to the families of the Algerian diplomats who were both killed by the terrorists thugs of the cockroaches Al-Zarqawi group.

London Bombs: Mistakes pave the way for mistakes

The terrorists in London attacks indicated that they are not just few people hate to see the British involvement of Iraq war, but a well organized and strong groups.

First of all these attacks appeared very well organized at least in its timing and planning. As in our previous articles we said that the terrorist may attack again in London in few days to prove their strength and ability and they did so. Though the second attack resulted in no causalities, a case which was explained by the London experts as luck, but they created a lot of chaos and insecurity which will take long time. However the attacks may even get more organized as we saw that in Iraq.

In Iraq they first used no tactics then they started to use police cars and uniform, booby-trapped belts, ambulances, fire engines, and so on. The same tactic may be used in London or in any other city.

It is wrong to believe that the terrorists do their attacks because of the war in Iraq. Their main attacks happened long time before that. They only need excuses to attract strong support from the Muslims and Arab people. Without such support, of course, they can't recruit suicide bombers neither they can have local and financial support. The other mistake that the Western institutes make is they don't look to their mistakes which resulted in the creation of the terrorists. AL-Qaeda is an American made tool, first, and then it becomes the top enemy. The Wahabists was supported by the British government, later it injects its poison not inside the UK only but everywhere around the glob.

One more mistake is the West forgets that the seed for the London strike was implanted after the Spanish government pulled its troops following the Madrid Raid (Ghazwat Madrid!).

In Iraq it is now when the US pressed to negotiate with the terrorists and asked to give the Wahbists a chance in the political process, the terrorists increased their attacks and more victims killed every day. The daily causalities have been doubled since then. The more one gives them the more they encouraged to kill and terrorize because their success depends on their achievement when you bow to their demands after they terrorize you. Iraq is now fighting terrorism on a large scale on behalf of the whole world and on a daily basis. If the terrorists succeed in Iraq the whole world will be under the thumbs of the terror organization. It is so wrong when the Western media or politicians mentioned terrorism and they forget to mention Iraq. Some very wrongly call the terrorist attacks in Iraq as anti-occupation or resistance, which is NOT.

The other mistake the West created is appeasement of the terrorist groups or their supporters and the best example for these states is France. On the other hand supporting the dictators in the Middle East by the UK and the USA in return for the oil is fatal mistake because the UK and USA support dictators killing and suppressing their people, so what you expect the idea of these people to think towards them. On the same issue is the wrong support of the evil ideology of the Wahabism.

It is extremely wrong to link such terrorism to Islam or Muslims. The most correct thing to do if we want really to crack down terrorism is to alienate the terrorist groups from the Muslims and Islam. Lack of proper education and suppression are two main causes for some ordinary Muslims to be wrong led by the terrorists. The Western media like in the UK looked so stupid these days because they just gave the terrorists what they want. The success that the London terrorists achieved is not by killing 56 people but by what the media gave them by creating a wide gap between the multicultural UK societies which will eventually serving the aim the terrorists want.

Democratization of the Muslim countries and moving away from the post cold war era is the way forward for better world and freedom from terrorism.

The Iraqi blood should not be considered less than the Western blood especially if it is poured by the terrorists. If it is considered so; then this is nothing but, a kind of support for the terrorists, if not a terrorism itself.

The solution is to pull the carpet (the Iraq excuse) from the clumsy feet of the thugs supporters. This can only be done by free, democratic and prosperous Iraq. Once, this is achieved the thugs and their supporters who used Iraq as an excuse may hide their faces in the sand.

Anti-Terrorism International Law

Although most of the countries apparently condemn terrorism but the majority of them have done nothing to stop it. Indeed some of them condemn terrorism by their lips however their hearts, mind and hidden faces support it deep to their bone marrow. They got two or more faces. This applies not only to countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, and other Middle East states but it includes Western countries like the UK. The double faces of the ME states is a very well known fact but some of the Western countries like the UK acted for long time as a safe heaven incubating the (radico-terrorist) groups. Some of these groups have been used as a tool of political pressure against their own government. The other way by which the Western government and or politics served the radical groups is the support that the ME dictators and their (evil ideology) enjoyed from these Western government in return to fulfill their economic or strategic interests. This equation proved its fatal mistakes and if it’s not going to be corrected now then the world will reach to a point in which it will have no time for regretting.

Until now the terrorists used conventional ways to inflict damages and destructions. There are no two disagree that if the terrorists were allowed or able to get Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) to use it against their targets. This may happen as soon as they get it and if the world remained as it is; redundant and fragmented against terrorism. Dictators like Saddam may easily provide either WMD or related materials and technology to the terrorists at the earliest opportunity for both.

Terrorism always creates excuses to justify its evil acts. It knows no limit and related to no particular religion; however, religion is one of its excuses. The world, and before it is too late, needs an anti-terrorism law and a world court with a power to try any one with terrorist activities.

The Western countries including the UK should ban any group which supports terrorism by any mean. Banning of such groups or persons who support terrorism should include those who support terrorism in other countries. Countries like Saudi Arabia which incubate hate and Wahabi ideology which spread its hate everywhere should be the first to be under the magnifying lens for radical and big changes. Persons like Yosief Al-Karadhawi should be banned from the UK and other states. The Qatari Al-Jazeera TV and its alike is another mean which should be under the law of banning.

The whole Middle East should get the same changes happened in the East Europe in late 1980s to 1990s. Democracy and freedom is the key for success. Evil always hide itself under the gowns of the dictators.

Where is the Evil Ideology?

The same terrorists in their evil ideology who did London suicidal attacks are the ones who did Al-Mousayab suicidal attack in Iraq last night which killed at least 100 Iraqi civilians and wounded more than 180.

Those who did such attacks are nothing but a cult born from the womb of a devil called the Wahabism and Salafism. They are cult because they have nothing to give but hate and destruction of every thing other than their own alike.

Tony Blair though pointed out to the evil ideology and decided to wipe it out from those who carried it, but he failed to identify this ideology and its womb. Wahabism is the evil ideology that Tony Blair is looking for and he knew the groups working in his own land like Hezbo Al-Tahrer (the Liberation Party) which calls to impose its doctrine on the whole world and the other well know groups which live in the West on the tax payer people payments yet calling to kill the same people who pay them taxes. These groups like Tahrer and others speak with two faces. One face is public and the other hidden secretly in their devilish ideology.

In Al-Mousayab suicidal attack many houses and shops catch in fire from the huge explosion caused by the fuel tank which was parked near a petrol station. A thug from the evil cockroaches exploded his-dirty-self near the tank which led to explosions of the nearby petrol station. This then led to several cars, shops and houses to set in fire and explosions. Some families who trapped inside their homes tried to save their children and themselves by jumping from the windows or roofs. The number of victims may reach more than 150 dead because too many of the wounded are critical. The wounded have to be transferred to several cities including Baghdad due to the large number of the causalities. The aim of the attack was against the Shiite people near one of its warship places at the time of prayer and in this small town which got more than 95% of Shiite population. Al-Qaeda branch of Abo-Mussab Al-Zarqawi declared responsibility and described the attack as (Ghazwat Al-Mousayab) or raid on Musayab. The same name was used by the same thugs during the attack of New York (11/9/2001) by calling it (Ghazwat New York).

On the other hand the involvement of the Syrian regime in the terrorist training and support have been made clear by the confessions of the arrested terrorists in Jordan in the last few days. The twelve terrorists confessed to Jordanian investigators that the terrorists enjoy training, financial support and logistic helps from Syria with the support of the officials there.
The financial support though passed through Syria but mainly comes from Saudi Arabia the womb of the evil ideology, the Wahabi cult.

The thugs murdered the Iraqi children

At least 25 Iraqi children between 7 and 13 years old have been killed yesterday in a suicidal car bomb. The children gathered near a US soldiers who gave them some sweet when a booby-trapped car came fast towards them before it exploded. Also one US solider killed and other wounded.

The terrorist attacks continued in other parts today as well where tens killed and wounded.

In another subject the Hindustan newspaper mentioned that the previous Taliban (Al-Qaida) regime paid millions of dollars to Al-Jazeera for its cooperation with them. This was based on documents found recently in Afghanistan. The money are part of heroin smuggling.

Is what this article reported true that the Mossad is behind the terrorist attacks?!

Tony Blair forgot to mention Iraq; WHY!?

TB in his speech in the House of Common today mentioned about and condemned the terrorist attacks in London, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, USA, and many other states but he haven't mentioned the terrorist attacks which occur on a daily basis in Iraq!

Why TB has not mentioned Iraq? Are the Iraqis not humanbeings like the Saudis and the Yemenis and his own citizens? Did he forget that he got many UK troops in Iraq?

We know very well that the Western media like the BBC and the CNN have a double standard when it comes to attacks on the Iraqi citizens. They are calling the perpetrators as insurgents, yet the same perpetrators or their alike called terrorists when it comes to attacks on their interests or countries.
It is not only TB who forget to mention Iraq but we observed that the other Western politicians who condemned the terrorist attacks in many other areas but Iraq which is exposed daily into many attacks on its civilians from what is called Al-Qaida which adopt the Wahabi doctrine as the main and only drive. And every one knows who helped the Wahabi groups after the WWII to take control with Bin-Saud on the land of Najed and Hijaz which then was named after the last.

Tony Blair is wrong to forget to mention Iraq as a victim of an ongoing terrorism on a daily basis. He is wrong.

Tony Blair; we are still sympathizing and supporting the victims of London bombs in spite of you forget to mention Iraq as a victim to on going terrorism. However we don't know why you haven't mentioned that? Is it because you afraid from the terrorists there or because you plan to pull out or you have no consideration to the Iraqis as a people or something else we don't know?

If this letter reached you or your number 10 people please let us know your view and we hope it is not intentional.

It is so shame Mr Tony Blair to condemn a one attack of terrorism happened in the land where the terrorists graduated from (Saudi Arabia & Yemen) yet forgetting the Iraqi victims of the daily terrorism, it is shame and unacceptable.

Today's terrorist attacks in Iraq

At least 26 Iraqis killed and 70 wounded some in critical conditions in the West of Baghdad by a suicidal terrorist thug with a booby-trapped belt. The group of the Jordanian thug Zarqawi declared responsibility.

The statement by the fucking thugs of the Jordanian Jerboa mentioned that the (rotted) Abo-Abdallah Al-Shemari is the cockroach which carried out the operation to dwell for ever in the Hell and the worst wretchedness.

In Kurkuk, at least 4 civilians were killed and 20 wounded by a booby-trapped car bomb.

In Mosel 3 civilians were killed and others wounded by a booby-trapped car this morning.

In Baghdad terrorists from the Sunni groups belongs to the Wahabi sects attacked a Shiite family in Al-Baladiyat area and killed 9 members from the same family, the children and their mother.

Regarding the London attacks, the Hawza in Najaf which is the main school of spiritual Shiite studies in a statement yesterday condemned the terrorist attacks in London and called for utmost punishment for the perpetrators. In its statement Al-Hawza said that the same terrorists who are attacking the Iraqi civilians every day are the ones who did the London attacks against the innocent people there.

On this time Jordan supported the attacks against the Shiites in Iraq by calling to prevent them from having leadership in Iraq. Ziad Raad Hussein the representative of Jordan in the UN actively trying to push against the Shiites in Iraq on the basis of that all the Arab countries have to be led by Sunni regimes. This man has forgotten that Iraq is not purely Arab country and it contains Kurds, Turkmen, Armenians, and other nationals. He also trying to cover the support that Jordan provides to the Baathist from the previous regime and the terrorists or those who supports them in Jordan.

Jordan regime like all the other Arab states is rooted and its faces need to be changed to be able to comply with the changes in the face of the world.

Abdallah Hussein The King of Jordan

Terrorist attacks on the innocent people in London

There are no better people than the Iraqis know and sympathize with the London and the UK citizens in the terrorist attacks happened today on the transport system in the heart of London.

We know the pain, sadness and chaos that such inhumane acts may bring to a lot of innocent people and families because we experiencing it on a daily basis from the same thugs, the Wahabi terrorists cockroaches.

We wrote before about cutting the route of such terrorism from the doctrine of the wahabism which gave birth to Al-Qaida and its barbaric groups. Again we repeat the same call here; f the world wants to cut the route of terrorism it has to be done from the wahabism not from the tails.

We sympathize with deep condolences to all the victims and their families in London and the UK and they have to stay vigilant because the thugs may plan more attacks just to show how strong they are.

Syrian support for terrorism in Iraq

The continuous daily terrorist attacks and assassinations which resulted in killing of thousands of Iraqis are of no tiny doubts supported by the Syrian regime.

Syria provided not only safe heaven for the insurgents to cross to Iraq but also training and full logistic supports. It is very wrong to believe or assume that they stopped or reduced their support after the pressure from the US or other states.

For Syrian regime pushing Iraq into chaos is a matter of survival for that regime. Free, democratic and prosperous Iraq represents a real threat on that regime more than any other regime in the region.
Though the deceased president Hafiz Al-assad was a foe for Saddam and he sided with Khomeini during the war of 1980s, he considered the Baathist regime in Iraq as the best regime for him in the Arab world because both belong to the same ideology of Baath party. His disagreement was personal with Saddam and Michele Aflaq.

The Syrian Intelligence has recently appointed one of its officers called Azam Al-Ahmid who is a Captain in the Palestine Branch number 235 of the SI to recruit, and train the Arabs and send them to Iraq. They erected a camp in Al-Rakah in which they train the insurgents after recruiting them from the Arab and Western countries on all kinds of terrorist activities including the car booby-trapping, assassinations and suicidal attacks. During their concentrated training in the secret camp the insurgents exposed and trained to perform beheadings on animals to be able to do the same thing on people when inside Iraq. They are also responsible to keep links with the various groups inside Iraq.

Syria will never end its support for terrorism in Iraq unless the regime changed and Syria becomes a free and democratic state and denouncing terrorism.

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