Alzarqawi may be Arrested!

There are unconfirmed news published in the Irakana news site that the son of a bitch Al Zarqawi has been arrested in Hadietha close to the Syrian border after they arrested one of his closest aides 2 days ago. It also added that a blood sample has been taken to confirm the genetic ID of the named terrorist. According to the same news Zarqawi has admitted that he received one milliard dollar from Udy Saddam before the fall of the regime and confessed about his relation with Fidaiyi Saddam. He also confessed about the net works of his cells in Iraq.

The news not yet confirmed so we have to follow what that site will come with or other sites.


30 July 2004

Alert report from Above Top Secret about Zarqawi arrest click here!

Weak government against sons of bitches!

We may write anything about today's suicidal attack in Baqoba north east Baghdad in which at least 70 Iraqi volunteers to join the police force were killed and more injured.  We could say that the attackers are bastards, sons of bitches, dirty cockroaches, catamites, filthy, unclean, cowards, devils, barbaric alien killers, flesh eating zombies, blood sucking vampires and so!  
We may say all that but the most important thing and very obvious is the same attack under exactly similar circumstances happened at least twice before in Baghdad alone!  Therefore there is more than one weakness in the security system.  More than that there are obvious penetration in the systems of the Iraqi security and government!

It is not easy for the killers to commit the same attack exactly under same circumstances without being assisted by information from the people working in the security and police system.  They certainly got other under-covered agents working for them to collect information and intelligent data processing from 24 to zero time!

There is no excuse that this time the government should investigate fully the lack and redundancy in the security issue in that area in Baqoba.  Those who planned the gathering of the voluntaries and exposed them in a long queue in small area are responsible!  Those who guard the area and the road at that time are responsible!  Every one there should be investigated!

The interview or application for the new army or police forces can be arranged by many more safe ways.  Less numbers, in secure buildings, by different times and hundreds of ways other than just put them in the street and allow a fucking bastard son of a bitch to kill them with his dirty flesh and blood!

Do the Iraqi authorities learned the lesson or they are like the donkey of Saddam?  Are they going to do investigation this time with the people responsible for the security there?  Can we see on TV the agents among the officials who work for the sons of the bitches and bastards in return for money!

This government should differentiate between democracy and freedom for peaceful and civilized people and force for the outlawed, bastards, sons of bitches and pimps, dirty devils!

Two more victims decapitated

Two Pakistani captives have been killed by Zarqawi Wahabists thugs.  Our condolences are for their families and our hearts with them.   All nations should help Iraq to finish these thugs.

Saudi Wahabists arrested

The Iraqi Intelligent forces have arrested a Saudi called Al Ghamidi who is a leader for Al Qaida cell in Iraq.  He confessed about his involvement and also captured with him one Palestinian, one Syrian and 2 Iraqi Wahabists.  It happened after gun fire between the Iraqi forces and the thugs.

Who is defending Saddam?

Sotaliraq site has published an interview carried out by Asharq Awsat newspaper with a Lebanese Lawyer called Bushra Al Khalil who volunteered to defend Saddam and his aides like Tariq Aziz and Taha Ramadhan. 

Sotaliraq also published two pictures for her!  One picture showed her with the playboy Uday Saddam the (son of his biological father).  This picture needs no explanation because it talks about itself as below!   

Another picture for the same lawyer who paused for the show with a turban wearing man dominating the scene behind here! 


She told AA newspaper that she is indebted by two gratitude for Saddam.  First because he rejected George Bush request to quit power and if he has done so he would has offered the Arab Nation on a golden plate to America.  The second thing is that Saddam launched out the first spark for the Iraqi resistance which until now defeated the American plan against the Arab Nation and the region especially against Syria and Iran!

She added that America tried to humiliate the free nations and steal their wealth and delete their culture!  She added that Saddam is now tried because he attacked Israel and threatened them and he is the most liberal person among us (she mean among them)!.   

There is one important thing that we STRONGLY agree with the above lawyer when she said that America is trying to strip off the freedom from the free nations!

WOW; what a beautiful say lady!  Yes indeed America thankfully stripped off that freedom!  But what type of freedom stripped off by America from free nation?

It is a special freedom with a special democracy for a special people in special bedrooms! It is the freedom and will of the blue bedrooms which is followed by lot off slips on which inscribed (In God we Trust)!  It is this freedom and this will that America (GWB) took off.  But for the Iraqis; they only become free after the 9 April 2003.    

Poor America not only did that but it sent some of the special free people to hell and deprived the others from their secretive freedom in these special bedrooms!
Alas no more slips with that special inscription on them!  America is the enemy of the freedom of the special people in the special bedrooms! 

All the problems come from America the policeman of the world!  It is just the bad luck of these free people. 
This policeman reminds us about some scenes shown by the Egyptian films when the police appear suddenly to the free people who indulge in their freedom.  Once the police break in, naked (VIP) men and women suddenly emerge from locked in rooms in all directions.  Some run to find their clothes, some try to cover themselves with anything available, yet others managed to escape away because they only partially naked, while the free women in beds trying to pull the cover on themselves shouting by God we sore we are innocent good and respectful people!   

It is the democracy and freedom against the policeman!  It is a big problem!    

   Congratulations to all Iraqis & their friends about the Victory of the Iraqi Soccer team 2:1 against Saudi Arabia in china!

We got it in spite of every thing!  

Well done brave boys and heros! 

This means lot of things for us, our friends and our enemies!

Millions of Congratulations

Terrorists' Strongholds

There are several outlawed groups working inside Iraq. Al-Qaeda represented by the Jordanian Fadhel Nazal Al Khalaylah (Zarqawi) and the remaining of the security forces of the previous regime are on the top two on the list. They succeeded to bring or gain support from the other groups as individuals or aggregates. These groups are variable which includes the Baathists especially among those from the previous security systems who were involved in murder and torture and knew they will have no where to go or hide once the security issue settled. Most of these people are illiterate or semiliterate. Wahabists of course are the main moving drive for Al-Qaeda and the nescient and uncultivated people.
Among the other outlawed groups are the real criminals including those released from prison by Saddam. The last group includes killers, rapists, robbers, and money seeking but masked under religion or resistance. Most important and among these groups especially Al-Qaeda and the Wahabists are many Arabs insurgents like Syrians, Saudis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Somalians, Sudanese, Libyans reaching up to 75% in some cases.

The problem started in Falluja and some other parts of what is called the Sunni triangle. We know Syria, Iran, and Whabists groups in Arab countries like Jordan provided direct and open logistic, financial and media support for these groups. It never stopped until now contrary to the official statements from the concerned countries. They succeeded to convert Falluja into a city under Talaban like rules and they then tried to create another stronghold inside Baghdad in Al Adhamyiah but to some extent they failed there with few seats. They are certainly supported by what is called Hiyat Uolama Al Muslimen (Sunni group from those Mullahs appointed by Saddam and joined by the Wahabists then) lead by (Sheikh Hareth Al Thari). The later are supported by (Sheikh) Karthawi in Qatar and the Oil (Sheikhs) in Dubai plus Al Jazeera as their mouthpiece.

The above terrorist groups are aiming to inflict a large damage to send the country into chaos. They now are trying to use the same tactic on a wider scale. However they need strongholds to run their action from it. They need more than two strongholds for that. We know one is Falluja which is under regular attacks from the US forces which we assume based on serious information about dirty plans need to be aborted or killed.

The terrorists then succeeded recently to get the second strongest hold in Samarra! They pushed some of their thugs there including Arabs! For the last few weeks until now Samarra is under the terrorists' control. They are mixture of all above mentioned groups. More than 300 of them are armed and controlling the city completely now. About 45% of the residents have been forced or moved by their choice to Baghdad and other areas. The government and coalition troops tried to solve the problem peacefully to avoid creating another Falluja but the insurgent get the benefit and enforced their control. They not only controlling the city but imposing their Talaban like law on the inhabitants.
Stories about this have been mentioned by the immigrant families. They are imposing their jungle law on the people including the colour and type of dress, the Wahabists women Hijab, the way to walk or talk or listen to music and so on.
In one story the armed thugs stopped a school aged boy and after they pointed a gun to his head they asked him not to wear blue jeans next time and to cut his hair or they will shot him! The boy went to the hairdresser and cut his hair before he goes home to change his jean!

Samarra is close to Baghdad and the terrorist will use it in any scenario to extend their grip over the region. They will also use it as strategic a link for their attacks. The triangle with the seats in Baghdad will work as spear head in any activities.

Our surprise is why the government don't like to take the issue seriously! We think that the more time pass without treatment the more serious the cancer will be. The cancer has to be treated early with very imperative and radical therapy or you will get the consequences. We believe that enough time has been given to the terrorists and outlawed in Samarra and Falluja and those supporting them in Baghdad from the Mullahs. The situation is an Iraqi issue and it have to be solved by an Iraqi way. Toady they attacked the oil supply to a power station in Baghdad just near Samarra.

The criminals in Sammara should be dealt with immediately. First we need to give them a 3 days truce to surrender to the authorities of course after surrounding the city from all sides with tanks and armoured vehicles and heavy guns supported by air. Drop leaflets to warn the civilians not to hide any insurgent or face consequences and to leave the city (only children and women and old allowed. All others are suspect until proved otherwise. The number of insurgents is 300-500 armed thugs, so if they refuse to surrender wipe them out once and forever. Only by this way we will be able to prevent this from happening again. On the same time any media or logistic or inciting for terrorism or helping it should be arrested including the Mullahs of the previous regime and those who broadcast for Al Jazeera.
On the other hand if you want the law to be respected there should not be any discrimination in applying it. The suspected killers should be tried and either convicted or freed by the justice. If the killer given relinquish he will persist in his evil. Yesterday; this happened with Muqtada Sadr who speak in public after 2 month hiding. He attacked Alawi for allowing his newspaper to be published again after it was closed by the CPA! We think that Alawi deserve such attack because he is the one who allowed Sadr paper to open again! If there are evidence against Sadr that he killed some one before why the law is not applied on him?! The only explanation that Alawi is not enthusiastic for the law may be because he don't like the law to be applied on himself for a reason he may be able to explain why?!

The issues need to be solved to get security is from inside and not only from outside countries. Falluja, Samarra, the Black Triangle, Sadr, Al Thari, the Mullahs of Saddam, and the other criminals all need to be dealt with by determination and capability.

Since Samarra became stronghold for the terrorists the attacks and the kidnapping increased significantly. On the other hand Falluja lungs start to breathe in and out strongly. The news coming about decapitated bodies found here and there, assassinations, killing, kidnapping, attacks, and other crimes on daily basis are countless.
For how long is the government postponed dealing firmly with these areas and its thugs?!


24 July 2004

After he wrote the letter and the prison's guards informed him about the replies he got a black out and transient loss of consciousness for few minutes. They then transferred him into a secret place where specialist doctors examined him and found that he suffers from cerebral infarction most likely due to blood clot (embolism)! His speech is now not right and he got weakness in his face and body. Watch the news! He may die soon!

Very Important Letter!

Below is a letter I received recently and I would like to put it with out change. At the end you need to clik on (Sincerely,) to see the most important person who send it via the Red Cross!

The letter:

Dear Sir:
I am a senior citizen. During the Clinton Administration I had an extremely good and well paying job.

I took numerous vacations and had several vacation homes.

Since President Bush took office, I have watched my entire life change for the worse.

I lost my job.

I lost my two sons in that illegitimate Iraqi War.

I lost my home.

I lost my health insurance.

As a matter of fact, I lost virtually everything and became homeless.

Adding insult to injury, when the authorities found me living like an animal, instead of helping me, they arrested me.

I will do anything to insure President Bush's defeat in the next election. I will do anything that Senator Kerry wants to insure that a Democrat is back in the White House come next year. Bush has to go.

I just thought you would like to know how one senior citizen views the Bush Administration.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


The silence which precedes the storm! The Danger is coming!

On the 14 April 2004 Bin Laden threatened Europe to submit to his demand and separate itself from the policies of the US or face grave consequences!  He gave them a truce for 3 months (expired few days ago) which was unanimously rejected.   Recently with the respite given for that more threats announced from various group and different locations.  Some were under constant observation from in and outside and others are coming like surprise out of blue!

Recently in London the government arranged a virtual training about a biological or chemical attack on London.  On the same time few different locations have between identified as possible site for lunching variable attacks on either Heathrow or its departed/arrived plans!  The government advised its citizens to keep enough food supply and emergency medicine at home.

Other European government might have discussed the situation as a top agenda in their top secret meetings.   The US of course at low alert system at the moment but it may soon go to orange or even red for the public but sure for its agencies concerned it remained top agenda issue. 

The coming threat includes Iraq as it hosts the largest US/UK troops in the region at least. 

The question now is not whether the attack is going to happen or not but when and where and how?!
Last few days Poland, Italy, Japan, and of course US/UK have received threats to make them to pay the price.  However France, Netherlands, Spain, and other states are possible site.

The risk for an attack is imminent or immediate by conventional, biological or nuclear weapons. 
Worse than that is a missed nuclear material not only from Iraq but from other states in or around the region. An unnamed terrorist organisation may have the missed material, most likely Al Qaeda! 

There is a major movement for the US navy, the highest fleet surge to put in the sea since the WWII!  This unprecedented move cost the US millions of dollars a day!  This is expected to be for 3 or 4 months or even longer.  It is not a usual exercise but a masked one for a possible threat on the tables.  It goes with Al Qaeda threat against vital targets in or outside the US.  This is may be explained targets prevention or standby for intervention.

In Europe around the airports and major facilities there are tighter security measures since 14 July 2004. 
Al Qaeda cells and announcement went quite and calm for quite few weeks!  They may have been ready to attack.  The threat came from Bin Laden and the truce was 3 months, therefore, the attack weight may be heavy. 

The Iraqi authorities need to urgently take measures to reduce losses in life and keep the country intact against any major attack which may send the country in chaos and anarchy.  The aim may be to topple the government by inflicting extremely larger number of causalities that no one can stand.  This will send the whole country in great commotion which gives the terrorist an ability to control certain areas and to kill any one not standing with them or submit to their will.  The Iraqi authorities need with out delay and with help of the US to intensify the large campaign that they are lunching now.  They also need a strict law and punishment for the areas not respecting the law.  From these areas (we don't like to name it for special reasons) the terrorists may lunch their big attack followed by clusters and invasion.  The attack may be by WMD and the control will be from another areas.  The aim also to make the US forces in Iraq to go into confusion so as to trap them in protecting themselves from aftermath.  The terrorist will then threat to attack other areas by the same way if the troops came nearer to them in the newly controlled areas by them!

Lastly the Iraqi authorities now and immediate should put plans for evacuation and protection of civilians to reduce the number of causalities.  There should be no redundancy or delay about it!       

Iraqi Campaign Against Terrorists!

Different sources have mentioned that the Iraqi security forces successfully arrested Khather Al Dori who was one of the leading heads in the tyrant disposed regime.  The arrest came after gathering information about his movements including internet connections messages.  His existence was defined between Al Dor and Al Aouja.  Among the arrested was his son.  Al Dori,  indeed, is a zombi because he was announced dead and a death certificate issued for him after the fall of the regime!   
There are speculations that the arrest of the above criminal has lead to the discovery of at least three rockets which are believed to be prepared to or may carry out nuclear heads.  This speculation came due to the way these rockets were stored in a very secure reinforced concrete underground room with an exit leading to the main road.  The rockets are now under investigation.    
On the same time and in the same triangle fierce clashes has been reported between US and Iraq forces in one side and the insurgent forces in the other side in Ramadi.  While in Baghdad another blast has killed at least 5 and injured other Iraqi civilians. 
Arabyiah TV broadcasted new money seeking robbers called themselves the Black Flags threatened to kill their 6 captives (3 Indians, 2  Africans and 1 Egyptian) one every three days if the Kuwaiti company they work for not pulling outside Iraq.  They also demanded that India, Bulgaria, Japan and Kawuiat to pull their workers from Iraq.
The Iraqi security forces started a big campaign and raids against the suspected groups and their hiding places.  Large numbers of explosives and arms has been confiscated and many thugs arrested in different cities including Baghdad.  Some of the thugs are from the neighbourhood and Arab countries.  It has been found that some of the financially rich groups in the Arab countries are financing the terrorist's attacks.  Many of the attacks prepared to be taken off in the 17 July have been aborted and arrested.

Cheer Less & Cry More!

20 July 2004

The Philippinos cheered the release of their captive but they soon will cry a lot!
The terrorists are now knew the weak and soft point where to bite them from!
Abo Siyaf will be able to do it.
On the other hand the international community will think many times before it may trust the Philippinos again in any similar work.

Well; one may argue that the Philippinos realised their size at last! They discovered that the Ants are unable to join the Elephants for a walk! On the same time they learn that the Bats are incapable to face the day light and the heavy weight may only be carried out by the Camels not the Rabbits!

The Wrong Equation!

The terrorists attacked again and they will not stop until we capture or kill them.   They know better than any one else that they can not win this war and their end is not so far.  They are part of a wrong equation!  There are to sides in that equation, the terrorists and the Iraqi state.  The terrorists are not alone but they are backed by regimes feel threatened by the presence of the US forces in a large scale in Iraq and by free and democratic Iraq.  Not only these countries but supported by many other organisations and groups especially the Wahabis in different part of the world.  There are logistic regional and international back up as well as media open support. 
On the other hand the state in Iraq is moving forward to build its own security and police forces which is started from scratch since the repressive security bodies crumpled after the fall of the tyrant regime.   The state of free Iraq is now with the anti-terrorists camp.  Therefore the confrontation is not between an interim government and terrorists like Zarqawi but it is between the free and civilised world including the Free Iraq and the savage barbaric thugs.   
We know that the terrorists will not be able to function without logistical and field cover in the ground from inside Iraq provided by very well established groups which have freedom of movements and underground spider network of connections and communications. 
The equation is not equal though!  The state and the other multinational forces helping it are much stronger and very well equipped.   They can use a highly sophisticated human and tech elements to penetrate the other side and then demolish its structure from inside.   We should not underestimate the harm that the terrorists may inflict on us on the same time. 
The time is running not in favour of the terrorists so they try to intensify their attacks.  They now can see from their windows, in Baghdad, Falluja, Diyala, Sammara, Tikrit, Ramadi, Mosel, Haweja, Balid, Al-Dor, Al-Qaim, Al-Kamaliyah, and other areas in the desert as well as in the cities, the increasing presence of the Iraqi Police.  However they can not see ghosts making their way towards them. 
The more the rob gets tight on their necks the more they kick and struggle before they fall.  The limit of their movements is getting more difficult and soon those who provide them with logistic cover and hide will vomit them as foreign bodies otherwise they may die with them together.  The terrorists may need more than alternative plan and logistic elements for their existence and with time they will slip into a mousetraps waiting for them.    
The equation is therefore between a snake tries to kill any one by its venom and eagles waiting not only in the sky but hover around the place to hunt the poisonous snake.  The farmers, who left the snake in their land before, soon will expose or kill it because they now feel that it is so dangerous if they leave it in their land!
The Iraqi Police is getting stronger and there are too many signs indicating that in the last few weeks.  The number needs to be increased so as to show itself every where and at any time.  The equipments are much better and the communication improved.  The IP members are gaining increasing cumulative experience on the ground which could provide not only skills and control but training and support for the new and old members.
Indeed every Iraqi should assist in putting an end to the terrorist attacks.  This is a national responsibility.  In the last few weeks the Iraqi security were successful to capture many Arabs, Iranians, Afghans, Turkish, and Iraqi suspects.  Some of them may have a big role in planning for the previous attacks.
Large number of explosives has been captured with some of these terrorists.  There are indications that the terrorist groups are working with the other criminals released from prison by Saddam, the Baathiss, Fadaiyi Saddam, bandits, thefts, and other criminals. 
Most important the Iraqi government should be vigilant to make sure that their forces are not penetrated.  This is what the terrorists are looking for now and in future.   
We can see the end of the terrorists as they may see it not too far.  It is a walking distance from us!  

The Black Day Never Again!

Yesterday was the 17th July 2004!  36 years ago in 1968 like this day the Baathists controlled power in Iraq by the Tanks and armoured vehicles.  The memory of the Iraqis was still fresh about the crimes of the National Guards of the Baathists from 1963.  Thousands of people were killed, raped, disappeared, imprisoned, expelled, tortured or mutilated by the NG in 1963.  The memory hasn't dried yet from thousands of stories of these crimes happened in the streets, homes, schools, universities, offices, and other places. Every one in 1968 remembers the bad reputation prison called Kaser Al Niehayia or the Place of the End.  No one if entered that prison may go back as he or she was before that is if he is going to go back.  The End Palace means the end of life.  There, the victims exposed to all kinds of tortures, rapes, humiliations before the END which is death.
The Iraqis in 17 July 1968 at around 6 AM wake up to listen to their radios about a new gang controlling the power.  They announce that by what is called (Baiyan Rakam Wahed) or announcement number one.  This time they call themselves the Revlution of the 17 of July!  They haven't announced who they are because they know the people don't like them.  The Iraqis hold their breath and prayed that it is not the Baathists again! 
Few days later the coming back Baathists initially admitted their mistakes in 1963 and promised that it will not be repeated again. 
Few days later a new cycle of terror and killing started.  This was escalated when Saddam controlled power 2 weeks later on 30 July 1968.  He and his half brothers and relatives betrayed and executed many of their colleagues and controlled the power. 
Later he announced that the 8 Feb 1963 coupe was the pride of all the revolutions.  That was the time of the National Guards in which Saddam was a member.  As you can see they denounced their crimes earlier and later Saddam considered it the bride of all revolutions!  
Over 35 years since 1968 the regime forced the Iraqis to pay money or gold as contribution toward celebration of these black days.  Every one should join these celebrations or may face unknown consequences.  If you are a student or an employee you will be signed with or absent from celebrations. 
We are so happy that no one forces us now to celebrate for him or his party and the black days are gone forever. 
God bless the free and democratic Iraq and its friends!  Death to the terrorists and fascists the enemies of freedom and democracy!          

Philippinos Turn Tail!

Spain pull out of Iraq was though an irresponsible action but it was not directly related to terrorist threat to pull out.  In Philippine case though the number of the Philippino troops and tactic is not very important but its pull out was a direct encouragement to the terrorist.  In few days the terrorists will announce their victory not against the Philippino but against the coalition troops.  They may release the Philippino captive with a video tape to be broadcasted by Al Jazeera about their victory. 
No one has not been sympathised with the captive apart from the terrorists, but the way the Philippino government responded by turning their tail will cost more lives indeed.  The humiliated response of the Philippinos to the demands of the terrorists will no doubt encourage the terrorists to do more of that dirty act and to decapitate more victims in future whether in Iraq or in other places.
Some readers of this blog commented before that the proper response which frightens the terrorists is the concerned government to announce that if their captive not released within 72 hours they will double their troops and if he is going to be decapitated they will immediately send Special Forces to bring the perpetrators into justice & will decapitate those who are responsible. 
In summary the escape of Philippinos may save their captive with whom we all sympathize but it will risk too many other lives.   

New explosion by suicidal attack in Baghdad today. Several causalities.

14 July 2004

Hostage Decapitated

One of the two Bulgarian hostages has been killed by the terrorist group which holds him for the last few days. They threatened to kill the second hostage within 24 hours. The news came by a video broadcasted by the mouthpiece of terror Al Jazeera which said that it apologize not putting the whole video because it contains intolerable scenes.

On the same time the same thugs threatened to kill another Egyptian hostage within 72 hours or the Saudi company for which he works pay them one million dollars or pull from Iraq! The company offered 25,000 dollars. The terrorists now studying the offer!
What a fucking dirty thugs unable to differentiate between their anuses and their mouths including the Saudis who pay them money yet they are the source of the terrorism!

The Philipino hostage situation is gloomy as the Philpino government bow and bends on and off. It is not known when and where they are going to bend fully and give up willingly!

By this time the Iraqi Police step up big operations to crack down crimes. The initial operations resulted in the arrest of hundreds of the criminal thugs but it is not known whether there are some terrorists among them or not.

The Mother of All Trials

Since 1979 after Saddam controlled the full power he became every thing in Iraq. It is now a very well known fact that he started his power from first day with killing and executions. No one was executed with trial but by doubts and by the hands of the security wild dogs. At that time the European countries were either not existed or their government sleepy or they turned their back to our misery. Indeed none of these was correct but they supported and helped the dictator to kill us. Some gave him the means to do that. Now they asked us to abolish the capital punishment! We assume they just would like to return the favour that Saddam gave them from our blood and oil. The European countries knew that the capital punishment exist in the USA which is a superpower and democratic big federal states and in some European states as well. It may be good for them to tell us how we may deal with the terrorists who will not stop from killing us and may be later them.

At the time when Saddam killed thousands and expel thousands a friend of mine who came from poor family who used to count the days for his graduation to help them whisper to me one day by saying that Saddam only got two hands and so alone he is unable to kill or suppress us. He added it is by his security and Baathist hands that he does that. Few weeks later my friend was taken from the university (pulled by the security men from the examination hall) and later executed.
Now Saddam killed and tortured and suppressed millions of Iraqis and others. The hands that he used are many! But these hands are not all of them stained with blood to the same extent. Some are more dangerous and full with blood than the others. How then we know and are we going to leave them without trials?!

The facts and documents indicate that the more these criminal close to the tyrant the bigger their crimes. The bigger until now free criminals are his wife Sajeda, his daughters, his relatives especially those who were in power, the previous Ministers, the high ranking Baath members, the Arabs who were with him in power and leaders in Baath, and a lot of the other thugs. Those who have no crime may provide big clue to the questions as it may have happened with those who are now under arrest. Some of them gave a dangerous statements which is a big prove about the direct involvement of Saddam and some Arab Baathists in the previous crimes. We are fully confident that the Iraqi justice who is setting out the trial now will issue arrest orders against all of these.

The Interpol have a great job to help the Iraqis to bring their killers into justice. Any state or person give these killers sanctuary will put themselves under the umbrella of their crimes. We hope they will not help our killers by hiding them from justice.
Next few days may give birth into a new justice in the region based on facts and judgment.

The Danger a Head!

The USA has moved 1.8 Tons of Depleted Uranium (DU) outside Iraq after the fall of the regime. The DU site which was closed by the UN inspectors and not been guarded during the war has been stolen by an unknown groups. No one knows exactly what has been moved from it and whether Uranium has been confiscated or not by the terrorist group like Al-Zarqawi.

Before that the Polish troops in Iraq had found weapons containing the lethal Saren gas.

The other resources and crude material to manufacture WMD have not been found in Iraq. There are some indications that it has been moved just prior to the war to a country or countries nearby Iraq. Countries near Iraq rejected such claim and of course they have to reject even if they got it because of the consequences of that action.

Whatever the situation is; there is more than one possibility that the WMD or its crude materials and resources may fall in the hands of the terrorists like Osama Bin Laden or Zarqawi or the others.

We believe that these people will not hesitate or think twice as soon as they can use these weapons. The possibility is there and the threat is there. Bin Laden threatened European countries and gave them 3 months respite.

Even if they have no WMD from the regime, they will certainly trying to get it and in our days every thing is possible as far as you have the money and the will.

If one thinks that the end of the cold war made the world more peaceful he is just fooling himself. The world now is more dangerous than before. During the cold war we can see what is in front of us, now we only see the world become small global village but we can't see the germs in our hands!

Where and when and how big is the next attack it seems to be a matter of time?!

The War against GWB

The new report by the US Senate regarding intelligence failure about WMD may be part of the war against GWB!

The question that they should ask themselves about is; what will happen if Saddam remained in power in regard to the issue of the international terrorism. Sooner or later; SH will side with the terrorists to kill as many people as they can. He showed his WMD in Halabja and the South of Iraq.
SH tried and has he succeeded to produce nuclear or other similar WMD he will not hesitate to use it any where it may come.

We are not supporting GWB neither against his opponents but really telling the truth about our dictator that we knew more than the others. If those who talk about WMD and the war should ask us and we will tell them that SH is a danger not only for Iraq but to the region and the world. This has been demonstrated by his several atrocities in the past.

Without the help of US to get rid of Saddam he may has stayed in power for hundreds of years by his sons with all his danger over the heads of all of us.

What GWB done is the right thing and it is good as far as that is going to change the Middle East into a better place for the whole world.

Nowadays one can smell the same thing which is in Al Jazeera from the BBC and the CNN!

The Dirty Game!

The bond between the mouth of terror (some Arabs media like Al Jazeera and Alarabyiah) and the masked terrorists became a dirty game.

It seems to be that these videos and the thugs doing may be just little groups armed to kidnap then seeks money. The demands stated with their videos probably just a cover to give themselves a legal reason as they understand it.

Al Jazeera showed two videos on Thursday. One for 2 Bulgarians and the other for a Philipino workers. The captured (two different groups) threatened to kill them with in 24 hours!

Too many of these bloody dirty things happened in the last few weeks resulted in decapitation of many innocent and yet we haven't seen any one of the thugs who committed their crime captured and their head decapitated.

If you do it once you will see how it will go down!

Mr Alawi use your Emergency Law on Sammara Immediately

8 July 2004
There is no need to think twice and no worse than the thugs of Sammara. The EL starts here in Sammara. Curfew! Military roles! No walk from 6 PM to 6 AM! Any one violates the law expose himself to shooting on site! Just do it now today before tomorrow. Show the outlawed that the law have to be respected. Get it now! Sammara is now outlawed! Will you accept or use your power?! The thugs challenged the law. Let us see!

The Hero of the Arab Thugs!

The Iraqi government has announced the Emergency Law today. There is no doubt that this will enhance the security situation. On the same time there are enough points to make sure that the human rights remains intact.

The last few days witnessed a good advancement in the security situation and many terrorists' attacks have been foiled. Many suspected sites have been raided and arms confiscated. Several thugs have been arrested and their head nets penetrated. The rats soon will find themselves no where to had. They will be captured or killed.

It is also announced today that a group of Arab terrorists has been arrested trying to prepare for terrorist attacks against Iraqi civilians and buildings and or coalition forces. The first list of these thugs contains 29 Arab terrorists. They are 6 Saudis, 6 Jordanians, 4 Syrian, 2 Yemenis 1 Palestinian, 1 Lebanese, 1 Turkish, 1 Iranian and 1 Morocco with Israeli passport. The last was arrested with Mahmed Barzan Al Tikriti the son of the half brother of Saddam. Many other Arabs and Iranian have been captured preparing for attacks in different parts of Iraq. It has been noticed that the suicidal are now frustrated and in many instances killed or failed before achieving their targets.

Before that the Arab terrorists released a video to show how they prepare and execute their attacks. One of these attacks showed a suicidal thug saying goodbye to his family as he was preparing to go to meet the virgins who were desperately waiting for him!

The film: the top pictures showed Arab thugs carreid out terrorist attacks. The pictures below is for one sucidal thug smiling before his death to hell and then they lcoked him with chains in the detained car!

The problem with those Arab who support Saddam and his alike is their rusted anomalous and underdeveloped mentality. I wonder how one may support a mass murder and consider him as a hero since his childhood unless he or she mentally retarded.

One last thing to mention is a little story about Aoudi the expired son of the Arab hero; this man was a rapist. One day he asked his pimps to get him some nice, pretty and sexy Italian girls. The later did a good job and found a group of artists or dancers and brought their pictures to him. They send the invitation immediate with millions of dollars under the cover of art. The sexy Italian girls arrived in Baghdad and then invited to Aoudi special house. He asked them to perform an HIV test!
The Italian girls shrugged their shoulders; and asked why this idiot and fool man asked them to do so?! They refused and complained to their embassy and returned home immediately. It was probably sorted out by lot of money!
We mentioned this story as an example to show what kind of hero those Arab thugs is having!

The Mother of All Trials

Aisha Ghadafi joined the other underdeveloped mercenaries to go to defend their God Father the mass murder Saddam and Ali chemical and their thugs.

Aisha & Saddam in Baghdad!

Probably Aisha was young when her father sent his officers to help Iran in its war against Saddam!

We put the above picture for the judges preparing for Saddam trials to ask for the above woman and the others who stood with Saddam and shared the oil for food bribes to come to the trial. Saddam trial should not stop at what he has done but it should look for those who stood with him for the money. All of them!


If there is one thing that Michael Moore's film the Fahrenheit was right about is the support that the USA politics provide for the ME dictators. One of them is the regime in Saudi Arabia and recently Libyan regime. Nowadays we see and read about the beheadings of many innocent people and we wonder about it. In fact the beheading is a regular ceremony in Saudi Arabia as well as flogging both in public.

It is the Wahabi doctrine which applies extremely strict punishments on individuals and other religious groups not similar to their own believe. One of these punishments is beheadings and flogging in public places.

The Wahabi doctrine in Saudi Arabia is not a cult but it is the way of life in schools, homes, streets, government offices, universities, hospitals, shops, security, army and anywhere. Where ever you go there is what is called Mutawa (religious police) whose main job is to observe adherence of the others to the rules of Wahabism.

Those who behead people in Iraq now are either Saudi insurgents or Wahabists from other countries like Syria and Jordan or Iraq or non-Arabs. The Iraqi Wahabists are new to the (job) and money may have been played part in their work with the terrorists.

The other retarded behaviour of the Wahabis is their hate to the historic places and so their destruction.

In that aspect of American support for the Middle East dictators Michael Moore was right. What we need to see an appropriate vision by looking in both eyes equally. If used well then you know who kills hundreds of innocent people in 11 Sep 2001 and which doctrine supported this and where it came from? Many other questions need to be looked and answered carefully or you just are waiting for another disaster to happen and more terrorist to be graduated!

Breaking News

There is an urgent news indicates that a terrorist group in Falluja area beheaded an American solider captured a while ago. He is from Lebanese origin and the group said it will put the video detail of his decapitation in their web site later. This news not yet verified and we will give details as soon as it comes.

Until 4 july 2004 this is still not confirmed and denied by the terrorist group!
The abducted beheaded American Marine is Wassef Ali Hassoun (Shia Muslim) who worked as a translator. The terrorist group which beheaded him called Ansar Al-Suna Army (The Army the protectors of the Suna) which got ties with Al Qaeda and Al Zarqawi group. It is led by Abdalla Al Hassan Mahmmoud mainly in the North but got fighters in the Sunni triangle in Falluja and Ramadi.

Watch the next victim!

The Money Sucking Vampires!

If any one think that Saddam's bribes have been ceased he is not right. It is certainly considerably decreased but there are many cheap hypocritical mercenaries still enjoying to lick the shoes of Saddam Hussein with their tongues. They don't need to go to his jail to do that when they can lick the shoes of his old wife Sajeda Telfah and his daughters plus the dormant relatives and agents in UAE, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Europe. Sajeda and her daughters have stolen the money of Iraq and gone.

The mosquitoes which thrive only on the blood of the people suck their money and inject them with diseases like malaria and yellow fever. These mosquitoes live in the swamps. They know their media very well and once they feel the warmth of the victim they will not hesitate to suck its money and inject it with their poison.

There are many mosquitoes knew that Sajeda and Saddam's daughters got huge bank of money but they are just waiting for they legal way to suck it. When the opportunities come they latch as long as possible to suck as much as they can.
They got it now!

Now most of you got what we mean by this. The answer is clear; why too many hypocritical Arabs and non-Arabs including few Americans close their eyes on the crimes of Saddam and tried to defend him with blind eyes and cheap propaganda. The best examples are the Jordanian (most of them from Palestinian origins) lawyers are killing them selves to do propaganda statements about Saddam defence because the source of the money is there. Saddam's wife always considered to be the richest woman in the world. The Gold that Saddam collected from each house in 1980s gone to Sajeda and her daughters and most of the oil revenue for more than 20 years. His money is now under their control. We mean by his money is the money of the Iraqi people that he steal.

The other money suckers are the real propagandists; the media. There is no one may prove that Saddam bribes for the media like Al Jazeera have been ceased.

Well; lastly the lawyers who would like to go to Iraq for Saddam defence must take the best available life insurances in the world and/or may hire the strongest bodyguards to protect them from the victims of Saddam mass graves. These victims are not necessarily people with flush and bone but they may be Ghosts with strong arms and extra-physical abilities. These Ghosts usually comes at night from all the mass graves around Iraq searching for their killers and hitting and biting any one who tried to stop them or to protect him. They are the souls which scream loudly at night and day. If you visit Iraq you will hear them screaming and you will see them wondering aimlessly when every one else retired to his bed. They could be skeletons or mutilated bodies or partially amputated legs or arms. Let it be there for the hypocritical lawyers!

Oh; these lawyers should not forget to ask Sajeda and her daughters to pay the cost of the life insurances and bodyguards.

View about Indictment of Saddam

It is good to see the most criminal regime in the world against his people and the others in the dock. The crimes of Saddam are countless in time and space. What has been charged against him is a small piece from the tip of the iceberg.

The judge who charged Saddam and his thugs was good and brave but it would have been better if they put a more experienced judge with stronger style and sitting in a higher stage than the indicted. Saddam appeared more in control though shaky. The judge talked with a dry mouth and appeared like a student receiving lessons and advices from Saddam.
He could have been stronger and we think that they may have chosen an older and more experienced judge.

We need to see some more pictures with sound about the other 11 criminals.

Here is a picture

Another one

One for Saddam's lawyers from Jordan and hypocritical Arabs!

Mr Aiyad Alawi & His Ministers

Quick actions needed

It is so obvious that you don't need to think twice to get rid of the filth of Al Jazeera Wahabi terrorists TV from the soil of Iraq.

The law which is implemented in Germany until now which considers any slogan for the Nazis as an offence punished by the law should be used in Iraq against any sloganism for Saddam. It is clear now that the Arab propagandists start to use all means to gather support for Saddam. This is very important point you should think about preventative measures right now.

You should put a law preventing any sloganism for the previous regime especially Saddam. You may have seen Al Jazeera reporter Atwar Bahjat (the woman with scarf) showing prepaid pro-Saddam people from Al- Adhamyiah shouting support for their master Saddam. This will go up as Atwar said she will do more in the coming time to her base in Qatar. She should be arrested immediate for investigation and given a warning if she do it again she will be held responsible.

You got the film so the IP should go and arrest those who did the slogans as a role for the future. You need a law, very strict law or you will sink by Al Jazeera and other hypocritical Arab like the Egyptian commentator who said Saddam is the Master of Iraq and he is the legal president. Then he added that his daughter should set out a government in exile as it is her own right.

Ban & deport Al Jazeera from our land

No to the hypocritical Arabs

New law is needed urgently to consider slogans for Saddam as an offence punished by the law

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