Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A Spot of Light

Every civilised person rejects totally kidnapping and outlawed actions irrespective of who is the victim. There is law in each country and international rules which should be respected. We are certainly against the kidnapping of the French reporters by a group of Wahabists in Iraq but what surprised us is the noise which have been created by all those who encouraged and or supported or kept silent for the kidnapping and killing of the previous victims. The same terrorists kidnapped and killed before many nationals including Iraqis, Arabs, Muslims, Americans, Italians, Koreans, and others yet none of the thugs who created the present noise over the French reporters uttered even one word!

This should not be taken as an acceptance of the French kidnapping but we are against hypocritical biased racial discriminations due to personal interests.

Those who described French as a friend are the supporters of Saddam, the Wahabists, the oil for food bribed, and the terrorists' supporters.
One of the most noisy and poisonous snake about it was Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar based-near Al-Siliyah US HQ-Base).

Abd-Al-Star Abd-Al-Jabar from the Muslims committee in Baghdad (Supporter of Falluja terrorists) in an interview with JTV described France as his friends and mentioned how the French were nearly vetoed the UN resolution to topple Saddam. This man forgets that France is one of the countries which sucked our own blood. This may be because he was a small vampire joined with them. By the way of mentioning the blood, France exported HIV contaminated blood to Iraq in 1990s yet until now refused to open investigation at least about it! The blood resulted in infecting all those who received it.

About the issue of Muqtada Sadr at last he made the correct decision of ordering his thugs to lay down their arms and go to do something good for them and their families. He mentioned that he got a big programme to announce regarding the political issue.
This is good but we believe that this man responsible for killing many people and destroying the infrastructure in Najaf and other areas. Sooner or latter he and his thugs responsible for the last atrocities should face trial especially about the bodies found in his court.
At least we may say that the biggest loser with this truce is the Wahabists and their tails.

At last our spot light have seen the demonstration in New York against President GWB but in spite of that he remained leading against JK! We don't know why he chose NY for his party meeting in spite of its anti-republican atmosphere for long time ago?

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