Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Abnormal Personalities

If the beheading and killing of the 12 Nepalese by a terrorist group (Insar Al-Sunnah-Wahabist group) is true then we are entering a new of phase of terrorism with mass killing by different ways! This makes our concern about the possible use of WMD by the terrorists to kill as many people as they can more likely.

There is no doubt that the terrorists will not think twice to inflict mass killing soon after they can do it!

The science of human psychology explains that those who commit such acts are not normal. They usually have a much deviated anomalous personality which feels the pleasure of killing especially if it is linked to a religion which is innocent from such act. The later link offers a buffer status against the guilt feeling which is natural in the self of all the animals especially the lowest animal on the earth (the mankind)!

The sadistic pleasure feeling of the terrorists by beheading or killing is augmented by exposing such an act to the others to view it. The video tape which showed the Nepalese who was held by two masked men and a third one cutting his head is the best example of these sick personalities. The video also showed how the other 11 were killed by shooting them on the heads or chest with some laying down on their faces. It was a horrible scene make one feel not only sick but his brain goes off for a while! After this one feel not proud to belong to this species of mankind in other word feels the need to get rid of such criminals from the animal kingdom!

The psychologists and psychology science is invited to give their explanation about these barbaric acts.

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