Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Muqtada sadr seeks truce

Urgent news from Najaf indicates that MS and his groups trying to cling to any thing which may save them.

Yesterday MS announced that he will fight for the last drop of his blood and he will not go outside Najaf.

This morning one of white turban wearing thug of his gang said that they welcome Ibrahem Jafari (appointed Vice President) mediation for truce!
Then another one said he welcomed Koffi Anan initiative.
A third thug then said they call for ANYONE to do ANYTHING to stop fighting and said that they are not responsible about it. He announced that Sadr group like to stop the MISERY which is going on and the suffering of the people.

Then at last MS (himself) said that he submitted a plan to stop fighting to Ghazi Al-Yawer (appointed president)!
Well; is there any fuck worse than this shit?!

We predicted yesterday (see last article) that MS thugs will surrender when the life of the big thugs get in danger.

There should be no truce this time and the conditions should be that Sadr and his big thugs who led the problems should all surrender themselves first for trial and the others to put their arms and surrender to the IP before any solution or truce.

Sadr should surrender as well as all his thugs before any stop of fighting!

Iyad Alawi should RESIGN!

IA and his ministers are trying to control power and be other dictators in the area! It looks like the democracy and the shit which they call for is all false and misleading!
There are news coming from all direction that IA start to play with fire by allowing the Baath party to come back alive to power as he was member of it before!

IA also proved to be weak and he achieved nothing from his visit to the Arab thugs. The ministers that he got especially the Interior minister have failed to control the security issue and allowed all kind of terrorist attack to happen in a big scale which killed many Iraqis and destroyed what not have been destroyed yet. The country now is in chaos and yet the thugs in the government and the other parties are fighting each other for power and chairs. Each one of them stuck his ass on a chair and put an Iraqi flag with Saddam inscription (Allah Akbar) on it and they even abandoned their own-made flag with blue and yellow colours on it!!

Iraq is weaker, worse, bloodier, most miserable than any time before and if things continue like this then let it be a big fire to burn every one and every thing in Iraq!

We need to see the criminals captured and tried. Why Saddam is still there without trial? Why the Baathists returned to power? Why there are people above the law? Where are the money of the oil and what happened to the scandal of oil for food? Where are Zarqawi and his thugs? Why there are no improvements of the services until now? Is there a real government in Iraq? If there is one let it be resigned?

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