Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iran, Iraq, US and terrorism?

It has been revealed that some Iranian Intelligent officers have been captured recently in Iraq and confessed that they are leading special cells inside Iraq. The uncovered information revealed that the Iranian government hardliner are directly involved in the recent unrest inside the Shiite cities of Najaf, Al-Thowrah, and the South. They are not only motivating the unstable mentally retarded Muqtada Al Sadr but they implanted agents to work as a link between them and Al Qaeda and between MS militia and Alzarqawi groups in Falluja.

By the time Iran hardly working to produce its nuclear weapons they are ever largely involved in the affairs of Iraqi issue. They not only show their old lasting ambition in Iraq but they don't like to see any improvement in the Iraq. Improvement in Iraq including democracy will be seen as a good example by the long-oppressed Iranian people so they may revolt. It will also result in improving the position of Najaf as a centre for Hawza studied which is not good for Iran. This position is seen as a world wide among all the Shiite and Muslims which have been hijacked by Iranian and they don't like to see this position reinstated again. Khomeini once announced that he wish to transfer Imam Ali tomb to Iran. Al Qaeda and the Arab Sunni states though not sharing ideology with the Mullahs in Iran but they share the same concerns about Iraq.

Iran also sent Agha Soliamani one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Guard in Kods Camp as a representative from Ali Khameni the Highest Leader of Iran. Soliamani told Sistani that Iran could offer him protection inside his home and if he like they will provide him with treatment in Tehran! Mr Sistani was so announced by the visit and the offer because he knows it is wrong for another state to offer protection for a citizen living not its land but another state! He also not in agreement with the ideology of Khomeini so he told Soliamani: "Told the Iranian government that all what we want from them is to get their hands off from Iraq. This is the only thing which will make us happy" This is exactly what he told him. Soliamani was not happy in Sistani reply and asked him if like to have a Guard for his home. Sistani refused and told him to thanks the Iranian for their offers! Iran then rented a house close to the house of Sistani to observe his movements. In spite of the simplicity of that house they paid for it a rent of 5000 Dollars per month, for a small and simple house!

Iran was so annoyed about the choice of Ali Sistani for London to do his treatment there and about his reply. They wished him to go to Tehran or to be in Beruit so as their Hazeb Alla will get the propaganda out of it. Sistani decision was the best as London offers the best treatment and professions in medicine in the world. On the top of that none will use or pressurise him during his stay.

The Iranian government called the Iraqi councillor in Tehran to enquire about their involvement in the Iraqi issues! In actual fact they should give explanation about their involvement.

Muqtada Sadr is a good choice for Iran because he is a semi-illiterate man with unstable mentality and suffers from epilepsy. They also used the name of his family and his black turban to attract the uneducated people to fight for him (for Iran). Iran succeeded to some extent to transfer its war with the US from its land into Iraq and by the time decided by them and not the US! The Iranian involvement in Iraq became so obvious that no fool may deny it at all. It is like the sun in the mid of the day!

The latest news indicates that MS is in hiding and most of the ammunitions of the thugs fighting with him has or nearly finished. This forced some of them to seek refuge and hide inside the mosque of Imam Ali and some to escape outside Najaf while most of the others are retreated for their usual jobs as thefts and highway robbers. One of Sadr assistants asked today for a negotiation and truce!
What a clever; after they killed so many and their weapons finished so the death came close to their heads they ask for negotiation and truce!

There should be no concession or truce this time and the death penalty should make its way to those who were involved in the recent unrest and killing. Let their ammunition finish and they should surrender or be killed. Sadr is not welcomed as any thing in the politics of Iraq and Alawi was wrong to call him to do so. However we understand the position from which Alawi talk!

The government should issue a law to prevent any one from hanging or putting pictures of any Mullah or political leader including Sistani and of course Sadr or his father and so on. Keep it clean or go to prison and pay fixed penalty if you put a picture of any one including the government personnel.

The sick and ill defined UN and his chief Anan announced that they may send negotiators to stop the fighting! Is there any BULLSHIT worse than this?! The United Sickness would like to negotiate with outlawed gangs! We do NOT forget the arrogant bullshits inspectors of the UN and their atrocities against Iraqi people and not against Saddam. The UN was for the last moment would like to save the Butcher of Baghdad. Now they would like to make the head of the mentally retarded Iranian agent boy a big head! Koffi Anan should ask Iran to give explanation of how and why it is involved in the Iraqi unrest?!

On the other hand John Kerry announced that he will be able to reduce the US army significantly in Iraq in 12 months! Kerry seems to be very short sighted because he hasn't said how he is going to achieve that and he is not a good field leader. Yes; we as Iraqis would like to see the American soldiers going back to their country but on the same time there should be sufficient Iraqi forces to keep the country intact and protected against the evil ambition of the others. Kerry may if elected handover power in Iraq to Al-Qaeda and its thugs or Iran and its agents before he escape!

The Iranian TVs of Al-Alam and Al-Manar plus Al-Arabyiah should get the same fate of Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera which is financially supported by Qatar reflects none but the shallow mentality of those who supported. They got two faces, one face try to show itself as civilised and the other hidden face support Al Qaeda terrorists which is the actual face of Wahabism.

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