Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Philippinos Turn Tail!

Spain pull out of Iraq was though an irresponsible action but it was not directly related to terrorist threat to pull out.  In Philippine case though the number of the Philippino troops and tactic is not very important but its pull out was a direct encouragement to the terrorist.  In few days the terrorists will announce their victory not against the Philippino but against the coalition troops.  They may release the Philippino captive with a video tape to be broadcasted by Al Jazeera about their victory. 
No one has not been sympathised with the captive apart from the terrorists, but the way the Philippino government responded by turning their tail will cost more lives indeed.  The humiliated response of the Philippinos to the demands of the terrorists will no doubt encourage the terrorists to do more of that dirty act and to decapitate more victims in future whether in Iraq or in other places.
Some readers of this blog commented before that the proper response which frightens the terrorists is the concerned government to announce that if their captive not released within 72 hours they will double their troops and if he is going to be decapitated they will immediately send Special Forces to bring the perpetrators into justice & will decapitate those who are responsible. 
In summary the escape of Philippinos may save their captive with whom we all sympathize but it will risk too many other lives.   

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