Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Mother of All Trials

Since 1979 after Saddam controlled the full power he became every thing in Iraq. It is now a very well known fact that he started his power from first day with killing and executions. No one was executed with trial but by doubts and by the hands of the security wild dogs. At that time the European countries were either not existed or their government sleepy or they turned their back to our misery. Indeed none of these was correct but they supported and helped the dictator to kill us. Some gave him the means to do that. Now they asked us to abolish the capital punishment! We assume they just would like to return the favour that Saddam gave them from our blood and oil. The European countries knew that the capital punishment exist in the USA which is a superpower and democratic big federal states and in some European states as well. It may be good for them to tell us how we may deal with the terrorists who will not stop from killing us and may be later them.

At the time when Saddam killed thousands and expel thousands a friend of mine who came from poor family who used to count the days for his graduation to help them whisper to me one day by saying that Saddam only got two hands and so alone he is unable to kill or suppress us. He added it is by his security and Baathist hands that he does that. Few weeks later my friend was taken from the university (pulled by the security men from the examination hall) and later executed.
Now Saddam killed and tortured and suppressed millions of Iraqis and others. The hands that he used are many! But these hands are not all of them stained with blood to the same extent. Some are more dangerous and full with blood than the others. How then we know and are we going to leave them without trials?!

The facts and documents indicate that the more these criminal close to the tyrant the bigger their crimes. The bigger until now free criminals are his wife Sajeda, his daughters, his relatives especially those who were in power, the previous Ministers, the high ranking Baath members, the Arabs who were with him in power and leaders in Baath, and a lot of the other thugs. Those who have no crime may provide big clue to the questions as it may have happened with those who are now under arrest. Some of them gave a dangerous statements which is a big prove about the direct involvement of Saddam and some Arab Baathists in the previous crimes. We are fully confident that the Iraqi justice who is setting out the trial now will issue arrest orders against all of these.

The Interpol have a great job to help the Iraqis to bring their killers into justice. Any state or person give these killers sanctuary will put themselves under the umbrella of their crimes. We hope they will not help our killers by hiding them from justice.
Next few days may give birth into a new justice in the region based on facts and judgment.

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