Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The War against GWB

The new report by the US Senate regarding intelligence failure about WMD may be part of the war against GWB!

The question that they should ask themselves about is; what will happen if Saddam remained in power in regard to the issue of the international terrorism. Sooner or later; SH will side with the terrorists to kill as many people as they can. He showed his WMD in Halabja and the South of Iraq.
SH tried and has he succeeded to produce nuclear or other similar WMD he will not hesitate to use it any where it may come.

We are not supporting GWB neither against his opponents but really telling the truth about our dictator that we knew more than the others. If those who talk about WMD and the war should ask us and we will tell them that SH is a danger not only for Iraq but to the region and the world. This has been demonstrated by his several atrocities in the past.

Without the help of US to get rid of Saddam he may has stayed in power for hundreds of years by his sons with all his danger over the heads of all of us.

What GWB done is the right thing and it is good as far as that is going to change the Middle East into a better place for the whole world.

Nowadays one can smell the same thing which is in Al Jazeera from the BBC and the CNN!

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