Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Black Day Never Again!

Yesterday was the 17th July 2004!  36 years ago in 1968 like this day the Baathists controlled power in Iraq by the Tanks and armoured vehicles.  The memory of the Iraqis was still fresh about the crimes of the National Guards of the Baathists from 1963.  Thousands of people were killed, raped, disappeared, imprisoned, expelled, tortured or mutilated by the NG in 1963.  The memory hasn't dried yet from thousands of stories of these crimes happened in the streets, homes, schools, universities, offices, and other places. Every one in 1968 remembers the bad reputation prison called Kaser Al Niehayia or the Place of the End.  No one if entered that prison may go back as he or she was before that is if he is going to go back.  The End Palace means the end of life.  There, the victims exposed to all kinds of tortures, rapes, humiliations before the END which is death.
The Iraqis in 17 July 1968 at around 6 AM wake up to listen to their radios about a new gang controlling the power.  They announce that by what is called (Baiyan Rakam Wahed) or announcement number one.  This time they call themselves the Revlution of the 17 of July!  They haven't announced who they are because they know the people don't like them.  The Iraqis hold their breath and prayed that it is not the Baathists again! 
Few days later the coming back Baathists initially admitted their mistakes in 1963 and promised that it will not be repeated again. 
Few days later a new cycle of terror and killing started.  This was escalated when Saddam controlled power 2 weeks later on 30 July 1968.  He and his half brothers and relatives betrayed and executed many of their colleagues and controlled the power. 
Later he announced that the 8 Feb 1963 coupe was the pride of all the revolutions.  That was the time of the National Guards in which Saddam was a member.  As you can see they denounced their crimes earlier and later Saddam considered it the bride of all revolutions!  
Over 35 years since 1968 the regime forced the Iraqis to pay money or gold as contribution toward celebration of these black days.  Every one should join these celebrations or may face unknown consequences.  If you are a student or an employee you will be signed with or absent from celebrations. 
We are so happy that no one forces us now to celebrate for him or his party and the black days are gone forever. 
God bless the free and democratic Iraq and its friends!  Death to the terrorists and fascists the enemies of freedom and democracy!          

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